50 Creative YouTube Video Ideas You Should Use in 2022

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    The job of a YouTube creator can appear like entertainment and excitement; however, it requires a lot of work to succeed. Success is keeping your viewers interested with engaging and entertaining videos. Unfortunately, this is where things get difficult. You might be shocked by the speed at which you’ll find yourself running out of ideas for content that you can use for your channels. If this happens or you’re only beginning to establish your channel, These 50 YouTube video ideas will help you get inspired. 

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    50 Creative YouTube Video Ideas :

    1: Do an Introduction

    It is an absolute must if you’ve not already created an intro video. It’s where you introduce your viewers to a bit about yourself and the kind of video you’ll be making.

    2: Create Opinion Videos

    YouTube Video
    2: Create Opinion Videos

    Videos of opinions are a great method to get in the front of a popular subject and gain some attention. So if there’s a debate that’s hot in your field, take a stand via an opinion video.

    3: Review a Product

    Examine a trending or new product relevant to your field to inform and entertain your viewers. You must ensure that you make your review truthful and engaging if you wish it to be of any use. You can even do regular reviews.

    4: Interview Someone

    Find opportunities to talk to other content creators or prominent figures from your field. This can bring new content to your current audience and draw the audience of the person who was interviewed to your channel.

    5: Respond to Someone’s Opinion Video

    You can also make videos to address an opinion video posted by another YouTuber. Are you disagree with their views or have something you want to add? Tell us about your views in an audio clip.

    6: Give Tutorials

    YouTube Video
    6: Give Tutorials

    51 % of American YouTube users use YouTube to find out what to do with certain things, According to Pew Research Center. If you’re the best in something, you can create instructional videos to aid viewers.

    Maybe you can show them how to create a particular look using makeup, create something, utilize innovative design software, or employ a specific item. Tutorials provide you with an excellent chance to make recurring content for your YouTube channel.

    7: Have a Q&A Session

    Ask the viewers of your channel to pose an inquiry in the comment section or via social media. Then, you can make a Q&A-style video. For example, the video could be based on a specific subject and/or an AMA (Ask Me Anything) compilation.

    8: Review a Book

    Book reviews also make fantastic video content if you can keep it lively and entertaining. Pick a book you enjoy, hate, or just recently read, and share what you think of it with your viewers.

    9: Review a Movie

    YouTube Video
    9: Review a Movie

    Movie reviews can assist in attracting an audience. Choose the latest trending film and make sure the review is interesting by using appropriate jokes and expressions.

    Is there a popular video that everyone is talking about? If you see it the first time, capture your reaction to make an action video.

    11: Create a Parody Video

    YouTube videos that are parodies can prove to be a massive success if humor is a part of your identity. Make a parody of a popular film or program, Youtube video, or music video to entertain your viewers.

    12: Host a Giveaway Contest

    The right giveaways can draw new visitors and enthrall your existing ones. So be sure to offer an incentive that your viewers will appreciate.

    13: Participate in a Challenge

    Now and then, a new challenge pops out and takes the internet with a flurry. Enhance your visibility by taking part in a popular contest.

    14: Give a Studio/Room Tour

    YouTube Video
    14: Give a Studio/Room Tour

    Invite your viewers to take an excursion through your space or studio to let them get a better understanding of your work and the way you conduct yourself. Then, let them see how you transform your thoughts into reality.

    15: Show off Your Collections

    Do you keep comic books, baseball cards, coins, baseball cards, or vinyl records? If you’ve got a substantial collection of these that you want to display, you could make an online video that showcases it for your audience.

    16: What’s on My Phone?

    Create a short video to show your viewers which apps you’ve got on your phone and the ones that you use the most often.

    17: What’s in My Bag?

    Let your viewers have the chance to get to know more about your personality by showing what you have with you in the bag.

    18: Daily Vlogs

    YouTube Video
    18: Daily Vlogs

    Create a short video to show your viewers how a day is in your life. It’s a great method for them to get acquainted with you while also getting an inside look at the work put into the videos they see.

    19: Create a Comedy Short

    28 % of American YouTube users use YouTube just to have fun. Therefore, provide them with amusing and entertaining videos to keep them interested. Comedy shorts are a great way to entertain your viewers.

    20: Make List Videos

    Lists can function well, whether visual or written, because the information is simpler to digest. For example, make list videos to write down your most popular tips or favorite things from a specific niche.

    21: Record Your First Impression

    If you’ve seen a new and exciting product on the market, you can create an introduction video in which your viewers witness your genuine reaction. Then, offer them your honest thoughts and views to make an informed decision about buying.

    22: Discuss Your Career

    If you’re in the field of work beyond working as a YouTube creator, do an interview where you talk about it in detail.

    23: Discuss Your Hobbies

    Have you got any hobbies or interests that you think viewers are interested in? Talk about them in a video.

    24: Do a 30-Day Challenge

    YouTube Video
    24: Do a 30-Day Challenge

    Contrary to the one-time trending challenge, a 30-day challenge is where you are attempting to complete anything for 30 days. It could range from drawing something each day for 30 consecutive days to losing weight in 30 days. It’s also possible to create content that is recurring throughout the duration of the.

    25: Do a Throwback

    For YouTubers who’ve been around for a long time and have created a lot of content, old videos are a great method to entertain your viewers. Make clips from old videos into a throwback video that includes a humorous commentary.26: Create a Myth-Busting Video

    In nearly every field, some wildly inaccurate and ridiculous myths are believed by people, such as “sugar makes kids hyper” or “microwaves cause cancer.” Create a short video to debunk popular myths in your area of expertise.

    27: History-based video

    It’s interesting to learn about the past subjects you’re interested in. Create a video that discusses the background of a brand, product, or another topic relevant to your area of expertise.

    28: Discuss Niche-Relevant News

    Ensure your content is up-to-date by scouring the web for the most recent information relevant to your field and then discussing it in videos.

    29: Compare Two Products

    YouTube Video
    29: Compare Two Products

    Comparative videos are ideal for developing reviews that don’t focus on a single product. Instead, enhance the value of your reviews to your viewers by comparing two identical products and then giving them your opinion.

    30: Preview a Product

    After establishing some credibility, Brands may offer you early access to the products they’re planning to launch. Create a compelling preview video to tell your customers your thoughts on the product.

    31: Provide Little-Known Tricks

    If you have a technique or hack that you believe your audience would appreciate, you can create videos showing how to use it.

    32: Create Animated Explainer Videos

    Learn some fascinating facts about the way something functions, like the process of making chicken nuggets or how your brain functions when you drink alcohol? Then, make it into an animated video explaining the process.

    33: Do Something Outrageous

    Sometimes, content with shock value is precisely what you require to attract an audience. Make a statement (but not risky) such as breaking your phone to discover the contents inside, as well as shaving the hair on your head.

    34: Document Your Interesting Experiences

    Did you experience a mishap on your recent excursion to a large retailer? Perhaps you attended an event that was disappointing? Write about your experiences in a short video posted on your channel.

    35: Create In-Game Skits

    If you’re a game YouTuber or create a lot of gaming content, make games-related skits. Capture your gameplay and edit it with hilarious commentary that will entertain your viewers.

    Do you hear rumors about the release of new updates, updates, or new product launches in your field? Create a short video that discusses the rumors and speculates your opinion.

    37: Create Comedic Dubs

    Have you come across an old commercial or movie? Find some clips and then dub them with hilarious commentary or transform the clips into funny skits.

    38: Give a Tour of Your City

    YouTube Video
    38: Give a Tour of Your City

    Have you got any favorite haunts you’d like to tell your readers? Maybe you have fascinating historical details to impart. Bring your viewers on the tour of your most loved locations around the town.

    39: Transform Your personal experience into an educational Video

    Did you get rid of your school loan within a couple of years? Perhaps you’ve achieved your fitness goals with some lifestyle changes. Whatever personal accomplishments and experiences you’ve had, be interesting and useful videos that will help your viewers.

    40 The Advantages Of…

    Do you have a favorite food item that you can’t get enough of talking about? Perhaps you’re living an ideal lifestyle you’d like to be able to show your followers? Create a short video that highlights the advantages of conveying your message.

    41: Create Skits of Relatable Situations

    People love watching videos they can relate to. Create shorts that depict situations that viewers can interpret but with a funny twist. It could be anything, including dealing with challenging customers to handle pets.

    42: How to Overcome a Challenge

    Are you able to come up with a novel approach to take on a typical problem? It could be how to get out tough spots or how to conquer time management issues, be sure to share your solutions and ideas with your readers.

    43: Get Your Viewers to Challenge You

    Apart from taking part in a trending contest and completing the 30-day challenge, it is also possible to engage your followers by inviting them to try something risky. Invite them to comment or mention your name on Twitter and then go through their challenges to determine which ones are the most effective.

    44: Try Unusual Foods for the Very First Time

    If you’re eating durian or trying Surstromming for the first time, challenge yourself to try some new food that you’ve never experienced before. Your initial reaction to trying food items that are notoriously strong tastes or unique textures could be an excellent way to engage your viewers.

    45: Attempt to Follow Instructional Videos

    Examine the effectiveness of the tips and guidelines offered by other YouTubers to provide your viewers with an honest view of the most popular how-to videos. Create a YouTube video in which you try to follow their directions and discuss what works and what isn’t working.

    46: Create a Fail Compilation

    Make a compilation of relevant failures to your field regardless of whether you’re interested in video games, fitness, or design.

    47: Record an Unboxing

    YouTube Video
    47: Record an Unboxing

    Unboxing videos are very popular among content creators on YouTube. For example, you could make your video and then record yourself unboxing an item that you purchased or purchased from a company.

    48: Invite a Guest

    The collaboration together with other YouTubers is an effective way to draw an even wider audience. Invite a YouTuber in your field or someone whom you’ve made friends with to your YouTube channel.

    Instead of having them interview you as discussed earlier, try doing something with them like walking around the city and singing and cooking, trying new things, etc.

    49: Do a Live Stream

    YouTube Video
    49: Do a Live Stream

    Live-streaming is an excellent method to bring viewers along on the experience in real-time and help establish rapport. It is possible to create live-streaming of your own experiences and also respond to questions from viewers in real-time.

    50: Build on a Crowdsourced Idea

    Then, you can think of video ideas in line with what your followers would like to see. Ask your audience what type of content they’d like to get from you. Take these suggestions and brainstorm fresh content ideas that be appealing to your audience.


    The 50 ideas in this video can be used in every niche. You can use the general ideas and consider how they can fit into your particular niche. For instance, a gaming YouTuber might take on a 30-day challenge where they play a gaming console that they dislike. A food-related YouTuber might make a vow not to eat junk food for a period of 30 days. It’s all about the creativity you can become by using these simple ideas and ideas.

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