What is YouTube Studio – How to use YouTube Creator Studio to Grow Your Channel

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    YouTube is constantly changing its services to ease publishing for creators of content. But, regardless of whether you upload videos regularly or frequently on YouTube, you should have tried to use the YouTube Studio.

    To assist new users and help fill the knowledge gaps of some regular users, here’s a list of the things you could accomplish using YouTube Studio beyond just posting videos.

    What is YouTube Studio?

    YouTube provides the YouTube Studio application YouTube Studio for content creators to better manage their channels.

    The tool used to be known as Creator Studio. The goal was to make the process easier for content creators who manage their channels via a control panel. It’s a must-have for every creator of content.

    To open this program, click on your profile icon, located in the upper right, and then tap “YouTube Studio.”.

    How to use YouTube Studio?

    There are many details you can get in YouTube Studio. Let’s explore the various areas and discuss the details included with each.

    YouTube Studio Dashboard

    youtube studio
    youtube studio beta

    The YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard serves as your ultimate source of the overview of your channel. In this section, YouTube will not stop giving you all the important details regarding your channel, including how your videos are doing and even suggestions for how to gain more attention.

    Latest information of your video: It shows your latest video, as well as important information like views, the average time to view, and the time to watch. You can choose “Go to Video Analytics” to view a complete version of the analytics for your video.

    Subscribers who have recently joined: Your Dashboard also lets you view recent subscribers who chose to subscribe within the past 28 days.

    News: The YouTube Studio dashboard comes with news pages that provide users with useful information about the industry.

    Creator InsiderLooking at YouTube technical updates? This section will keep you updated on tech updates and much more on the platform.

    Channel analytics: The analytics section on your dashboard provides you with an overview of your current subscribers, their watch times and views, the top videos, and much more. It also gives you access to the complete analytics page, so you can delve into the information.

    Ideas that you can use: YouTube is even going as far as to offer the “Ideas for You” section that provides you with valuable suggestions on creating your next video to be an instant hit.

    YouTube Studio analytics

    Analytics is at the core of your marketing campaign. If you upload many amazing videos (or many videos you believe are great) but do not check your analytics, you may think of your efforts as ineffective. Analytics can aid you in determining the best way to enhance your campaign to increase views and engagement or any other you want to measure.

    It’s an excellent way to assess whether or not your campaign is a success or requires some tweaks. You can get a better understanding of the following metrics by using the analytics section in YouTube Creator Studio. Be aware that you can alter the length of the timeframe used for analytics for each metric by changing the drop-down menu that is located above the main page.

    youtube studio
    youtube studio apps
    • Views
    • Time to watch
    • Subscribers

    The three metrics and charts are available when you first access YouTube Studio’s analytics area. YouTube Studio. But, if the user clicks “See More” at the lower-left corner of the chart, there’s a treasure collection of additional data, including:

    • Source of traffic
    • Geography
    • Viewer age
    • Viewer gender.
    • Subscription status.
    • Subscription source.
    • Playlist.
    • Type of device
    • Playback the location
    • Impressions
    • Impressions click-through rates
    • Views
    • Average view duration.  
    •  Watch time

    The analytics section can also display the activity in real-time for videos on your channel. For example, you can view information from the past 48 hours or 60 minutes of a particular video.

    YouTube Studio video manager

    YouTube Studio’s YouTube Studio video manager assists you in keeping all your videos in one spot. It is accessible by clicking on the “Videos” tab in the right-hand corner of YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio. From there, you’ll have the ability to control the appearance of your videos and view the date of publication as well as views, comments, and even likes and dislikes.

    If you’re searching for an online YouTube editing tool online, this is the perfect tab! This section lets you edit the most crucial aspects of your video. If you select the link to a video, as shown above, you’ll be able to modify the following parts of your video by clicking”Basic” tab “Basic” tab:

    • Title
    • Description
    • Thumbnail
    • Tags
    • Video URL
    • Filename
    • Visibility
    • Playlists on which it appears
    • Cards
    • End screen

    YouTube Studio Community

    On the “Creative” or ” Comments” section of the “Comments” tab of your YouTube Studio, you’ll be capable of viewing all your comments in one place. The comments will appear according to chronological order beginning with the latest comment. It will be possible to find out who made a comment and the date, time the comment was posted, and the options to like, dislike, and “heart” the comment.

    You’ll also be able to delete the comment, file a complaint and block the person off your page, and always accept comments made by that user, or even add that user as a moderator for comments. You are also able to reply to comments directly via your comments section. YouTube also checks comments for you by placing comments that could be spam in the tab called “Likely Spam.”

    YouTube Studio Channel

    In the channel area of YouTube Studio’s channel section, YouTube Studio allows you to monitor the progress of various crucial YouTube guidelines. For example, you’ll be able to check:

    Copyright status: How numerous copyright strikes you’ve got and your status as a copyright holder.

    Community guidelines status: How many strikes do you receive for breaking community rules.

    YouTube Studio audio

    youtube studio
    What is YouTube Studio - How to use YouTube Creator Studio to Grow Your Channel 5

    YouTube Creator Studio YouTube Creator Studio offers tons of free music to use in your channel’s video. It arranges tracks according to genre mood, instrument duration, and many more. Additionally, there is a large range of sound effects that you can download to your videos.

    Is YouTube studio free?

    Yes, YouTube Studio is free to use. You can make use of YouTube Studio for free. YouTube Studio app for iOS and Android.

    Where is YouTube studio

    If you’re using any mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone, you want to utilize this no-cost YouTube Studio app for iOS and Android. This app is a breeze to manage your YouTube channel when you are on the move. Go to this page of support to get the basics of YouTube Studio. YouTube Studio app.

    Editing your YouTube videos YouTube

    youtube studio
    What is YouTube Studio - How to use YouTube Creator Studio to Grow Your Channel 6

    Editing your videos can make them appear much more professional and polished. YouTube comes with editing tools that you can utilize at no cost, and you don’t require extensive knowledge of complex editing software to utilize these tools.

    For access to the Editor, log into Your YouTube Studio and click on the Video tab.

    Select the video you’d like to edit, and then select on the editor tab.

    YouTube Video Editor YouTube Video Editor allows you to cut the length of a video or remove any unnecessary content at the beginning and end. It also lets you include cards or an end screen for linking to other channels, video playlists, and others.

    If you aren’t satisfied with the modifications look, You can always go to the original version. It can take some time for the changes to show up in the version published in the video. It could take as long as several hours in certain instances. It’s all dependent on the kind of edits you’re making and the length of the video. For simple edits, it’s hard to beat the ease and convenience of YouTube’s editing tools built into the platform.


    Making the transition to YouTube Studio shouldn’t be a difficult task with the many features available. However, we hope that this article helps you concentrate and focus on the most important features

    In the coming years, YouTube will only be providing hassle-free studio experiences similar to how mobile apps allow studio functions available on the go for those who create quickly.

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