YouTube Statistics: 15 Mind-Blowing stats to surprise you

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    To share videos or for advertising or advertising, there isn’t another platform as lucrative as YouTube currently. There is no website over the last decade that has the potential to be popular in a matter of minutes and earn money online simply by uploading videos.

    YouTube marketing is the dominant business of content marketing in the present. YouTube is the first video-sharing platform, and the second largest search engine has experienced a 4.9 percent growth rate in 2021, according to SEMrush data.

    By 2022 the number of YouTube users is predicted to reach the 210 million mark within the US by itself! While videos continue to amaze and entice users, we’re anticipating many exciting things to come from YouTube in 2022.

    New features introduced by the platform in 2021 like Live streaming, Shorts Chapters, Premieres, Chapters, and Community Tab are designed to encourage content creation and will draw more users. In the early stages of 2022, it is still too early to have a complete view of YouTube users’ figures for the entire year. We’ll be updating this article over the next months with the most current details. While you wait, take a look at some fascinating YouTube statistics for 2021 below.

    Interesting YouTube Statistics

    YouTube Statistics
    Source: Pew Research Centre
    • YouTube produced $19.7 billion in revenues in January 2021.
    • Technically speaking, YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google.
    • More than 2.3 billion users worldwide utilize YouTube at least once per month.
    • The YouTube channel with the highest number of subscribers is T-Series (186 million subscribers) and the channel with the highest revenues during the year 2020 is Ryan’s World (29 million subscribers).
    • The year 2021 will see YouTube Premium and YouTube Music together will have greater than 50 million users across the globe.
    • YouTube ranks second as the most-used social networking platform.
    • Every day, viewers watch more than a billion hours of video and produce millions of viewers.
    • The majority of YouTube users are between the ages between 15 and 35.
    • More than 70 percent of YouTube viewing time is derived from mobile devices.
    • The ratio of males to females of YouTube viewers is 11:9.
    • The length of a typical video on YouTube can be as long as twelve minutes.
    • The most popular genre of content watched by YouTube users is a comedy (77 percent of users).
    • In 2020, the largest advertising company in the world of YouTube came from Apple Inc, having spent $237.15 million.
    • YouTube accounts for approximately 25 percent of all mobile traffic worldwide.
    • India is home to the largest number of YouTube users in 2021, estimated at around 225 million.
    • With 74 percent of adults using the platform, YouTube is the most used online platform within the US.
    • 80percent Of parents living from the US and with children of 11 or less think that their child is watching YouTube videos.
    • The proportion of OTT users who watch YouTube video content is 94.5 percent.
    • 16.4 percent of YouTube traffic is coming in The US, 9.2% from India, and 4.8 percent from Japan.
    • On average, a YouTube visitor visits nine pages every day.
    • In 2020, YouTube users spent over 100 million hours watching gaming videos.
    • 72% of users utilized YouTube to watch fitness videos in 2020.
    • YouTube is the largest frequently used social media platform for research for B2B decision-makers, with 50.9 percent of users.
    • Presently, YouTube has 38 million active channels.
    • There are over 100 local YouTube versions available. YouTube in more than 80 languages.
    • Of the 100 most popular search results of YouTube, 20% are associated with music.
    • 6percent of Google’s advertising revenue comes from YouTube.
    • YouTube is the second platform used for marketing by influencers.

    This infographic provides the general statistics of users, including mobile user stats and the demographics of users on YouTube, to assist you in making an informed decision.

    Basic Facts About YouTube

    YouTube has been a regular element of life since the year 2005. It has entertained us with videos that range from web-based series to product reviews, news music, movies tutorials, unboxing, and vlogs. They are uploaded by people and businesses from all over the globe.

    In the year 2006, Google purchased it from its founders, Jawed Karim Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, for an astounding $1.65 billion.

    A decade and a half later, and with 2 billion users, the video-sharing site is now the second-most visited site in the world, after Google, and is in the second spot in Alexa’s global ranking of sites.

    When it comes to popularity as an online social media platform, YouTube is second, and Facebook is first. YouTube has a second position with WhatsApp and is home to about 50% of all social media’s user share.

    Take a look at the list of popular social media platforms in 2021.

    Daily Active Users on YouTube in 2021

    Daily active users are the amount of YouTube users every day. These numbers allow us to know how many users use YouTube every day in their daily routine.

    • YouTube has an estimated 122 million active users every day.
    • 1.01 billion hours of content are watched around the globe every single day.
    • 62 % of YouTube users in the USA use the platform every day.
    • Every minute over 500 hours of content are uploaded to YouTube.
    • A typical YouTube user will spend an average of 16 minutes, 44 seconds on YouTube every single day.

    Monthly Active Users on YouTube in 2021

    YouTube Statistics
    Source- Oberlo

    Monthly active users refer to the amount of YouTube users during a particular month. Since only those who have logged in are counted, actual figures could be greater.

    • YouTube is home to over two billion active users.
    • YouTube Premium and Music together have more than 50 million users across the world.
    • Over a quarter of all people in the world utilize YouTube each month.
    • Half of all internet users worldwide have an account on YouTube.

    YouTube Users by Year

    Nowadays, YouTube has taken the front row as the most popular personal entertainment platform. YouTube users have grown exponentially since its inception for reasons both that are both known and undiscovered. But, in the end, it is about variety. Variety is the best spice for the consumer, and YouTube is a great way to provide this. Look at the year-over-year YouTube user increase.

    YouTube User Engagement

    Engagement of users on YouTube is reported to be high contrasted with other websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and video streaming sites such as Netflix. YouTube users watch more than 1 billion hours of videos each day, approximately 5 billion videos. According to estimations, a person is on YouTube for an average of 11 minutes and 24 seconds on average.

    When you look at the frequency and amount of uploads, more than 500 hours of uploads are made every minute on YouTube. This is an enormous repository of video content, with five billion videos uploaded in the past. In addition, every visit on YouTube is taken into account as 6.95 views per page.

    YouTube is a democratic platform in that it allows its users the option of expressing their “likes” and “dislikes for uploaded videos. The YouTube video that has received the most amount of “likes up to now so far is “Despacito” while “YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind” has the distinction of being the most disliked video on the platform.

    It’s interesting to note that “Me at the zoo” was the first video to have been uploaded to YouTube and was uploaded on the 23rd of April 2005.

    YouTube User Demographics

    YouTube is the home of the widest range of content. You will find it everywhere on YouTube from technology news to entertainment and home-keeping ideas. Naturally, therefore, the demographics of viewers on YouTube are varied. Let’s look at users’ demographics by gender and age to get a better sense of their popularity.

    YouTube Gender Demographics

    When you consider the gender of viewers, YouTube is more popular for males than females. Male users account for 62% of YouTube viewers, whereas female users make up only 38% of the viewers.

    YouTube Age Demographics

    According to US internet statistics according to the US internet population statistics, the 18-25 age group has the biggest audience on YouTube at 81%. It is followed by those aged 26-35 with 71 percent. Age groups of 46-55 and 36-45 rank in the third and fourth places with 67 percent and 66% of users, respectively. The fourth position is awarded to the 56-year old and up category, which is 58% of the users.

    YouTube Users by Country in 2021

    YouTube Statistics
    YouTube Statistics: 15 Mind-Blowing stats to surprise you 4

    With localized versions in 91 countries and over 80 different languages to select between, YouTube is the number one video-sharing platform in the world, with more than 95 % of the online users.

    We looked at the various YouTube Statistics, users around the globe. While looking at the amount of YouTube users per country, it’s clear that India ranks first on the list. In India there are 225 million people are active on YouTube each hour, as per 2021 data.

    With 197 million active users in total, the USA is the second-largest number of users for the platform. The three other countries that have a spot on the 2021 top 10 rankings comprise Brazil (third), Japan (fourth), along Russia (fifth). The UK is ranked sixth, having more than 50 million active users. Thailand holds the seventh position with 27 million users, closely followed by South Korea in eighth place with 26 million users. Spain is in ninth position and Canada 10th position having 20 million users and 18 million respectively.

    If you take a look at the top-performing nations, it is easy to see the world’s diversities. Each of these countries experienced huge growth in the number of YouTube users from 2013. In analyzing the gender makeup of YouTube users, most YouTube users by 2021 are males, while females make up just 44%.

    YouTube Penetration

    As per the 2021 YouTube stats, Israel has the highest YouTube usage, with nearly 93 percent of the platform’s people.

    Here’s a list of the 10 countries that have the highest levels of YouTube usage in 2021:

    Mobile YouTube Statistics

    YouTube has grown to be one of the most popular platforms to watch entertaining videos on the go. Nearly every cellphone (and browser) comes with a YouTube application that keeps its users interested. Today greater than 70 percent of people use YouTube on mobile devices. This is made possible through the YouTube app that has, as of December 2018 is, downloaded on more than five billion Android devices.

    More than one billion YouTube views on mobile devices every day. An average mobile YouTube session is over 45 minutes.

    YouTube Statistics – Top 10 YouTube Channels Revenue

    YouTube provides a portion of its revenue from advertising to creators of content (or YouTubers). If you’ve got an interesting YouTube idea for a video and know how to use a camera and make use of tools for editing videos, it’s quite simple to earn money online through YouTube. There are thousands of YouTubers who are professionals making a decent living through their YouTube channels. This article examines the top ten most-grossing YouTube channels for 2020. (2021 information isn’t yet available, but we’ll be updating it once we can get it).

    Top 5 YouTube Channels

    The number of channels on YouTube is huge. YouTube channels, created by brands and individuals. Based on their followers, the channel that is top of the list comes from the T-Series channel (130mn). Pewdiepie is second with 103 million subscribers, then Cocomelon, which has 74.1mn subscribers. Set India takes fourth place, with 65.9mn subscribers. Then there’s 5-Minute Crafts is fifth, which has 64.7mn subscribers.

    Top 5 YouTube Celebrities

    YouTube has assisted numerous celebrities in growing and discovering their following. The top five of them are Canal Kondzilla, who is a music video director from Brazil. He is at the top of the list with 54 million subscribers and 27,683,764,917 video views. Justin Bieber, the Canadian-born performer, is the next biggest celeb on the platform with 33,100,000. subscribers and 19,278,046,786 views of videos.

    Ed Sheeran of the “Shape of You” fame is third with 43,000,000 subscribers and 19,278,046,786 videos views. The fourth spot is occupied by Katy Perry, the California-based artist, who has 25,800,000 subscribers and 18,536,223,660 videos views. The fifth spot is occupied by another artist who hails from Pennsylvania, Tailor Swift, with 27 million subscribers and 18,024,520,390 views.


    YouTube will be the new entertainment platform. It’s been so for a while and is now. That’s why you and your company must know these vital YouTube statistics , to ensure that you don’t miss YouTube in your marketing plan. We hope that this list of 15 YouTube statistics for 2021 have provided a better understanding of why your business should invest into YouTube and how to ensure that you are making the most of your resources effectively.

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