YouTube Premium: Is it worth it in 2022?

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    YouTube Premium is an ongoing subscription that promises to enhance your experience watching on the world’s most popular video platform. If you’re addicted to YouTube, YouTube Premium is the best way to indulge in your love of YouTube.

    Although YouTube is free to all to share and watch video content, YouTube Premium lets you view those videos with no advertisements. This is what you can expect for the price, and you’ll be able to decide if it’s worth the cost.

    What is YouTube Premium?

    youtube premium
    youtube premium membership

    YouTube Premium is the service that YouTube Premium offers as a paid subscription. It was created to replace YouTube Red and offers numerous benefits, the most notable being eliminating all ads on all YouTube services. Here’s what you will get with YouTube Premium:

    • Ad-free with no annoying ads on any content, on any device, logged into Your Premium account.
    • Background Play allows you to listen to long-running podcasts, videos, and music without locking your screen.
    • Offline playback — You can download videos to later download offline watching.
    • YouTube Music Premium Access for free to the dedicated music application and its library with millions of tracks.
    • YouTube Originals Originals with no ads and access to exclusive premium content.

    It’s worth noting that even though YouTube Originals was only available to Premium subscribers, many of them are now accessible to everyone. The only way to stream the videos without ads is through YouTube Premium.

    YouTube Premium Benefits

    1. No ads

    YouTube Premium lets you view all of YouTube you want to and not see one ad. It means you will not see ads in all YouTube applications, including those for the smart TV, set-top box, and smartphones.

    Without advertisements, YouTube sings with the power of the most powerful chorus ever. When you click on a video, they begin. There are no pauses, interruptions, nothing. Only the videos you want.

    Wherever I am watching YouTube, I do not get ads from my office laptop to an Apple TV to my smartphone.

    2. Videos can be saved for offline playback

    Anyone who isn’t on the unlimited data allowance or has the commute route that puts people on roads with no cell coverage knows that Save For Offline is one of the most popular phrases in tech. When you subscribe to YouTube Premium, you’ll receive the option of downloading each video, which you can click to save the video to download for future use.

    Video files can be downloaded in up to 1080p resolution.

    In this way, you’ll be able to keep a selection of your most-loved music videos to use for the next time you want to dance or follow what I do and save the videos of your favorite podcasts in your home so that you’re not restricted to audio-only versions on the move.

    3. You can enjoy YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music for free.

    youtube premium
    YouTube premium subscription

    I didn’t receive YouTube Premium by subscribing to it but rather through my current account with Google Play Music. This least talked-about Spotify competitor is as great as the leader in the industry and Apple Music. It’s true, everyone who subscribes to Google Play Music subscribers gets YouTube Premium, and all YouTube Premium subscribers get Google Play Music and YouTube Music Premium.

    Google Play Music is a great alternative of Spotify. Google Play Music library offers the same amount of songs as Spotify. Also, it comes with the cloud locker service, which allows MP3 enthusiasts to access their treasures from any location and with up to 50k uploads. The service doesn’t limit itself to songs only; however, Google Play Music’s recently added podcasts, meaning you can combine everything you need to listen into one app.

    4. It is possible to open other applications without a problem

    If I’m on my tablet or smartphone, chances are always in favor of an alert appearing on my device. It draws me into my email, tweets, or text messages. With YouTube Premium, YouTube videos will stop playing whenever I switch to another application.

    When I’m using YouTube Premium, if I’m satisfied with the music of a video, it will continue playing in the background while I write a response. This can be useful when playing games on mobile with background music that I’m not a fan of, as I can turn off the game and have music from YouTube playing instead.

    5. Exclusive popular YouTubers’ original content 

    If stars such as Lilly Singh and Rooster Teeth and other artists create unique content exclusive to the paid-tier of YouTube, you won’t get all the laughter, excitement, and excitement from these creators as you would like.

    YouTube music premium cost

    YouTube Pricing for Premium is $11.99 each month.

    Like other streaming services, YouTube has plans for students and families available. For students, the YouTube premium will cost you $6.99/month, and the YouTube premium family plan cost is $17.99/month. A family plan is a great option as you can include up to five additional individuals. The same way as it is on YouTube TV and YouTube Music.

    Is YouTube premium worth it?

    The reality is that YouTube Premium is a mixed bag that only appeals to a select group of people. If you don’t mind ads, it’s not a need to subscribe to Premium. On the other hand, if you’re not a huge curiosity about YouTube Originals, Premium isn’t worth the cost if you don’t utilize YouTube’s mobile apps frequently and don’t want to miss out on the benefits of Premium.

    However, if you’re looking to stop seeing YouTube advertisements and plan to use YouTube Music Premium regularly, then YouTube Premium is a great price. No matter if you sign up for this service or do not join, you can utilize these useful YouTube strategies to gain more value from the service.

    How do I cancel YouTube Premium within the web browser

    1. Open YouTube in your browser.

    2. Click your avatar in the upper right corner. Then choose “Paid memberships.”

    Go to the Paid membership page from the menu located under the avatar of your account.

    3. You should see YouTube Premium as a paid membership. Click “Cancel Membership.”

    4. When asked, confirm that you want this to happen by selecting “Yes.”

    How do I remove YouTube Premium from the mobile app

    1. Start the YouTube application.

    2. Tap your avatar in the upper right corner. Then click “Paid memberships.”

    youtube premium
    Source- Business Insider

    3. In the YouTube Premium section, click “Manage.”

    youtube premium
    Source- Business Insider

    4. After the membership page opens in the browser, tap “Cancel Membership.” & Tap Yes to confirm it

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