YouTube Monetization: Ways to Become Rich On YouTube in 2022

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    YouTube Monetization: Ways to Become Rich On YouTube in 2022

    Although YouTube appears to be a simple way to earn money, most new makers are ignorant of ways to earn money from the platform. You can get lots of views, but when you’re not aware of the best ways to earn money on YouTube and make money from it, the only ones who will benefit from it are the ones who invented the platform. This blog will cover YouTube monetization and the top methods to earn money through YouTube.

    What Is YouTube Monetization?

    youtube monetization
    Source- Statista

    The number of users on YouTube is 2 billion people who watch one billion hours’ worth of video each day. (YouTube 2019).

    Many YouTube creators are looking to earn money through the popularity of their YouTube channels. In addition, with 90% of YouTube users encountering new brands and brands through YouTube, Making money through your YouTube account is an automatic decision.

    Numerous companies are using a massive audience, which is evident in a large number of global advertising revenue. For example, Statista‘s advertising revenues will reach $19.77 billion by 2020. This is a rise from $15.5 billion in the year before that.

    How to Get Monetized on YouTube

    The most commonly used method to make money from videos is YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Partner status is an upgrade to your Channel since it allows you to add ads on your video and earn money (potentially) each when you upload your content.

    YouTube compensates creators via YouTube’s Google AdSense program, but it can take some time to grasp how it functions. At this point, you should be aware that revenue is generated whenever a user can view or click on an advertisement in the content. The revenue is divided among you and YouTube, and you receive five percent of that profits while YouTube receives the remaining 45 percent.

    YouTube Monetization Requirements

    YouTube is extremely selective in whom it allows into its program of monetization. Before you can apply to the YPP, you must meet the following requirements:

    • 1,000 subscribers
    • Watch time of  4,000 hours of the Channel (within 12 months)

    The willingness to adhere to YouTube’s rules, including the community guidelines, ads-friendly guidelines for content, and the conditions of service

    If you’re struggling to increase your following, read this guide to help you gain 1,000 YouTube users.

    After this, you can learn these guidelines to collect 4,000 hours of watch time.

    How to Join the YouTuber Partner Program

    After you’ve fulfilled all YouTube’s requirements, it’s time to apply for the YPP. The steps are as follows:

    • First, go to the YouTube Studio.
    • Make sure to click the Monetization button in the navigation bar to the left.
    • If you’re eligible to apply, you’ll be able to see a blue button. Click it!
    • Examine the YPP conditions.
    • Create an account on the Google AdSense account, and connect it to your Channel.
    • Now, wait. YouTube will look over your Channel and mail you a decision.

    YouTube Monetization Policies

    There are a variety of regulations that govern YouTube’s use. YouTube, such as the guidelines for community members, the conditions of use, copyright, and Google AdSense.

    You must follow YouTube’s guidelines for monetization to earn money from your Channel. These guidelines apply to all users who are currently enrolled in YouTube’s YouTube Partner Program or considering enrolling in the program.

    What do you do if you’re rejected by YouTube Partner Program? 

    If your request is declined, YouTube outlines which policies your Channel didn’t adhere to. If this is the case, don’t worry. It’s always possible to reapply within 30 days. Make use of this as an opportunity to enhance your Channel before applying another time.

    In particular, you may be able to re-visit the titles of your videos, video descriptions, and thumbnails to make sure they comply with the YouTube policies. If you’ve got certain videos causing problems and want to fix them, you might also need to remove or modify the videos.

    Do not violate copyright or monetization rules on the YouTube channel

    It’s crucial to comply with the YouTube Copyright and revenue policies throughout the day. This means that you must only upload content you’ve created or have permission to use. Copyright also covers audio or music tracks, copyrighted work, or videos made by other people.

    If you’re found to violate any of the rules, you could be charged with the following penalties:

    • Elimination of advertisements from your videos
    • Suspension from YouTube Partner Program
    • Account suspension or end of an account

    YouTube affirms that they will inform you by email if you break the terms of their policy. They will also inform you what options are offered to you, should they have any.

    Do YouTubers get paid for likes or views?

    The majority of YouTuber’s revenue comes from payments they receive from advertisements that they place on their Channel. Payments for advertisements are dependent on the number of clicks that people make on the advertisements. Although this is tied to the number of views (the greater the number of people who see ads on your Channel, the more likely they are to click them), it is not directly related to the number of likes. YouTube doesn’t consider the viewers who click Skip Ad. Thus, there is no relationship between YouTube payments and views or likes Views.

    How Can I Monetize YouTube?

    YouTube is an extremely interesting method of earning money. If executed correctly, it can be extremely lucrative. If you’re looking for something else, it’s worth a second look to determine if it’s suitable for you. Let’s look it up!

    1. AdSense

    YouTube Monetization
    monetization of youtube videos

    YouTube is likely to show advertisements on your videos regardless of the situation, so you may benefit by having your AdSense installed after you have reached 10,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours in the space of 12 months of your Channel. (You can prepare your Channel; in the meantime, you wait for it to achieve those metrics.) This can be done through the settings of your YouTube account. You might also want to know the types of eligible videos to earn AdSense revenue.

    4. Channel Membership

    Membership to YouTube channels is a month-long subscription that offers special perks. Creators may offer exclusive benefits to subscribers, including special discounts on their products, 1:1 live chats, or exclusive videos.

    3. Affiliate Marketing

    YouTube Monetization
    youtube monetization

    The most effective way to make money regarding affiliate marketing is to talk openly about how your product has changed your life. YouTube is an excellent platform to begin sharing your story and show your use of the product, why you love it, respond to the most frequently asked questions, etc. (Just ensure that you adhere to the entirety of your company’s guidelines for compliance!)

    Video offers other ways of connecting that aren’t always clearly described in the text. For example, you can make “unboxing” videos and tutorials review of product “hauls.” Include your affiliate link in the description or the video. Make sure you disclose!

    4. Earn money on YouTube by partnering with brand

    Similar to how companies are contracting with YouTubers to find sponsor opportunities. They’re also looking for YouTube stars who can promote their products to the world. Beg by contacting the companies you admire with sponsorship opportunities and seeing what happens to you! Be sure to adhere to good guidelines regarding sponsorship. Only partner with brands that you can are confident in and promote products that you trust and are relevant to your audience. You must also clearly disclose the relationship. Google has guidelines for paid product placement updated on December 5, 2018.

    5. Earn money for Your Channel with Community Sponsors

    YouTube has made available the “Sponsor” button on some gaming channels for a while. However, the company has just begun beta testing this feature with non-gaming channels.

    For $4.99 each month, you can have your top supporters can become your Channel’s Sponsor. They will receive the badge displayed in their name within your posts. It is also possible to offer them perks such as sponsor-only content. In addition, creators are paid 70 percent of profits when local sales tax has been taken out.

    7. Super Features

    If you’ve ever viewed a stream through YouTube, perhaps you know that some chat messages stick out and are highlighted above others.

    This is because YouTube allows creators to enable the Super Chat on live video and their premier. This feature allows viewers to pay $1-$500 to display their message in the Livestream chat.

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