Secret Ingredients of a Winning YouTube Description (Free Description Templates)

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    YouTube descriptions are now not mandatory. Many YouTubers sincerely depart them blank.

    That said, there’s tremendous strength in them. Use them successfully, and you will amplify your video views, get extra followers and make way extra cash (if you monetize your channel.)

    Today I’ll quickly describe some core concepts that you have to preserve in thought when writing them and supply you with some examples/ YouTube description templates that will get you started.

    What Is a Video Description?

    A video description is a piece of metadata that helps YouTube recognize the content material. Descriptions that are nicely optimized can lead to greater rankings in YouTube searches.

    There two sorts of descriptions:

    • YouTube channel descriptions. The rough textual explanation of your Youtube channel. It helps viewers apprehend what they can anticipate from your brand and can provide an explanation for why they need to subscribe to your channel.
    • YouTube video descriptions. The textual content beneath every video. It helps viewers discover your video content material and convinces them to watch it. It may additionally incorporate hyperlinks and any extra facts applicable to your video.

    Why Youtube Description is important ?

    Along with various other things like video title and tags, YouTube uses description to recognize the content material (and context) of your video content.

    How to edit YouTube video description

    It is viable to alternate the title and description of your YouTube videos. However, sometimes you make a mistake or come up with a higher title or description and want to exchange it. Thankfully, Youtube lets you edit the description, title, or thumbnail of your movies every time you want. You can make modifications to your video by using the video’s Info and Settings page.

    1. Go to your channel’s Video Manager. You’ll see a listing of all your uploaded videos.
    2. Find the video you desire to edit, then click on ‘Edit’ beneath the video title.
    3. On the Info and Settings web page, you’ll see three tabs, relying on your account type:
      1. Basic info: Change video title, description, tags, category, privacy.

    Note: You can use most characters to fill in the records in video fields (like title or description), barring attitude brackets.

     Tips on how to write a YouTube description

    1. Be specific

    Your preference for key phrases is vital for each YouTube channel and video description.

    The key phrases in your descriptions will assist the YouTube algorithm in understanding, categorizing, and spotlighting your content. The extra particular the key phrases are, the better.

    For example, for a video about writing descriptions for YouTube videos, net video textual content will be a much less beneficial keyword than YouTube video descriptions.

    2. Add call-to-action phrases &  links

    It’s sensible — and fantastic exercise — to hyperlink your social media handles in your YouTube descriptions. And separate from sharing, these hyperlinks are related to the video. These hyperlinks can be calls to action to study a weblog post, buy a product, or extra information. For example, if you point out quite a few merchandise in your video and your viewers frequently ask about them, it’s precise thinking to put these hyperlinks in the descriptions.

    In the above example, Red Bull hyperlinks are no longer simply their On-Demand apps but also the two humans who are worried about the video itself. Their very own hyperlink and extra social media ones, in addition down, are shortened and branded for effortless analytic tracking.

    3. Do research

    Don’t be aware of what key phrases to use? Tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner and Google Trends can assist you in getting started.

    For example, Google Trends will assist you in apprehending if a keyword you are thinking about is trending. You can also use the device to determine which key phrases have a greater search volume.

    4. Your Brand’s social voice

     Your brand’s social media voice has to additionally be taken into account. Descriptions don’t do something for your brand. You choose to add your brand’s personality, vocabulary, and writing fashion to the description.

    For comparable video types, it may make a greater feel for you to write some YouTube description templates. For example, how-to video descriptions would be written in a comparable fashion: two sentences for a summary, some call-to-action links, hyperlinks to merchandise, and then your social media links. Creating description templates makes it simpler for you and holds you on-brand.

    5. Use relevant keywords

    More and extra-human beings are finding YouTube movies thru Google searches instead than via YouTube itself.

    Combine key phrases primarily based on YouTube and Google search tendencies to maximize video findability.

    To see how plenty manageable a specific keyword has in Google’s search results, definitely … Google it. If you’ve been staring at YouTube videos at the pinnacle of the search outcomes page, you’re on your way!

    6. Repeat video keywords

    As hinted at before, key phrases are essential in each website’s positioning and YouTube video descriptions. So whether you’re writing for a presentation video or discovering which ones are excellent for your channel, Google’s Keyword planner device comes in on hand for keyword research.

    A few key phrases are all you want and as soon as these are recognized for your video, make certain they’re sprinkled in your description.

    7. Announce the type of videos you publish on your channel

    YouTube description

    This step is easy and straightforward: are you developing how-to videos? In-depth instructional guides? Reviews and product demonstrations? Are you vlogging your everyday life?

    Simply add a listing of movies you trust is the most treasured to your kind of audience.

    Of course, this can trade and evolve as you develop your channel, and you may additionally word some video sorts land with your target market higher than others. That’s no problem: truly alter your video approach and replace your channel description.

    8. Shares all information that is in the video.

    In addition to describing the content, your description can consist of any hyperlinks or different objects referred to in the video. For instance, if you characteristic a third-party product and desire to share that with your users, you can encompass the hyperlink in the description. You can additionally characteristic links to a variety of social media channels.

    9. Opt for a friendly, conversational tone

    YouTube description
    Source- YouTube

    One of the hallmarks of social media is the friendly, conversational tone that so many persons and manufacturers undertake in their communications.

    YouTube descriptions feature properly when they don’t sense too formal or corporate. Conversational replica helps the person experience greater like an individual is speaking with them, which additionally helps encourage them to engage.

    This YouTube description from ebook reviewer Katytastic feels greater like studying an electronic mail from a pal than analyzing an impersonal, keyword-stuffed piece of advertising copy:

    YouTube description
    Secret Ingredients of a Winning YouTube Description (Free Description Templates) 8

    10. Break up the description into sections

    YouTube description

    Breaking your video description into awesome sections helps customers navigate the description replica easily. Doing so makes it less complicated for customers to see extraordinary movements they can take and makes it extra in all likelihood that they’ll take them.

    Open your description with data about the video, then consist of sections mainly labeled for their moves on the spot or the statistics they contain.

    YouTube description examples

    1. Ahrefs

    YouTube description
    YouTube description ideas

    While Ahrefs, the corporation at the back of a famous search engine marketing tool, doesn’t go into specifics on their posting schedule, they’ve long gone above and past to use the language of their target audience and introduce them into their center of attention on the channel.

    Their channel description radiates with self-assurance and ends with a sturdy name to action. Ahrefs also made key advantages to staring at their movies apparent while retaining the brief and crisp description.

    YouTube channel description template

    1. Let’s look at some descriptions that set the tone.

    YouTube description
    best YouTube channel description

    Charisma on Command’s description is brief, accurate, and lets you comprehend what to expect, all in the small house of their channel description box. Opening with a query is a top-notch way to make it all about the viewer. Also, with the aid of highlighting the advantages of staring at the channel, they convey our attention to what we stand to obtain using sticking around.

    What’s the range of one purpose to watch your video content? Get that in the description as early as possible, then amplify the sentiment.

    2. If you’re struggling at writing descriptions, it seems to be no further.

    YouTube description
    YouTube video description template

    Wisecrack’s tone and pop tradition references are constant in their videos. Be yourself in your channel description. Add a bit of the persona that makes viewers care ample to go to your ‘About’ web page in the first place.

    Don’t be afraid to encompass different applicable info. Wisecrack uses this possibility to remind us about their timetable and supply us with a bit greater records about their man or woman shows. If you make a few distinct sorts of videos, this is an amazing way to remind viewers about them.


    You have many approaches to optimize and customize your YouTube video descriptions to get extra interest in your movies and channel. When crafted strategically, your YouTube descriptions are sure to get greater clicks, views, engagement, and actions.

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