Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes

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    YouTube is the home of millions of channels. As a result, it can be difficult to make your channel distinguish itself from the rest. If you’re looking to draw people to your channel, you must ensure that it is visually appealing and communicate your message. This is why YouTube allows its users to personalize their channel’s design by uploading banners or images for the channel’s header.

    If you’re interested in knowing more about YouTube banners and how to alter them or design the right size, then this blog is the one for you.

    YouTube channel banner size

    There are some terms and fundamental concepts about how images appear on various devices, which we’ll go into in the following section. In the meantime, here’s an easy guideline to make sure that your banner design is compatible with YouTube’s guidelines for banner sizes:

    • YouTube’s Recommended Banner Size is 2560×1440 pixels.
    • The minimum dimensions for images are 2048×1152 pixels with an aspect ratio of 16:9.
    • Minimum image-safe area for logos and text Dimensions: 1235 x 338 pixels x 338 pixels
    • Limit the file size to 6MB

    YouTube channel art size guidelines

    Let’s get into the finer aspects of YouTube channel guidelines on art size. The first question is why there are so many sizes? In essence, it boils down to how your YouTube banner will look across the different sizes of devices that people are using, from Android to iPhones to television screens.

    You’ll want your YouTube video to be stunning regardless of whether it’s on the largest screen size at the 2560-pixel width down to the smallest screen on the phone or any screen in between. If it doesn’t, you’ll lose views on your videos and new customers.

    Here’s a visual reference to YouTube banner sizes to help get those numbers in perspective:

    As you can see, there’s quite a wide range of sizes that you need to consider to ensure that the YouTube banner art is displayed properly on every screen size. What is stunning on a huge screen could be completely useless on a mobile screen. Let’s look at some examples that show the smartphone in action:

    The image you upload to YouTube is the most important factor, and it’s not easy to ensure it’s perfect for every screen size. However, there’s a key element that can help ensure your viewers can see the YouTube advertisement properly, and that’s being aware of what’s your “safe area.”

    Know your YouTube banner safe area  

    To make sure that most people see your YouTube advertisement, it is important to know what is your “safe area.” If you see the banner in the first place, you’re in the “safe area,” which is the minimum space you must use to ensure that your banner appears properly.

    Check that every part of your image, crucial for your YouTube advertisement, is entirely within the safe zone of 1235 338 pixels. Don’t choose anything unattractive to prospective viewers of your channel, which may make them turn off your channel.

    How to change the YouTube banner

    Many people love making use of YouTube on their PCs due to the larger screen. If you’re among the majority, you’ll be glad to learn that you can alter your YouTube banner in just a few clicks. What you have to do:

    • Open your browser, and then navigate to YouTube.
    • Enter your profile photo or initial in the upper-right corner.
    • Select “YouTube Studio” from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose “Customization” from the menu left.
    • Click on the “Branding” tab.
    • Choose “Upload” under “Banner image.”
    • Search your computer for the image and then click “Open.”

    Include social media links on your banner

    You can also include social media links on your banner to facilitate the access by viewers to your other web pages.

    1. If you’re using a computer, you can go to your channel and click on the about tab. Then, using the new YouTube layout, you can select Customize your channel.
    2. Click on “the “Links” section, then click Edit.
    3. Hit the Add button.
    4. Enter the URL and title of the website you wish for your link. You can create up to five links.
    5. Click Done.

    Free YouTube banner maker

    1) Canva

    Canva is among the most well-known graphic design tools. It offers over 100 attractive templates to create YouTube channels. It also offers a large variety of stock photos you can incorporate into your banner.

    Youtube Banner
    creating youtube banner

    It’s a simple-to-use YouTube channels banner maker because it comes with a drag-and-drop editor. Beginning users can easily modify the templates for banners by dragging and dropping components and altering their visual preferences.

    While it’s no cost, you’ll need to be able to pay for the best capabilities and resources.


    • You can also use the media you have created yourself.
    • There is an enormous collection of GIFs, Illustrations, videos, images, photos, and more.
    • Professionally created templates.
    • Easy drag-and-drop editor.
    • Cloud storage.

    2) Picmaker

    Youtube Banner
    creating a youtube banner

    Ideal for speeding the way to amazing graphic designs. Picmaker is famous for creating stunning designs for graphic design in just a few minutes and with no knowledge whatsoever. It also offers an AI-enhanced platform to design stunning YouTube banners. It is possible to create distinctive banners with only one click.

    Artificial Intelligence suggests specific design modifications to your brand that are yours to apply if you like them or decline if you do not. In addition, it offers a vast collection of professional-designed templates that you can create stunning, eye-catching ads for your channels.

    3) Creatopy

    Youtube Banner
    custom youtube banner

    Best for making unique banners.

    Creatopy was earlier known as Bannersnack and is an application for visual design. To use it, you don’t have to have a degree in graphic design. Simply open the website and drag and drop the editor to create a beautiful advertisement for YouTube channels. You can also animate your banner and add static and interactive HTML headers.

    Use these templates to create a stunning advertisement for the YouTube channel. But, Creatopy is one of the more expensive YouTube banner creators for channels. The premium plans are significantly higher than those of its competitors.


    • A huge collection of stock images and videos.
    • Drag-and-drop editor
    • Professionally created templates
    • Integration of logos, color palettes, images, typography, etc.
    • Design animated

    Free YouTube Banner Template

    Sports YouTube Banner Templates (PSD, JPG, PDF)

    Youtube Banner
    Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes 11

    If you’re a fan of sports and looking for a Youtube channel design template that you’ve been looking for. Download an entire channel art template that includes templates that can be adapted to tablets, TVs, desktops, and mobile. This template is an easy choice for anyone thinking about revamping your channel’s artwork.

    Music Channel YouTube Banner Templates (PSD)

    Youtube Banner
    Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes 12

    Show your love of music to the world by using this template for your music channel. If you are a musician who creates music, covers music and music video reactions, or even talks about your favorite albums, this template is for you. Get the YouTube banner template to kickstart your YouTube channel.

    Artsy Channel Art (PSD, AI)

    Youtube Banner
    Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes 13

    This YouTube banner background promotes any kind of content. When your material falls in the category of film commentary, you’ll find this YouTube channel art template is ideal for you. If you like vlogging daily or other creative topics, This template is suitable.

    Podcast: Movie Commentary YouTube Channel Art (PSD, AI)

    Youtube Banner
    Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes 14

    Film review shows have been highly rated because of their growing popularity. Many films on the market need to be discussed, and what better way to do this than by creating podcasts? Try this movie commentaries YouTube channel art a shot and present a more sophisticated appearance to your viewers.

    Pop Art Template 

    Youtube Banner
    youtube banner maker free

    Snappa YouTube channel banner template

    Youtube Banner
    Youtube Banner Template: Create a professional banner in Minutes 15

    Pixteller free YouTube banner templates

    Youtube Banner
    youtube banner images

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