YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022

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    Suppose you’re trying to decide which way to allocate your video budget for advertising. In that case, YouTube has a vast range and powerful capabilities for targeting, which make it an unquestionably beneficial platform for the entire customer’s journey.

    Let’s face it YouTube ads aren’t the most intuitive component of your strategy for advertising on social media. But, be assured that spending some extra time understanding the basic concepts today will result in a higher ROI.

    In this article, we’ll examine the various formats for ads and walk through how to create an ad campaign using video and inspire you with top practices from successful performers.

     How I spent $106,352 on YouTube ads

    What are YouTube Ads?

    YouTube ads, as done by Google Ads, is a method of promoting your videos on YouTube or search results so you can increase your users’ reach. For example, it could be your video playing before a user viewing the other’s video or appearing in YouTube results that allow users to view in full.

    Types of YouTube ads

    There are various types of ads on YouTube to choose, that are

    1. Video Discovery Ads

    Video discovery YouTube ads appear on the YouTube homepage and search results pages and related videos on YouTube video watch pages.

    The ad was displayed after a YouTube search:

    If a user clicks the youtube ads, the video page will display on the right-hand column, where the banner display ads will be displayed.

    2. TrueView In-Stream Ads

    TrueView advertisements are the most popular video ad format on YouTube. Advertisers pay only to display TrueView advertisements when users view or interact with the ad (for instance, when they click on the call-to-action). In addition, the videos can be customized to show a variety of media.

    Advertisers pay only when the viewer has watched the advertisement for at most 30 seconds or up to it is over when the user takes any action, like clicking on a call-to-action. YouTube stipulates that users skip TrueView advertisements between 12 seconds to six minutes in length.

    In-stream ads from TrueView are shown before people watch their chosen video on YouTube. The viewers may have the option to stop the ad after five minutes. It is also possible to make them play in any part of the Google Display Network (GDN) or websites that have bought Google video advertising space.

    In-stream ads allow marketers to personalize videos with various CTAs and overlay text like the skippable example in-stream ad below, which comes from Grammarly.

    There’s an additional CTA from Grammarly above the suggested video columns on the right.

    3. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

    Non-skippable advertisements can be played before the mid-roll or following the primary video. They could be anywhere between 15 and 20 seconds long. Here’s an example:

    Non-skippable ads for mid-roll videos appear in the middle of a YouTube video that is 10 minutes or more. On desktops, users will be able to see a countdown timer of five seconds, while in the app, they’ll be able to see yellow lines where the advertisements are located.

    4. Bumpers

    Bumpers are the shortest form of YouTube video advertisement accessible to you. With just six seconds for each bumper, these ads appear before the viewer’s preferred video. Also, it’s not skippable.

    The bumper video ads can’t convey a compelling story in only 6 seconds. However, they can complement larger video ads for a brand new product launch or an event. Make sure you use the time effectively and only include the elements of your brand that you would like your customers to be able to remember.

    5. Overlay Ads

    Overlay ads are advertisement that is a banner that appears at the bottom of the video, as seen below. This kind of advertisement can perfectly complement your other video in-stream campaigns. In addition, banner ads are the ideal way to avoid marketing your products in a disruptive manner.

    YouTube Advertising Cost

    Views determine the cost of YouTube ads. Every view costs between $0.10 or $0.30, depending on your industry and the keywords you want to target. You can invest as low or as much you’d like. If you have your budget for the day, Google will only charge you for the amount that you set, which makes YouTube ads secure investment.

    Keywords are significantly less costly to use on YouTube than on conventional Google search, where the cost per click average is believed to range between $1-$2.

    While excellent content is sure to surface but it’s crucial to be proactive in attracting the attention of potential customers and making sure that they are familiar with your business. YouTube ads let you accomplish this. It’s a cost-effective method to engage your target audience by using an engaging type of content, such as audio or video.

    What is a YouTube TrueView Ad?

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 9

    This is the most popular format of YouTube video ads, and because of that, we’ll cover this format more thoroughly over the other types.

    TrueView advertisements offer viewers the most control over the ads they view. This is why Google states that eight of ten users prefer TrueView over other formats for in-stream video ads.

    However, TrueView ads are excellent for business too.

    Advertisers pay only for TrueView ads if users spend a minimum of 30 seconds, watch the entire video, or engage with the ad in a relevant way, for example, by clicking on a call-to-action.

    Since viewers can select the ads they would like to watch and bypass ads they don’tlike, advertisers can save money while reaching a wider public.

    Benefits of Advertising On YouTube

    Based on your expectations, how you market based on your expectations and how you advertise on YouTube will vary. YouTube advertisements can be used to increase brand recognition or influence the purchase decision, increase sales, or boost your brand’s loyalty. YouTube video advertisements YouTube are utilized to achieve these goals by using the following methods:

    • Build Brand Awareness

    Introduce your product to those who don’t know much or anything about it. Make sure you target those with interest in like products and related areas to ensure that there are similarities.

    • Influence the Buyer Decision

    Videos that demonstrate how your products are the ideal solution for your client with hard proof to back it up. Make the most of it, so capitalize on it.

    • Grow Sales

    Reach out to similar people you’ve not previously targeted and try new strategies. For example, find ways to connect your product to other brands and begin to increase sales.

    • Increase Brand Loyalty

    Ask your customers to speak about your products in your videos. Show potential customers that you have the best products and services available in the industry.

    How to launch an ad campaign on YouTube:

    If you’ve made your marketing video, and you’re looking to post it on YouTube. Then, it’s time to create your video ad campaign.

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 10

    Now is the appropriate to add your YouTube video on YouTube.

    You’re now ready to start your campaign. Start by logging into the account you have created on Google Ads accounts. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to sign up using an account with a Google Workspace email (either personal or for business).

    If you are the first to sign up and sign in, the system might require you to create an account immediately. Select an option that reads “Are you a professional marketer?” or “Set up without creating a campaign” and click. So, you’ll be able to access your brand-new Google Ads dashboard.

    If you go to the dashboard, you need to click the button that reads ” + New Campaign.”

    Goal and Campaign Type

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 11

    The user will be asked to choose the goal you want to achieve and then choose the type of campaign. Select the one you’d like. Next, select the type of campaign you want to use ” Video.”

    Campaign Subtype and Strategy

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 12

    The user will be asked to select the type of campaign you want to run that, including the Video Reach Campaign outstream and the ad sequence. Choose “Video reach campaign.”

    On the same screen, choose the best method to reach your goal. Choose either “Efficient reach (Bumper, Skippable in-stream, or a mix)” or “non-skippable in-stream.”

    Campaign Name

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 13

    The next step is to choose the name of your campaign. Don’t change the bid strategy. It is.


    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 14

    Make your budget for the day or for the whole campaign. A daily budget can aid in keeping your daily expenses at a minimum while making sure you don’t go over your budget in a hurry. In addition, the setting of a total budget for your campaign will help you determine an investment limit that Google will not exceed.

    Then, select the date you want to start and end on.

    Networks, Locations, and Languages

    Choose where you would like your advertisement to run.

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 15

    YouTube results for searches Your video advertisement will be displayed in the results of searches. It will also be featured on YouTube’s YouTube homepage channels pages, channel pages, as well as video pages.

    YouTube video It also runs TrueView ads that play in the middle or pre-roll of the YouTube video.

    Partners for video on the Display Network: With this option, you are able to select for your video advertisement to appear in front of or around videos on the Google Display Network.

    It is important to make different campaigns that target YouTube results in search and YouTube videos as it will allow you to better monitor the performance of your ads. However, the ads are shown to users who are engaged in quite different tasks and require an entirely different level of commitment from viewers. Therefore, it is best to keep track of performance on a separate basis.

    The next step is to determine the location of the people you wish the advertisement to be displayed. You may also choose to exclude specific areas.

    Then, select the language that your audience would be able to understand.

    Content Exclusions and Excluded Types and Labels

    These are options for those who don’t want to promote their products on videos that contain sexual or explicit content.

    Select among ” Expanded inventory” (excludes videos with graphic and profane content), ” Standard inventory” (excludes videos that contain graphic and profane content), and ” Limited inventory” (excludes videos that have moderate graphic content and profanity).

    In the section titled ” Excluded types and labels,” under “Excluded types and labels,” you can also block your advertisements from appearing in YouTube videos that are embedded as well as live-streaming videos. Additionally, you can block content based on their labels for content (G, MA, PG, MA, and so on).

    Related Videos

    You can also consider making related videos appear under your advertisement. You can include up to five videos.

    Advanced Settings

    With the options for advanced settings, it is possible to choose the operating system or device as well as the carrier to target more precisely. This is particularly useful for mobile apps, and it is possible to raise or lower your price based on whether the video advertisement is displayed to a person using a mobile device.

    You can decide on the starting and ending dates for your campaign, design an individual schedule of the time your video advertisement will be displayed, and also limit the daily number of views and impressions to users. This will help you make the most money from your advertising money.

    Demographics and Audience Segments

    YouTube Ads
    YouTube Ads: Reach out to new audience every day in 2022 16

    Then, determine the audience you’d like the film in front of choices, including age, gender, parental status, or household income. It is also possible to target people with specific particular interests, for example, cooks, beauty gurus, horror movie enthusiasts, etc.

    You can try running multiple campaigns that target different types of users and discover which is most active rather than encompassing all the people you wish to reach in one campaign.

    Keywords, Topics, and Placements

    You may also target your audience through keywords, topics, or places where you’d prefer your video ads to be displayed. Keyword targeting using in-display ads is an effective tool to find those who are searching for answers to their problem. Make sure you do your homework, and then try exploring different categories of keywords to determine the ones that result in more views, clicks, or conversions.

    In addition, you can make use of videos to remarket to people who have been engaged with your company before. This will help you reconnect with those who are comfortable with your company.


    Then, you should determine the maximum cost you’ll pay for each view. This you can alter to increase the number of views your video could receive.

    Creating the Video Ad Creative

    Finally, you must insert lastly, insert the YouTube URL for the video you want to show the ad. Then, you can choose if you would like this to be run as an in-stream advertisement or an in-display advertisement.

    In-display displays, you’ll need to add a title as well as a brief description, which are written on two separate lines. Be aware that titles are limited to 25 characters, and descriptions are restricted to 35 characters per line.

    In-stream ads allow you to overlap an advertisement URL on the top of the movie. It is recommended to use an unofficial URL that links to a second URL in order to enhance the quality of the video. It is possible to incorporate sophisticated URL monitoring options. An image-based banner that is created taken from your video will be displayed on the right of the video advertisement.

    Select Done, Click Done, and then click the Create campaign button.

    Finished! Google will then ask you to enter your credit card number (if they don’t already have it) so that they can start running your advertisement.

    Linking Your Account

    It’s best to connect the account on your Google Ads account to the YouTube channel in which the video is hosted in case you haven’t done so previously. Then, on the navigation bar at the top, you can click “Tools & Settings.” Under “Set Up,” go to “Linked accounts.”


    Video has a unique ability to cut through the noise and connect with consumers, which is why we’re excited to see this format being utilized across the customer journey. Video offers businesses the ability to reach new audiences—whether they’re searching for a product, leaning into purchase, or want to hear about a brand outside of the digital environment. We hope you enjoyed our blog and if you’re interested in learning more about video advertising fell free to comment

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