WP Engine Review: Is the Worth The Money in 2022

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    There are many inexpensive hosts with decent service. However, what if you’re looking for more of a performance-oriented concierge service? If so, it’s best to look into the WP Engine review for WordPress.

    WP Engine is a WordPress-specific website host that offers managed and completely designed plans for the platform. When you compare it to different WordPress hosts, WP Engine’s plans aren’t the cheapest. Before investing, you’ll need to determine if the hosting services will be worth the price.

    We’ll conduct an in-depth WP Engine review for WordPress to aid you. We’ll talk about its main attributes, support options, performance capabilities, and anything else you’ll require to be aware of. Let’s get started!

    wp engine reviews

    What is a WP engine?

    wp engine
    WP Engine Review: Is the Worth The Money in 2022 6

    WordPress Engine was created in 2010 by Jason Cohen in Austin, Texas in the year 2010. Cohen took note of the increasing popularity of WordPress and decided to launch WP Engine, a web hosting platform that was specifically made specifically for WordPress. Over 120,000 people in 150 countries currently utilize the platform.

    The company offers the most managed WordPress website hosting solutions worldwide, including offices in the US, England, Australia, Ireland, and Poland.

    WP Engine has won the Stevie Award 13 times for its top-quality customer service. A vital part of WordPress’ WordPress Community, WP Engine caters to large and small businesses. The cheapest hosting plan they offer is just $20 per month. It is billed annually. With the number of features that are premium, I think the price is reasonable.

    The platform is designed to let you focus on your business rather than get into all the details of web hosting. The platform’s performance, integrations, and customer service are more than making it clear that they are.

    In addition to its entire range of WordPress web hosting services, WP Engine offers:

    • Client reviews
    • Billing tools
    • Hosting services for E-commerce
    • Reseller hosting services
    • Tools for freelancers
    • Developer tools for enterprises

    Who is WP Engine Best For?

    WP Engine is a managed hosting service, and those who wish to take the easy approach to host websites immediately can think. If you own your own blog or site that has a few thousand visits every month, you can find lower-cost alternatives that function just like WP Engine.

    However, if you are interested in the technical aspects of web hosting, but do not want to do any work, then WP Engine is the right choice. Suppose things like site performance security, backup cloud platform flexibility optimization, and migrations cause you to be up all late at night. In that case, WP Engine could be the perfect partner for your desires.

    Due to its rather high (but justifiable) cost, We recommend this hosting web service specifically for:

    wp engine
    wp engine coupon code
    • Large to medium-sized Publishers 
    • WordPress websites that rely heavily on online sales
    • Fast-growing startups
    • Professional web designers and developers.

    Professional WordPress developers This managed hosting service lets you create websites from scratch or modify an existing website. Developers can build the site, launch it, and transfer it through the WP Engine staging environment.

    WP Engine does only one thing, to provide managed hosting services for WordPress websites. It isn’t necessary to choose between dedicated or shared or shared servers, etc. Suppose you’re looking for an uninvolved approach to web hosting and server administration for a medium to traffic-intensive website. In that case, it’s difficult to come up with any better option than WP Engine.

    WP Engine Plans

    wp engine
    wp engine hosting plans

    As you’ve seen from this point, the primary reason for choosing one plan over the other has related to the number of people you get every month.

    The bandwidth and local storage limits are also limiting in general. Still, it’s simple enough to optimize your website, so you are able to control the size of what’s available on it.

    The Startup Plan

    The cost is $25 per month, payable annually, and the main obstacle is the number of people who visit, estimated at 25,000.

    In contrast, SiteGround offers a shared hosting service that does not have any limits on visitors; however, it costs $14.99 per month for one website. It is also possible to create unlimited websites starting at $24.99.

    To give you a better idea of the cost, the entry-level plan for hosted WordPress hosting from Bluehost costs $39.99 a month – but you’ll get 100 million (!) visitors and five sites included. In the end, there will be a time when the server will fail. So 100 million is more of a saying, ” as much traffic your server will manage.

    The Growth Plan

    It’s quite a jump away from the Startup plan, as everything is roughly multiplied by four. It’s also four times more costly ($96), and you’ll get four times more each month (100,000). Bandwidth increases by 50GB up to 200GB. The only thing not increased by four times is local storage. It’s simply doubling from 10GB to 20GB.

    Another time, Siteground offers similar features for $24.99 per month. The cost of $89.99 with Bluehost offers you 600 million users and a staggering three TB bandwidth.

    Furthermore, WP Engine allows you to build websites up to 10 in number and build as high as 20 with Bluehost’s premium WP plan.

    The Scale Plan

    Another massive jump, reaching $242 per month for just 400k monthly visitors.

    For features, you’ll receive exactly the same features as you would with the Growth Plan, so once again, it’s all about managing the monthly visits more than any other feature. But the fifty GB storage space locally and the 500GB bandwidth could be extremely useful for hosting your own video files.

    Custom Plans – A Personal Anecdote

    You can also select customized plans for your business that accommodate even more guests. Prices can vary widely, but I’ll discuss our own experience using it.

    Our plan, which is the smallest Custom package, can be perfect for 1 million visitors and runs North of $6,000 annually. It’s great; however, upgrading was a little rough journey. Here’s why:

    wp engine
    wp engine user portal

    E-Commerce and Email Marketing

    WP Engine is an eCommerce Hosting , with prices from  $36 to $350 per month. When you sign up for these eCommerce packages, customers can enjoy an easy store creation process and optimized store themes, a WooCommerce template, and automated updates to the plugin. The Pro, Growth, and Scale tiers also come with Instant Store Search, a useful search tool plugin that ElasticPress powers.

    WP Engine specializes in WordPress hosting, and as you’d expect, it’s best to use the huge CMS plugin library to use online shopping tools. Some plugins can be useful for your website from Shopify, WooCommerce, and other businesses. There are a variety of email marketing tools available, too. Drip, DirectIQ, Mailflow, and a variety of other companies, provide WordPress plugins to let you use email addresses from customers to earn money.

    The e-commerce and email marketing companies usually charge an amount of money to use their services. Shopify, for example, offers a $9 monthly beginning price.

    WP Engine’s Security Features

    wp engine
    wp engine automated migration

    If you’re hoping to sell items on your site, you’ll need to have an SSL certificate. Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. It protects the information sent from a buyer’s computer to your website’s servers. So it’s a good thing that WP Engine includes one at no cost when you sign up for your hosting account. Because many web hosts require you to buy an SSL certificate, We give big kudos to WP Engine for tossing one into the mix for no cost.

    Additionally, WP Engine performs daily malware scans and comes with an up-to-date firewall that can stop the most recent threats. WP Engine also offers real-time threat detection, enterprise-grade firewalls, and free hacking remediation provided by Security experts who WordPress has trained.

    Excellent Uptime

    Uptime on your website is one of the most important factors of hosting services. If your website is down, your customers or clients won’t be able to find you or access your products or services. They may also not be able to return. Therefore, we take the uptime of web hosts extremely seriously.

    WP Engine vs Bluehost

    Bluehost offers an array of hosting plans, including three fully-managed WordPress hosting plans: Build, Grow and Scale.

    Overall they are more affordable and come with many features that you don’t get with WP Engine.

    You can, for instance, run an unlimited number of website domains, websites, and subdomains, with no limitations on traffic. All plans include JetPack website analytics as well as 100 premium, free themes, regular backups, malware protection, and protection of privacy on domains. They also provide assistance for online retailers.

    Bluehost isn’t able to provide the same level of service as WP Engine does. Most of the time, “unlimited” sites do not offer unlimited traffic. They may also not be able to handle websites that experience huge surges in traffic.

    The fact is that Bluehost also offers various marketing tools. And the cost is a bit more affordable, which is attractive to a lot of WordPress users.


    WordPress Engine plans aren’t inexpensive – no one can sugarcoat this fact. But, you’ll receive high-quality managed hosting services as a reward for your investment. The provider provides important WordPress-specific features, strong service, as well as reliable customer support. Whether WP Engine meets your needs is worth considering; it’s worth your time.

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