Wix Review: Is it Good For Your Business in 2022

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    Wix is one of the most well-known website builders available. It could be because of the three different kinds of editors, its hundreds of themes, and a plethora of plugins. For the majority of those seeking a platform to create a website, this could be the best option.

    In the spirit of alternatives, There’s a fantastic business tip Make your product appealing to everyone. You don’t need to be “finding your audience.”

    Some website builders attempt to target a specific market (i.e., Shopify – for the eCommerce market, Zenfolio for the photographer), and Wix is a significant exception. However, If you’re looking for similar design flexibility at an affordable cost, Zyro is a very prominent rival.

    What Is Wix?

    ecommerce wix

    With a wide range of solutions for building websites, Wix lives on the website builder end, which is more comprehensive. You create your website using their platform using their tools. Your website is stored on its servers. Accessing your website is through the Wix administration panel instead of through FTP or your server’s dashboard. It’s different from solutions that require you to independently purchase the software, install it, and then manage every one of your “pieces,” such as hosting software, plugins, and templates for your site.

    As with other popular website builders such as Wix, using the Wix platform is similar to renting and personalizing an apartment within an area with a gate instead of purchasing and owning your own home. You control the decorating, cleaning, and all things living-related; however, you’re leaving the plumbing, construction security, as well as infrastructure to the owner of the property. This is important since there’s often a direct compromise between control and convenience.

    Wix: Pros and Cons


    Intuitive Interface

    While the drag-and-drop feature is not a new concept for builders of websites, Wix succeeds in this area. You are free to change elements and have some limitations. In addition, the platform provides instructions for you to get used to the templates and tools. Finally, Wix allows you to look at your mobile site before launching it instead of relying on your fingers that the mobile version is as professional as the one on the computer.

    A robust app market

    wix apps

    Wix has various built-in tools that can help you begin with; however, you may require more features on your website. Wix is a thriving app market offering widgets and apps for nearly every function you could imagine, like event bookings, live chat, newsletters, blogs, opt-in forms, blog pop-ups, online advertisement forums, and more. The app market has more than 250 integrated features for nearly every aspect you can think of for your web presence.

    Built-in SEO 

    One thing is to design a stunning website, but a completely different matter is to get your website visible to the world. You can add metadata and keywords related to your field, and Wix can assist you in ranking on search engines. Furthermore, Wix lets you edit the URL layout for each page, which can boost your website’s Google rank. If you’re still not yet ready to invest in SEO, Wix could be an excellent starting point and requires only a little effort from you.

    Extraordinary security

    When creating their websites, few people think about how they can safeguard the information of your site and that of your site’s users. With Wix, it’s not even necessary to need to. The security features they manage, such as integrated TLS 1.3 encryption as well as DDoS security, safe online payment processing, and making sure that all elements of the platform comply with the most stringent standards of the industry, mean that you don’t need to worry about a thing to ensure that your website is safe.

    Availability-Based Platform 

    Wix does the work required to ensure the websites they create are always available. With 24/7 monitoring of their platform and extensive facilities, your site will never experience downtime on your site built on Wix. Wix also offers auto-scaling capabilities to allow your website to cope with sudden, massive traffic surges without degrading the user experience. Wix even automates backups for your website’s data in case something does occur to be out of order; you’ll have the ability to restore the data you had previously and go on as normal.

    Numerous Templates

    Wix offers 500plus templates for specific industries to help you create your site. Wix lets you select and sort templates by industry, allowing you to narrow the options available, such as travel and tourism photography, corporate music, ecommerce, and much more. The templates are top-quality and professionally designed. If you’re worried about boilerplate templates, These templates are highly customizable. You can modify content, alter the site name, remove sections, change images, and modify the design to customize it to your liking. Wix is one of the biggest templates of any site builder available.

    Flexibility Plans

    Wix offers a low-cost starting plan to build your website. If you’re looking for more features, you can move to the premium plan at less than $4.50 monthly. Additionally, Wix won’t lock you to an agreement. Most website builders require users to sign up for either a 24- or 36-month agreement to access premium features. With Wix, you can end your subscription at any point. This is especially useful if you’re not certain about the direction you’d like to take with your website.

    All-in-One Solution 

    When you sign up for a Wix membership, you do not have to think about domain hosting, web hosting* SSL certificate, time of downtime security, speed of your website, or any other important aspects of managing a website. Wix will take care of all the details for you, which are included in the monthly fee. It also has an extremely helpful customer support team that can assist users with issues on its site. Support can be reached via chat, email, or direct phone.

    What We Didn’t Like About Wix

    1. Templates are not interchangeable

    It could be just me making a point; however, I find it frustrating that you aren’t able to move content between templates the next. It’s true that it’s a website builder; it’s not Microsoft PowerPoint, but just letting me know how it appears on various backgrounds would be great.

    There’s nothing to worry about here aside from a cautionary note. Choose your template with care! If you alter your mind, later on, you’ll have to manually transfer over the entire content that you’ve put on the initial template!

    2. Free plan forces Wix branding

    This may be the case; what people say about everything in life is not free. However, for those who select Wix in the end and opt to remain with its free service – there’s an issue. Wix hosts free sites. Wix has to bear Wix branding.

    3. Tracking and analytics require a paid plan

    The owners of websites usually want to check how their website is doing, and the most effective way to measure this is to use Google Analytics or a few other similar tools. To make use of them in conjunction in conjunction with Wix, you must upgrade your subscription.

    It’s not an offer and could be extremely annoying when it’s as basic as a Google API connection!

    4. Your site isn’t transferrable

    For me, I believe this is the main disadvantage of making use of Wix and brings back my… displeasure with proprietary technology. Although I’m sure Wix is right in not allowing users to export sites created using its technology, the fact is that it causes an issue for a lot of users.

    For instance, you’re a business proprietor and have outgrown the capabilities Wix supports for one reason or another. This means you’ll need to spend a lot of amount of money to rebuild and move your website off Wix!

    5. Premium plans are single-site only

    If you believed that paying a monthly premium plan cost would grant you unlimited access to Wix for all of your websites, you’re wrong. Premium features can’t be transferred, which means you purchase it for one site, and it remains there!

    Imagine how grueling it would be when all you wanted to do was connect to Google Analytics. Another thing to think over.

    Wix pricing: How much do Wix cost?

    It is true; Wix is free; let me give you an explanation.

    The Wix platform offers a no-cost plan that offers 500MB of storage. It’s ideal for creating and testing your website when you have a blog or a small business. All you need to do is sign-up for the free Wix plans, register an account by using your email address and begin.

    But, there will be a point where you’ll need more.

    In this instance, you’ll need to pay some additional cash; however, it’s not free.

    The good news is that Wix provides a variety of subscription plans designed to meet your particular requirements. This is the full list to select from:

    Combo Cost: $14 per month if paid monthly. Upgrade the plan to the Combo will take out Wix ads from portfolios, personal websites, business services, and more.

    Unlimited -$18 per month when paid annually. This plan dramatically increases the storage capacity, making it the best option for growing sites with many pages.

    Pro – $33 per month if you pay each year. Upgrading to this plan will let you enhance your branding and marketing.

    VIP -$39 per month if you pay annually. This plan gives you priority support as well as an unlimited storage allowance.

    In addition to these plans, Wix also offers Business, Ecommerce, and Enterprise plans to start at $23 per year if you choose to sign up for an annual subscription.

    How can I accept payments on Wix?

    You’ll need a reliable and reliable payment processor that can accept credit card payments and other types of payments from clients in all countries where you do business. To accept payments, you can make use of Wix Payments, the site’s official payment gateway, or third-party processors for payments.

    Wix Payments: Wix Payments is Wix’s internal payment gateway. Most merchants worldwide will not be able to utilize Wix Payments, which is available only in the US, Canada, and 12 mostly European countries.

    Third-Party Payment Processors (TPPP): Third-party payment processors such as Rapyd let you increase sales by accepting credit cards as well as other payment methods that are popular in the local market.

    Is Wix right for your business?

    Wix was designed with user-friendliness at the forefront, and it’s an excellent choice for those with little knowledge of design and technology. Wix is particularly popular with small-sized companies, bloggers, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

    Wix offers a broad range of templates for specific industries such as events, food service, fashion, fitness, and other professional offerings. You can also utilize Wix to create an individual online profile, for example, for showers, weddings, or websites for family holidays.

    Best free Wix ecommerce website templates

    The Seed Shop

    wix for free

    The sleek and clean design emphasizes your products without clutter. This beautiful eCommerce template comes with a responsive design for your website, which means it appears excellent on Mac, Windows, iPad, Tablets, iPhones, Android, and Windows phones.

    The Paperie

    wix vs squarespace

    The Paperie is a simple-to-use, extremely customizable, and fully responsive template created by Wix. It was specifically designed for online shops that sell paper-based products; however, it is also suitable to run other kinds of stores also, due to its uncluttered, minimalist appearance and layout.

    Lil Collection eCom

    Lil Collection eCom

    This template features a beautiful layout for fashion stores such as high-end fashion retail stores, shops for hats stores for clothing, shoes as well as accessories shops. The template was created to be a visually appealing layout for all computers, tablets as well as mobile phones.

    The Apothecary

    The Apothecary

    This theme is intended to be used for drugs, medicine, and apothecary products; however, it could also be used for different kinds of companies. It is a retro style with minimal touches.

    Accessories Shop

    Accessories Shop

    This stylish fashion-related template is able to be configured with various layout options. Configuring takes only a few minutes in the back end! It is a basic color scheme of the black and white scheme that is sleek and minimalist style.

    Alternatives of Wix

    In terms of direct competition, Wix faces direct competition from all-inclusive web builders, including:

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