Why a VoIP is a MUST if You Run an International Business

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    Having access to the right technology is the best way to keep in touch throughout your business. When you have branches or locations that are spread out, it can be hard to stay connected. The same challenges are present when you have international employees or even branches of your business on an international level. 

    How do you combat the communication challenges and stay in touch? The answer is simple. A VoIP, or voice over internet protocol, system is absolutely essential. In this guide, we share why VoIP is so important for international businesses. Check out the benefits below to make a decision for your business

    What Exactly is VoIP? 

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, and it is a phone system that operates using your internet connection rather than a landline. As long as the users have the internet, they can use the system to make phone calls or communicate with other employees throughout the business. 

    This allows international businesses to still connect with clients and other members of the team without having to worry about making expensive international calls or figuring out international services. There are a lot of great VoIP providers out there, and most of them have unique plans and offerings. Before you settle on a provider, check out their packages and choose what fits your business needs the most. 

    Top Benefits of VoIP for International Businesses

    Let’s get to the heart of the matter. So VoIP is great, but why are they so essential for international businesses? Take a look at these top benefits to better understand. 

    Usable from Anywhere

    One of the best things about these types of systems is that they can be used anywhere where an internet connection is available. You don’t have to be tied to your desk or even use the system only at a certain desk. Instead, you can use the software from any internet-capable device. For some, this may be a phone, a desktop, a laptop, a tablet, or even a mobile phone. Some companies even have an app that you work through. 

    The convenience of being able to use VoIP from anywhere and make it work just like a phone is pretty awesome in our book. 

    Budget-Friendly Calling

    When you compare international phone plans and options to the cost of a VoIP system, you will find that the cost per call is far lower using this technology. International plans require either specialized access or a specific phone, and these can get very expensive. Zoom and Skype can be helpful in some cases, but they also have their limitations. 

    When it comes to needing to be able to place phone calls as needed and without constraints, the cost is far more affordable through VoIP services. You likely already have the internet, so you just need access to the software of your choice, which will likely require a minimal subscription, depending on your needs. 

    Call it Versatility

    In addition to being able to move about and use your services where you want, you have a lot of added versatility. Sure, your primary intention is to be able to make phone calls and communicate. This might be with clients or business partners, but it’s so very essential. On top of that, you can benefit from some of the added features that are often just part of the package. 

    This could include something like call waiting, which puts customers in a holding queue to wait for the next representative. You can also have voicemails transcripted and sent to your email, which is also a huge help. 

    Different companies will have varying features, so be sure to check out what they do have that sets them apart. 

    Conferencing Made Simple

    Finally, staying connected even on an international level is important too. You need to be able to host meetings and have conference calls through a system you control. With VoIP, you can host multiple callers to a conference without having to add in extra costs for extra lines to make it work. And most VoIP services even have video conferencing capability, which is an added bonus for sure!

    Final Thoughts

    If your international business isn’t taking advantage of VoIP yet, it’s time to get on board. These services are so much more compatible and convenient than landlines and expensive international plans. Keep your business connected while providing the latest technology and options that are so important to the business structure. 

    With lower costs, plenty of compatibility, and options to suit just about any business need, you really can’t go wrong. 

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