What is WhatsApp Business? Benefits of Using WhatsApp For Business

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    While WhatsApp increases its influence in online messaging, businesses are discovering that they, too, could benefit from it as their customers are already using WhatsApp running on their smartphones. However, the standard WhatsApp does not work for companies, so Facebook has launched a WhatsApp business version to fill in the issue. So how do you utilize it, and what benefits do small companies get from it?

    What is WhatsApp Business?

    WhatsApp Business offers a collection of WhatsApp products that provide enterprises of all sizes with a platform to interact with customers via WhatsApp.

    It was first introduced in 2018 after WhatsApp discovered that businesses were using the app to conduct business. Meta was earlier called Facebook and considered this an opportunity to make money from the app for free. Therefore, it developed an array of WhatsApp business solutions.

    This will separate business, and personal conversations, helping businesses establish a formal presence and offering businesses specific tools to facilitate customer interactions.

    WhatsApp business features

    1. Facebook Shops Integration

    Facebook Shops is an application that lets you design custom shopping experiences for businesses and seamlessly integrate them into Facebook. Facebook family of applications. You can showcase the items and services you offer through your shop and interact with potential customers. It’s a valuable instrument for any business that is growing.

    2. Catalogs and Collections

    whatsapp business
    how to use whatsapp for business

    Another feature that can help your business catalogs. They appear like this:

    Catalogs enable your company to display your items so that people can easily look through and browse through products they’re interested in and want to purchase. Catalogs don’t have to share every item, price, or description in a single batch as you had to do previously. It’s now placed on your WhatsApp page, and you don’t need to redirect customers to your website or another.

    For each item on your catalog, you’ll be able to add additional information, such as price, description, and the code for the item.

    It’s much more convenient for your customers than needing to contact you for each item on their own or switching to WhatsApp on your website.

    On October 20, 2021, WhatsApp introduced the Collections feature to help make buying more convenient. They’ll function as folders for arranging items within a business account. As a result, users can navigate into the section they’re searching for without having to scroll through the entire list of products.

    3. Automatic Greeting Message

    WhatsApp for business lets you send an invitation message that users will receive upon starting an online conversation with your company after 14 days of inactivity for 14 days. When you send an immediate message, you can welcome and introduce your company to a potential new client without delays or waiting times.

    4. Quick Replies

    whatsapp business
    whatsapp business messaging

    They are often used to respond to common inquiries. Quick responses allow you to conserve and reuse the messages you frequently send so that you can easily respond to common questions in minutes. Simply press “/” on your keyboard to choose a quick reply and send it.

    5. Business Profile

    whatsapp business
    using whatsapp for business

    Create a profile of your business that includes important information for your clients, such as your address, your business’s description as well as email address, and the URL of your site. Business accounts allow brands to increase the loyalty of users. A profile for a business gives the business an identifiable “face” and identity. To get the “Verified” badge next to the name of your business, WhatsApp has to confirm that it is an authentic business account.

    Benefits of WhatsApp business

    1. Connect with people at any time, from anywhere.

    WhatsApp, specifically for businesses, is a real-time communications channel. While many people avoid reading emails, they tend to go through messages instantly, and even while on the move, 80 % of WhatsApp messages get read within less than five minutes. This means you have more time to send out marketing messages. WhatsApp messages get an amazing 98 % open rate and a 45-60% click rate.

    2. Private and personalized

    Direct messaging is ideal for customized offers and personalized customer service. You can share your details for your account, update orders and offer help in one-on-one, secure chat.

    It is possible to ask questions and give precise product recommendations in contrast to the widgets on your website for upselling. In addition, it is possible to use the WhatsApp Business API also connects to your CRM, allowing users to utilize customer data to personalize your messaging.

    3. Automated response to customer questions

    whatsapp business
    whatsapp business pricing

    WhatsApp provides automated and canned responses that improve your customer support process and decrease your workload. In addition, it allows you to set up messages for later and quick responses to FAQs.

    Going one step further to automate the onboarding process to present your product to new customers or collect feedback.

    4. Reach an international audience

    Any app that relies on numbers may be difficult, but WhatsApp allows users to communicate with users, whatever their code or country. The prices aren’t the same for every destination country. However, you can send messages to people worldwide from an account.

    What can you do with the WhatsApp Business Platform?

    For a long time, WhatsApp newsfeeds were very well-liked. However, in December 2019, WhatsApp stopped the service due to the large volume of spam and unwanted messages. Nevertheless, because of the high interest (it’s the most used way to communicate between companies and their customers in the end! ), WhatsApp brought the newsletter back in 2021. Furthermore, you can use the API to provide customer service or notifications and boost your sales on e-commerce.


    WhatsApp Newsletters let you open the doors to conversational commerce and have a high click-through rate. Through the WhatsApp newsletter, you can send your customers offers, promotions, and important information or information. Through the WhatsApp Business Platform, you can use WhatsApp Business Platform you can utilize designs for newsletters or design your own (approval is required!) To comply with security and data protection, newsletters are now required to have users’ active consent.

    Be aware that the latest WhatsApp newsletter isn’t cost-free anymore. If an individual contacts (user-initiated) your company, the price is lower than when you start the initial conversation (business-initiated). The exact cost will vary based on the country. In February 2022, WhatsApp declared that its first 1000 conversations would be free.

    Customer Care

    Customer Care is an additional way to communicate with your customers via the API. In this instance, the customer will contact the business first. It could be within the department of consulting (“I have a question regarding the product XY”) or following the purchase (“How do I utilize the product? how do return the item ?”).

    If a user contacts the company through WhatsApp, the business is given the time of 24 hours in which to reply in the event that it does not. WhatsApp considers it to be two conversations (and will charge more).


    E-Commerce is a different method to successfully utilize this WhatsApp Business Platform for your business. Particularly in conjunction with a catalog of products, WhatsApp can be the way to the world of conversational commerce, such as when a buyer discovers a particular item in the shop and then calls an organization to ask questions regarding the product.

    Many companies also use WhatsApp to create a customized online shopping experience for their clients, which can increase their online sales.

    How to use WhatsApp business

    Although only 4 % of American WhatsApp users downloaded the application to follow brands and businesses, there’s a significant value in making use of WhatsApp to promote your business.

    WhatsApp Business was built specifically with the small company owner in mind. It offers special solutions to aid you in connecting with your clients.

    For the first time to begin, you’ll need a WhatsApp Business account. If you’re not yet registered, then follow these step-by-step directions.

    How to create a WhatsApp Business account

    1. Download the WhatsApp Business app for Android or iPhone

    You can download the app through Google Play, the Apple Store, and Google Play or on WhatsApp’s site.

    2. Tap agree to terms and conditions.

    whatsapp business

    3. Enter your business’s phone number  

    whatsapp business

    4. Fill in your details

    whatsapp business

    Once you have entered your telephone number, you’ll be directed to this webpage. Enter the basic information, such as your company’s name, include an image for your profile, and choose an appropriate category to describe the business you run.

    5. Learn more about WhatsApp business tools.

    As the second step, you will find out how to set up an inventory catalog to sell your products or automate messaging.

    You could bypass the tutorial and directly go to the settings.

    whatsapp business

    Before you can move to advanced features such as automated messaging, ensure that you add additional information about your company. You can manage your address, hours, and websites under the Business Profile category within the settings.

    6. Now, you can begin to connect with your clients

    That’s it! Once you’ve learned how to set up a WhatsApp account for your company, You can begin using the app to connect with your clients.

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