YouTube TV Review 2022: Best Service in The Market ?

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    Moving from traditional cable to a variety of streaming services might seem appealing. Still, for those familiar with the traditional method of watching television, there are many changes to make — both planned and unexpected. In addition, the cord-cutters who rely upon YouTube TV to watch entertainment may feel they are missing out on the refined interface of their conventional cable box. This YouTube TV guide is for you if you’re in the same category.

    So which channels can you enjoy, what devices can you use with YouTube TV, and how does it compare to rival alternatives to cable? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to YouTube TV, how its prices and programming compare and what makes it unique.

    What is YouTube TV?

    youtube tv
    youtube tv free trial

    Google created the service in the year 2017. YouTube TV is a subscription service that offers more than eighty live TV channels. This includes the usual channels you’d expect from a TV provider, including ABC, CBS, and PBS, as well as a variety of specific channels such as ESPN, HGTV, and TNT.

    The exact channel lineup will vary based on the location you’re in. However, you can view an overview of the channels you’ll be receiving by entering your ZIP number on the YouTube TV welcome page.

    The YouTube TV ad promotes how many channels it offers.

    You could also add a range of “premium” channels to your account by paying for additional monthly charges. These include HBO, STARZ, and Showtime. It’s also available as a “Sports Plus Add-on” that provides more than twelve sports channels.

    Channels on YouTube TV

    1. ABC
    2. ABC News Live
    3. ACC Network
    4. Adult Swim
    5. AMC
    6. Animal Planet
    7. BBC America
    8. BBC World News
    9. BET
    10. BET Her
    11. Big Ten Network
    12. Bravo
    13. Cartoon Network
    14. CBS
    15. CBS Sports Network
    16. Cheddar
    17. CMT
    18. CNBC
    19. CNN
    20. Comedy Central
    21. Comedy. TV
    22. Comet TV
    23. Court TV
    24. Cozi TV
    25. Dab
    26. Discovery Channel
    27. Disney Channel
    28. Disney Junior
    29. Disney XD
    30. Docurama
    31. Dove Channel
    32. E!
    33. ESPN
    34. ESPN2
    35. ESPNews
    36. ESPN
    37. Food Network
    38. FOX
    39. FOX Business Network
    40. FOX News Channel
    41. FOX Sports 1
    42. FOX Sports 2
    43. FOX Weather
    44. Freeform
    45. FX
    46. FXM
    47. FXX
    48. G4
    49. Galavision
    50. Game Show Network
    51. Getty
    52. Golf Channel
    53. Hallmark Channel
    54. Hallmark Drama
    55. Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
    56. HGTV
    57. HLN
    58. IFC
    59. Impact Wrestling
    60. Investigation Discovery
    61. JusticeCentral.TV
    62. LAC
    63. MLB Network
    64. MotorTrend
    65. MSNBC
    66. MTV
    67. MTV Classic
    68. MTV2
    69. MyNetworkTV
    70. Nat Geo Wild
    71. National Geographic
    72. NBA TV
    73. NBC
    74. NBC News Now
    75. NBC Universo
    76. NBCLX
    77. NBCSN
    78. NECN
    79. NewsNation
    80. NFL Network
    81. Nick Jr.
    82. Nickelodeon
    83. Nicktoons
    84. Olympic Channel
    85. OWN – Oprah Winfrey Network
    86. Oxygen
    87. Paramount Network
    88. PBS
    89. PBS Kids
    90. POP
    91. QVC
    92. Recipe.TV
    93. SEC Network
    94. Smithsonian Channel
    95. SNY
    96. Start TV
    97. SundanceTV
    98. Syfy
    99. Tastemade
    100. TBS
    101. TCM
    102. TeenNick
    103. Telemundo
    104. The CW
    105. The Weather Channel
    106. TLC
    107. TNT
    108. Travel Channel
    109. TruTV
    110. TV Land
    111. TYT Network
    112. UniMas
    113. Universal Kids
    114. Univision
    115. USA Network
    116. VH1
    117. WE tv
    118. YouTube Originals
    youtube tv
    watch youtube tv

    You Can Add Sports Channel for an additional cost of 10.99$

    • Fight Network
    • FOX Sports
    • FOX Soccer Plus
    • GOL TV
    • Impact Wrestling
    • MTV
    • NFL Redzone
    • Stadium
    • TVG

    Cost of Youtube TV services

    How much does YouTube TV cost?

    YouTube TV makes things easy with one plan and one cost

    YouTube TV costs $64.99 per month. If you’re a lover of lifestyle, sports, and broadcast channels, the 85 + channels at that cost is an incredible deal for the entire family, especially when you’re paying the price. It’s got

    • Top entertainment, including news, live sports, and much more
    • Unlimited DVR space
    • Six accounts can be shared with your family
    • With options to access more Spanish content for $14.99/mo

    Cost of 4K plans

    The most recent addition for 2021 is the introduction of a YouTube TV 4K Plus plan. That gets your videos from several channels, which include seven at the time of launch — in 4K resolution. There’s also live streaming with 4K quality. You can click on the Live tab to search for channels that stream 4K programming.

    There are some caveats to this, however. There are some exceptions. Not every show on these channels will be in 4K. The shows that you can watch in 4K will depend on the device you’re using.

    It’s also expensive; the 4K Plus plan costs $9.99 per month for the initial 12 months and $19.99 monthly after that. You have a 30-day trial to try the service before you shell down the cash.

    The seven channels available in 4K are:

    1. Discovery
    2. ESPN
    3. Fox Sports
    4. FX
    5. Nat Geo
    6. NBC Sports
    7. Tastemade

    How do I sign up for YouTube TV?

    1. Sign in to your Google account.

    YouTube is a Google service, which implies that YouTube TV is also part of the umbrella of the search engine. If you do not have a Google account, select the “Create Account”  button  on your screen, and follow the directions.

    2. Select your location.

    Currently, YouTube TV is available across the majority of metro regions in the United States. However, if you are located in another, Forbes came up with an alternative that relies on internet-based VPNs on laptops and computers and the location-based jiggery-pokery feature on smartphones.

    3. Take a look at the channels.

    As of now, there’s just 1 YouTube TV channel package and a free trial which means you’ll need to click Next to move the screen.

    4. Add extra networks (optional)

    You can choose to add a few optional networks, which can cost as much as $13 per month. Of course, you can also choose to ignore them. Or, whatever you prefer.

    5. Confirm the purchase.

    Choose your payment option (credit card, Google Play credit, PayPal, etc. ), Then click Buy. You now own YouTube TV for the next 30 days.

    If you decide YouTube TV isn’t for you, you may also decide to cancel the service at any time in thirty days to not be charged when your next billing cycle starts. To cancel your subscription, go to YouTube TV’s YouTube TV site, access your account settings, then choose “Cancel membership.” You’ll continue to be able to access YouTube TV until the 30-day trial period ends. You can renew it later should you decide to cancel. This is the benefit of no-contract replacement for cable services.

    How to cancel YouTube TV

    Here’s a step-by-step guide for the cancellation of this YouTube TV subscription. It is important to note that your subscription will remain active until the conclusion of the billing period following you have canceled. If you cancel a trial that is a trial period, you’ll be denied access to the service immediately.

    How do you unblock YouTube TV on a computer

    • Open YouTube TV at “”
    • Click on your profile picture in the upper right corner.
    • Go to “Settings” from the drop-down menu, and select “Membership.”
    • Click “Manage”
    • Select “Cancel”

    How do I unblock YouTube TV on an Android device

    • Open the YouTube TV app
    • Tap your profile picture on the top right-hand corner.
    • Choose “Settings” and then select “Membership.”
    • Click “Manage” and then “Cancel membership.”
    • Click “Cancel” to confirm cancelation.
    • YouTube offers you the option of putting off your YouTube subscription. You will discover this in the section “manage” membership.

    How Does YouTube TV Recording Work?

    All upcoming airings and reruns are automatically added to the DVR collection when you record a show through YouTube TV. It isn’t possible to record an entire episode on its own, but because YouTube TV gives you unlimited storage, this shouldn’t pose an issue.

    There’s no need to worry about consuming the memory on your tablet, phone, or other streaming devices. It’s because YouTube TV stores all your recordings online for ninety days. All you require to have is internet access, and you’ll be able to record and stream your most-loved shows on YouTube.

    How to Record on YouTube TV

    To record a show using YouTube TV, open the app and click on the magnifying glass at the top-right corner of the screen. You can then type in your show’s name or program you’d like to record. After that, you can click on the plus icon in the middle of the show’s name.

    Launch the YouTube TV application. You can record TV shows using YouTube TV using any web browser by visiting You can also download the app for your phone from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. It is also possible to install the app on your streaming device or smart TV.

    Sign in if you are using an internet browser, select click the Sign in button at the top-right right-hand corner. If you’re in the app, click the “Sign In button on the lower right of your screen. Select to sign in with google login and log in using an account username, password, and username, if you’re not signed in. If, however, you are using streaming devices, then you must navigate to and enter the code displayed on your screen. You will then need to log in using your Google account. Google account.

    Click on your magnifying glass symbol. This will appear at the top-right on your screen at home.

    Next, type the name of the program you want to record.  

    Then choose the show you wish to record.

    Next, click on the plus (+) icon right next to the name of the program. This is the button that reads “Add to your library.” When you click the option, YouTube TV will immediately add all of the current and future broadcasts to your library. In addition, the show will be added to your library on all of your devices.

    Roku YouTube TV

    Roku and YouTube TV viewers were on the edge of their seats in early the month of December 2021. They were eager to see if it ended the Roku/YouTube TV period. However, the end wasn’t far off. The owner and Roku and Google YouTube reached an agreement, not just on the original YouTube app but also to reinstate YouTube TV on Roku.

    Roku users who are already subscribers to YouTube TV welcomed the news enthusiastically. It’s also a great thing for people who had plans to purchase a Roku platform but were hesitant when they learned they would not have the ability to get their daily dose on YouTube and YouTube TV.

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