What Is WooCommerce? Reason to Use WooCommerce For Your Online Store

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    WooCommerce is by far the most viewed ecommerce solution available for WordPress in terms of a significant percentage. It boasts more than 4 million active installations, an impressive 4.6 rating by users on, and a horde of satisfied, loyal owners of digital stores.

    It’s among the most robust open-source platforms that are available at present. In essence, it’s an eCommerce plugin for WordPress websites. As opposed to hosted platforms WooCommerce’s source code is completely free to download, install and modify.

    What Is WooCommerce?

    woocommerce wordpress

    The WooCommerce plugin lets you create an online store with WordPress. It is a part of the WordPress operating system and turns it into a fully functional online store.

    WooCommerce allows you to make it simple and affordable to market any service or product on your site. It lets you sell physical and digital products, secure payment methods, manage inventory, and even sort your taxes in one place.

    The most important thing is that WooCommerce is compatible with WordPress because Automattic, a subsidiary of the same company, is the owner of

    WooCommerce most popular features

    Shopping Cart Features

    woocommerce plug in

    You can customize your visitor’s checkout process from beginning to finish with methods that allow you to convert users into customers. From Payment Gateway to Checkout URLs, Create your website in your way.

    Payment Gateways With WooCommerce, it is possible to accept payment by cash, bank transfer, or PayPal for major credit card payments and other payment methods. Prefer Stripe? You can set up Stripe as an online payment processor through the wizard for setting up.

    Auto- Geolocation and Automatic Taxes: WooCommerce offers you the possibility to activate geolocation and automatic tax collection so that your shop will show the correct price, including taxes, for your customers, regardless of where they’re situated.

    Customizable checkout process: You can control your checkout procedure from beginning to end. You can select to sell only to certain nations or across the globe, define the URLs of your checkout flow, enable or disable guest checkout, and even force secure checkout.

    Currency – A broad range of available currencies allows you to select the currency you want to store.

    Redirect cart You can enable the option of redirecting your customers to the cart after a product has been added to their cart.

    Products Features

    Unlimited Products Start by creating the first item and then adding more. WooCommerce allows you to create as many products as you’d like. However, you’ll be limited by the hosting service you use.

    Types: You can change your product’s type to simple, grouped Product, External/Affiliate Products, Variable Products, and Virtual/Downloadable Products.

    Variations on the product If your items come with options, customers can choose these options when placing an order and save you both time. Prices, sizes, colors, stock levels, images, and much more can be configured for each option.

    Inventory Control managing your inventory! Stock levels, backorders, hidden inventory and email notifications when an item’s stock is low or has sold out, and much more can all aid in reducing and simplifying the management of your products.

    Shipping-related attributes

    shipping options Let shipping be less of a problem by incorporating options to provide flat rates, International Shipping, Local delivery, or local pickup. Set your rates to automatic and offer your client the lowest price depending on their address or even free shipping.

    Shipping Calculation Display, Display, and Destination The shipping price until the address is entered; provide a Shipping Calculator within your shopping cart and let your clientship to their billing address only or a different Shipping Address.

    Pros and cons to woocommerce

    Pros of Using WooCommerce

    In comparison to other online stores models, WooCommerce stands out in the fact that it provides the following:

    1. Great Flexibility

    One reason WooCommerce is so well-known is that businesses can sell various kinds of goods regardless of their industry. It’s possible to sell:

    • Things like couches or hair products
    • Novels and comics
    • External products such as Amazon affiliates
    • Invitations to webinars or training sessions

    It also has a high capacity, allowing companies of all sizes to set up successful shops. So worrying about your company growing beyond the plugin’s capabilities is unnecessary.

    2. Limitless Customization Options

    WooCommerce allows you to create an online store tailored to the kind of product you provide. In addition, it comes with an almost limitless number of free Plugins available on the WordPress Plugin Directory.

    The sheer number of themes is equally impressive. If you can’t discover a theme that appeals to you, you could pick one that is very in the middle and customize every single part of it, from the header down to the smallest of details.

    A major benefit is that there is no need to be an expert in technology because WooCommerce allows users to tweak the website without any knowledge of CSS or HTML. It is also possible to employ a company like ours to handle the additional services.

    3. Maximum Security

    woocommerce booking

    As an online marketplace that is a digital platform, you’ll require secure payment gateways to ensure your customer’s credentials aren’t stolen. WooCommerce offers safe payment lines such as PayPal along with Stripe.

    The Platform is so well-known hackers attack it almost regularly. So the developers keep it updated to protect against cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, the plugin does not include backups to assist if the attack succeeds.

    You can also add backups that store data in an encrypted format to ensure the confidentiality of your customers.

    WooCommerce lets you include a security plugin that scans your website regularly for malware, an additional security measure to deter cybercriminals.

    4. A Very Interactive Community

    There are around 4.5 million WooCommerce sites in operation. The vast number of users is spread on several forums where members provide articles and help about configurations that have proven successful for them.

    The huge user base assures that WooCommerce will not be discontinued in the near future. It will therefore be relevant until people continue to use it.

    Cons of WooCommerce

    While WooCommerce appears perfect, it has some flaws that customers might find difficult to ignore.

    1. Its WordPress Specific

    wordpress woocommerce

    WooCommerce is still a plugin, which means you can’t use it on websites that WordPress does not host. This makes it difficult for established companies who want to utilize WooCommerce as they’ll have to redesign their site.

    2. It has Many Expenses

    While it’s free to download and set up WooCommerce by itself, some extensions will require payment to ensure your website can function the best way possible. This is the biggest drawback as it can make it appear that there are hidden costs for entrepreneurs.

    For instance, if you’re in the market for a secure payment alternative to Paypal, it will be necessary to pay the costs. Most extensions require subscriptions, so you’ll have to deal with this each year. Depending on how extensive your store needs to be, they could cost you any time between $39-$249$.

    WooCommerce vs Shopify: What’s the Difference?

    WooCommerce vs Shopify
    reviews for woocommerce

    If you look on Google for reviews on WooCommerce or Shopify, You’ll see numerous opinions from various business owners. Although these reviews may be useful, the reality is that choosing WooCommerce or Shopify is a matter of some fundamental distinctions.

    For instance, the primary differentiator between WooCommerce and Shopify is that Shopify provides an entire eCommerce solution designed to provide all the tools you require to begin your journey online.

    Shopify removes the hassles and technical aspects of managing an internet-based business and substitutes them with user-friendly tools. As a result, your site with Shopify shop can be up and operating in just a few minutes. But this means that you won’t be able to have as precise control over the site.

    However, if you’re in search of more options for customization, WooCommerce is an eCommerce self-hosted application. It allows you to access the code and various areas within your online store.

    WooCommerce allows you to incorporate everything you want into your store, which is essential for your team. Additionally, you can manage your business with the help of a WordPress blog.

    But, when you compare Shopify against WooCommerce, be aware that the flexibility you enjoy from WooCommerce is a cost. That is why you should know how to manage your website’s technical aspects and keep it secure.

    If you’re just starting as an inexperienced user, and don’t need to look at details like web hosting or hosting service provider information, then Shopify is an excellent option. On the other hand, if you’re looking for greater freedom in the design of your site and already have a love affair with WordPress, choose WooCommerce.

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