What Is Is it Profitable for Ecommerce Sellers In 2022

    To keep yourself updated with latest Amazon and eCommerce related news, subscribe to our newsletter today - Click Here is among the largest online marketplaces on the planet. So, it’s obvious that it’s of interest to entrepreneurs who want to expand their business to the most global reach. As per Similarweb, in June 2020, attracted more than 70 million unique users across the globe in a single month.

    Wish has grown in popularity because it is a place where, aside from the comparatively small list of prohibited items, it is possible to buy or sell any item. However, if you’re new to the site, it may be difficult to figure out what to do first and how to get market share with many rivals already operating.

    We’ll guide you through the process of setting up your store, creating your items, and begin selling your products through

    What is

    Wish is a highly-growth mobile-first marketplace that allows customers to browse and purchase items from third-party sellers. It was established in San Francisco in 2010 by Peter Szulczewski and Danny Zhang. It has since been gaining popularity worldwide due to the following advantages and features.

    1. The shopping experience

    Shoppers can download their Wish app or go to the website to view an interactive feed of shopping customized to the buyer’s preferences and browsing habits. The customized feed makes the market appealing and addicting for buyers while also making it simple for sellers to put their goods in front of new and relevant buyers.

    2. Mobile commerce
    Mobile commerce

    A large part of the success of Wish is due to its mobile-first capabilities. Mobile commerce is growing at an average of three times more quickly than traditional eCommerce. Thanks to Wish’s Wish app being ranked the top spot and number two for Google Play and Apple App Store, respectively, it’s an essential shopping option for many people.

    Wish’s creators drew inspiration from the interaction created by Instagram’s infinite feed and Facebook’s mobile games to create a highly addictive app that can be used on the go, at home on the sofa, or even on the bed.

    3. Customers

    Wish boasts over 300 million users in more than 120 countries. It’s particularly popular with younger generations and Gen Z and has millennials and Gen Z representing 60% of its users. The user-friendly shopping experience makes the site modern, relevant, and interesting for everyone of any age.

    4. Active Users

    Customers are also extremely engaged with the app. Over 10 million customers make more than two million purchases daily, with the average customer spending about 20 minutes on the app daily.

    5. Products

    Wish’s personalized customer page makes it simple for users to navigate, search and purchase various items without feeling overwhelmed. Wish is mostly focused on niche products and bargain items, span categories like fashion, beauty electronics, gadgets, and much more. From the cheap and odd to the practical and costly, Wish has it all.

    6. Sellers

    Wish has 200,000 sellers, meaning there’s plenty of merchandise to draw in customers but not so many sellers to ensure that your product can beat.

    7. Promotions

    Wish is extremely active in promoting the app and the third-party sellers it works with. Wish frequently runs promotions through the marketplace and external marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook along with the NBA to generate users to the app and convert them.

    8. Marketing strategies

    You may recognize Wish by its most innovative marketing strategies, including the use of gamification. It can recommend items that are a bit spooky for customers to make them want to share the app on social media, click and find out more. When consumers click through the app, they’re hooked by the feed and scroll for about 20 minutes each day.

    9. Psychological strategies
    Psychological strategies

    Wish makes use of a variety of psychological techniques to increase engagement, clicks, and sales. For instance, the shopping feed doesn’t display product titles, and this piques a consumer’s natural curiosity. It also entices shoppers to click the ads and discover more.

    Gamification features like the Blitz Buy Wheel appeal to shoppers’ determination to win and encourage the conversion rate when you “win.” Discounts that are hidden create excitement and entice customers to buy more items in their cart to avail of bargains, which they’re more likely to use. Making purchases on Wish isn’t a chore; it’s an enjoyable experience.

    10. Reviews

    And lastly, Wish receives 500,000 reviews per day, which is significantly greater than that of amazon or eBay. Reviews help buyers build confidence and reduce fears about shopping on the internet, which makes them more likely to purchase from Wish and then return.

    Where are you selling? has been gaining popularity across the globe. However, according to Forbes estimates, more than one-quarter of goods are made available in the United States. Therefore, to stand the best chance of succeeding at the very least, you must be selling in the United States.


    When you’re setting up your store, you have the option of deciding where you’d like to deliver your goods. It is possible to deliver to 138 countries and 17 different regions worldwide. Check out the full list (and official abbreviations) in which countries shipping is offered on this page.

    Wish Local

    If you can manufacture your items at your location (rather than shipping them from the warehouse), selling your products on Wish Local is possible. In addition, it gives buyers the chance to purchase the products in the store.

    How do you list your product on in just five steps

    Follow these steps to ensure easy sailing.

    1. Create an account

    Use the link to enter your store’s brand name (which needs to stand out) and your email address, and then create your password.

    2. Verification

    Input your contact details and confirm your phone number using an SMS code. Then, confirm the email address you have entered. That’s it! Your account has been set up, and you’re now ready to move to the next step.

    3. Wait for your store to be approved 

    It could take as long as three business days for the Wish team to review your store. You’ll receive an email to let you know when the store has been accepted.

    4. Configure your shipping settings while you’re waiting for approval.

    You may select to only ship within the US or choose to ship to other countries.

    After that, for each country, choose which option you’ll choose to make use of the shipping cost for the product or the cost of shipping to the country.

    5. Add items

    You can add items by hand using the Wish wizard or the bulk using the data feed.


    You can add items one by one. Wish has a shop wizard, which makes the process easy. It’s a great alternative if you don’t have a feed for your products or have too many items.

    With a product feed

    There is a document that lists all your items and all details and data about them. This can be used to upload your items to Wish, but it should be in CSV format. We’ll discuss how to accomplish this in the following section.

    How Much Does It Cost To sell on :

    Wish is among the e-commerce marketplaces with seller-friendly features that charge sellers the option to pay only when they sell:

    • Zero registration fees.
    • No annual or monthly cost for subscriptions
    • Zero product listing fee
    • Adding order and shipping costs will determine the sales commission (up to 15 %).

    To better understand the concept of sales commission, we will look at an example described by the Wish Merchant Center:

    You’ve declared that the price of selling one item will be $8.00, and shipping is $2.00. Take into consideration that Wishes has an income part of 85/15. Therefore, in this scenario, Wish will pay you $8.50 for the total sale of this item, which represents 85 percent of the price, i.e., 10 dollars.

    How do I become a Trusted Store on

    Congratulations! You’ve made it possible to create your Store on Wish. The next step is to increase your chances of succeeding by becoming an established retailer.

    The Wish Trusted Store program grants sellers with high-quality products and a good delivery record access to other tools and benefits that can help you expand your business through Wish. Benefits include eligibility in Wish’s Verified through the Wish program, stronger impressions, better ranking in search results, and the capability to take care of customer service issues directly.

    To be the Wish Trusted Store, you must meet the following requirements:

    • A valid tracking rate of 95% or greater
    • Lately confirmed completion rate of 10 % or less
    • Average 30-day rating in the range of 4.00 or more
    • Average 63-93 day refund rate of 10 % or less
    • The counterfeit price is 0.5 % or less

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