What is a White labeling? 8 White Label Products That You Can Sell

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    White label is the name of a pre-made licensed software product developed by one firm and then modified by another so that it appears to be its own. The process is clear but what exactly does the word label mean in the world of business today?

    In the highly saturated advertising market and a highly competitive environment, it can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the rest. Introducing your product will take enormous effort and time, even when you’ve gotten beyond the planning phase. It’ll take longer to create your brand’s recognition and build an established customer base which is why marketers created White Label platforms.

    white label solutions

    What is a White label?

    White labeling is used in retail, e-commerce banking, and many other fields. So let’s delve deeper into the meaning behind the white label and discover what it does.

    White labeling is the following: a third party produces goods or services and then is able to sell them to businesses without branding. They, then modify the products with their logos and then sell them to customers. Therefore, a white-label provider can concentrate on developing and improving its offerings without worrying about branding and marketing. Likewise, a reseller can focus on expanding its services without spending time and effort in production. This is a win-win model; however, you want to look at it.

    How does white labeling work

    First, a company creates white-label products. Let’s assume it’s anti-fraud software. The software is not branded. There is no brand, logo, or label.

    Then, a supplier will sell the product or service to the retailer, a different company, or an individual. They can customize the product to meet their requirements, place the logo in the appropriate spot, and then adjust it to their brand.

    In the end, the reseller sells the product to customers. The most important thing about white labeling is privacy. This is why the user is unaware that the software was white-labeled at one moment.

    The advantages of White Label Branding

    Are you searching for reasons why you should consider using white-label applications? These are the top reasons businesses should consider using white-label software to run their business:

    Building Brand Recognition

    Utilizing the internet platform, which lets users create white labels and grow your business’s brand, makes it appear more reliable to clients since the product you offer or service offered is easily accessible and functioning.

    Multiple Options

    Businesses can broaden their selection of products with a white-label application without creating a completely new product. Furthermore, since white-label applications have been extensively tested and validated, users will enjoy an enjoyable experience.

    Cost Savings

    Certainly, having a white-label platform will help reduce the process of development and the cost of research. It is possible to bypass the initial phase and start selling your product or service.

    More Loyal Customers

    Since the white-label platforms are being used, you can focus on marketing and branding actions to make more connections with potential customers.

    Speedier Launch

    A white-label platform is a great option for businesses looking to break into the market quickly. The time required to introduce a white-label item or service is much smaller than launching a new product or service created entirely from scratch.

    White label vs private label

    Private Label Products

    A contract manufacturer or third-party manufacturer makes private label products. It is then offered under your brand name. As the purchaser, you define everything about the product: what’s inside, how it’s packaged, and what the label will look like. Typically, you purchase the product and then deliver it to your store or warehouse, but you could also arrange to have it dropped delivered. Then you market the merchandise to wholesalers or directly to the consumer.

    White Label Products

    White Label Products

    The white label items are made by a third-party contract manufacturer and are sold under your brand’s name. As the purchaser, you are only required to provide the information on what the label appears like. In this instance, the manufacturer is an expert in manufacturing the item you’re looking for. They produce the same product with different brands. This is why the manufacturer will specify what’s inside and how it is packaged, in addition to the brand name on the labels.

    Top 8 white label products that you can sell

    Many white-label products have been profitable, and you should watch these brands to gain ideas on how to create your own.

    1. Messaging app: white label apps

    Messaging apps are useful when your company is seeking a new method of communicating with its employees, customers, or customer base. Companies such as Zangi are experts in creating messaging apps that incorporate your business’s branding, including your logo, colors, and other features.

    2. Stainless steel bottles

    steel bottles
    what are white label products

    Reusable water bottles are extremely sought-after, with sales reaching $10 billion in 2024. They’re popular because they keep hot beverages hot for 6 hours and cold drinks cool for up to 24 hours.

    By selling these products, you can highlight your business’s commitment to keeping the planet healthy.

    3. Yoga gear

    Yoga Gear will continue to be the top-selling item among those who love yoga during the pandemic and when people are trapped in their homes due to lockdowns.

    The Yoga white label products that you can offer include:

    • Mats
    • Leggings
    • Sports bras

    4. Tote bags

    Reusable bags are also the top-selling items in the market today and can be used by all types of companies. With your logo or branding on them, You can create bags for your customers to gift to their loyal customers.

    Tote bags aren’t costly to make, with prices starting at $0.75.

    5. Accessories for phones

    The accessories for phones aren’t costly to make and are customized. Cases for phones are perfect for designers and artists to show their work with affordable items.

    6. Pet accessories

    Another consequence of the epidemic is the rise in pet adoptions. Employers working remotely have to overcome loneliness by adopting pets.

    Then, why not make white-label pet products, like beds and toys? If you show your love to the animals they have and they show their gratitude to you by donating to your pet accessories business.

    7. LED light

    The white labeling of LEDs is an excellent way to offer numerous options and choices. White label manufacturers make various kinds of LED lights:

    • Flashlights
    • Solar-powered lights for camping.
    • Fairy lights, etc.

    It is important to set your LED lighting brand, marketing, and website distinct from the rest of your competitors.

    8. Cosmetics and skincare

    Cosmetics and skincare

    With the trend towards more natural skin care products, the doors are open to adopt the new approach and create your unique mark within the beauty industry. The aim is to draw customers who are in favor of the change.

    White label companies

    White-labelling, despite being, is more common within the computer and SAAS industry is used all over the food industries. Here are a few examples:

    Fenty Beauty

    Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand that Rihanna launched. The brand has signed a contract with Kendo holdings to manufacture cosmetics under the white label that the company sells. The same company produces cosmetics for other brands like Kat Von D, Marc Jacobs, Lip Lab, Bite Beauty, etc.

    Social Media Management Software: white label saas

    In the SAAS industries, white-label products can usually be offered as APIs or scripts that sellers can use under their brand names.

    There are specialist marketplaces like Code Canyon that helps developers sell their scripts directly to resellers. Software to manage Social media is a prime instance of these scripts.

    Credit Card Processing

    In most cases, banks collaborate with white-label providers of services who are responsible for collecting the details of the leads prior to the time the credit card enters processing.

    AliExpress Dropshipping

    AliExpress is an online marketplace in China that allows resellers to sell their goods using their brand.

    This is known as dropshipping. In this model, the seller, through AliExpress, manages the manufacturing and shipping of the item while the reseller focuses on creating a brand and generating sales.

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