What is Venmo? Cost, Benefits, Alternatives in 2022

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    Venmo is a virtual payment and wallet service which allows users to transfer money and pay through their mobile devices. Businesses can gain exposure for their brands as customers share their purchases via the Venmo feed. Additionally, they are capable of offering a brand alternative social currency for mobile-first users.

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    What is Venmo ?

    Venmo is a smartphone application created to transfer money from one person to another via bank accounts linked to it. Venmo is part of PayPal.

    Venmo utilizes user account information to allow electronic transfer of funds (EFT) between people. The account balance is available in the app, allowing them to transfer and receive payments. To make deposits or add funds, users must link their bank accounts, debit cards, and credit cards. The free app doesn’t charge an additional fee to transfer funds between bank accounts or debit cards. However, it charges the user 3% of each charge made by credit cards.

    In contrast to other programs, Venmo posts transaction amounts, the products or services purchased, and the locations of purchase to linked platforms. This is different from other social media platforms. But, this feature can be turned off. Instead, users can search for and add friends using a telephone number, email address, and Venmo username. The concept is that users could divide payments for things like rent or concert tickets and share these transactions and an additional message to their friends through the news feed in the app.

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    How Does Venmo Work?

    By connecting the Venmo application to a bank account (checking or savings), debit, or credit card, users can use funds to pay off a bill or get money by “requesting” it. Although family, friends, and acquaintances typically utilize it, Venmo is also used by various businesses.

    The Venmo platform can be useful when you need to charge an individual for their portion of your meal or even pay them for tickets to a concert they purchased for you. In addition, if you have an account on Venmo accounts, you can use the platform to purchase services like housekeeping or babysitting or gift an individual a birthday present.

    The money doesn’t change hands since the Venmo transaction occurs between two of the banks involved. For example, imagine you’re splitting a meal cost, and each of you is $25. You can transfer the $50 to your friend through Venmo, which means your Venmo balance will decrease by $25, while his balance will increase by $25 immediately. You can then put the funds in your Venmo account to make future transactions, or you could transfer the money to your bank account.

    To begin using Venmo, you only need to download the app and then connect with your account at a bank or credit card by following the steps in the application. After that, it becomes part of your “mobile wallet,” which means you can pay for items conveniently using your smartphone.

    You can connect contacts to your Venmo application to ensure you’re paying the right person to make your purchase. However, you can pay anyone with Venmo, even if they’re the person you consider to be your “friend.” But always be sure when you make an order that you’re sending it to the correct person. If you make it out to the incorrect “Susie Robinson,” Venmo will not be able to reimburse you. It’s a good idea to add a picture to your profile so that your friends know you’ve located the correct person.

    The benefits of using Venmo

    Pay quickly and conveniently.

    User-friendliness is a major reason for Venmo’s success. There’s not much to learn. It’s easy to download and begin sending or receiving money within minutes. Venmo can also make it easier to split expenses. It provides an online calculator when you make a request or send money. If you’re sharing an expense with several people, you can send or request the same amount from them simultaneously.


    Venmo does not charge regular charges, such as annual or monthly charges. There’s no charge to send money through your bank account, credit card, or Venmo balance. Credit card transactions incur an additional 3% charge which is the standard for payment applications. There’s no charge to transfer money or receive the money into your account at a bank unless you select the option of a quick transfer instead of the standard transfer.

    Can pay for purchases at select businesses  

    Venmo is a checkout method with various websites and apps that accept it, such as Uber, GrubHub, Hulu, Poshmark, and Foot Locker, among others. So if you’re buying from an establishment that accepts Venmo payment methods it can assist you in speeding through the checkout procedure.

    Offers a debit card and a credit card  

    Many frequent Venmo customers might be interested in one or more of their credit cards. Its Venmo Debit Card can be linked with your Venmo balance. It doesn’t have an annual fee and also has cash-back deals for certain stores.

    It is the Venmo Credit Card is a reward card with no annual fees. It categorizes your spending categories into. Each month, you can earn 3 percent cash back for your top spending area of spending, 2% on the next largest spending segment, and 1 percent back on all others. This is a great credit card, but check out the top rewards credit cards before applying because there could be better options that fit your needs.

    Adds a social component to payments

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    The attraction of Venmo is that it’s not an ordinary payment application. Instead, it’s a paid application that incorporates the most popular features of social networks, such as comments, likes, and messages associated with each payment. Some users aren’t interested in this, while others feel that it can make money transfers more enjoyable.

    What Does It Cost To Use Venmo?

    Venmo doesn’t charge its customers annual or monthly charges. In addition, it doesn’t cost basic services like:

    Transferring money using an account that is linked to a bank or a debit card linked to the account or from your Venmo account

    Incorporating money into your Venmo account or withdrawing funds from the account

    A standard transfer can be made to the linked bank account

    In reality, Venmo charges for some additional features and features that are premium. They include:

    • A 3% charge when you make use of your credit card to pay someone
    • A fee of 1% (with a minimum of $5) to use the check-cashing feature to speed up a deposit of payroll and government checks.
    • A 5% charge (with an initial $5 fee) to use the check-cashing feature to make faster processing of non-payroll and nongovernment checks

    Venmo vs PayPal



    Both Venmo and PayPal are accessible via either a mobile or desktop browser or through their native apps. Although PayPal permits users to pay on the internet and through its application, Venmo payments can only be made through the Venmo application.

    Sending Money

    The app for Venmo is created to allow paying cash with other Venmo users simple and quick. The app can automatically search for those Venmo accounts for family members and friends by connecting to the user’s Meta account and phone numbers. It is possible to transfer money to another user by searching for their account or using the QR codes in the application. Users can also check out the items their friends share in a public news feed or send a text message using a payment and “heart” a friend’s purchase.

    PayPal has some amazing features to send money. Instead of giving an email address to make payments, PayPal permits users to make a PayPal.Me a link to send instead.

    PayPal allows users to transfer money to the bank account of a person or cash pickup point across 130 countries via its Xoom service, regardless of whether they have a PayPal account.


    Both Venmo and PayPal permit users to transfer money with their account balance or via connected credit cards or bank accounts.

    Venmo payments are made using store QR codes that start with CVS. PayPal already has support for the use of touchless QR payments through retailers that are partners with it.

    PayPal is utilized by online retailers and a variety of e-commerce websites that permit shoppers to purchase items using the funds in their PayPal accounts.


    The cost is zero to open a Venmo or a PayPal account. Both also offer free iOS as well as Android mobile applications. PayPal lets users create accounts using email addresses; however, Venmo requires the use of a mobile number.

    PayPal charges 2.9 percent of every transaction. This is in addition to $0.30 for purchases made using either a debit or credit card. Venmo charges 3.3% per transaction on purchases made using credit cards and does not charge for purchases made with debit cards.

    What alternatives are there to Venmo?

    More than 75 million users use Venmo; however, it’s not the only digital payment method. Digital wallets are many and increasing. Here are the three most popular names in the world of cashless.

    • Apple Pay: The largest in the field, Apple Pay has more than half a billion customers globally, According to Fortunately. If you pay attention, you’ll likely see an Apple Pay logo at many of your favorite places. Find out the best way to take advantage of Apple Pay at your firm.
    • Google Pay: Formerly Android Pay, Google Pay has a user base of 25 million across the U.S. alone, according to the eMarketer. Google Pay is accepted in numerous brick-and-mortar shops and online stores.
    • Zelle: The biggest direct competitor to Venmo because of its size of subscription and peer-to-peer payment system, Zelle was able to process 1.8 billion transactions in 2021.


    Over the years, Venmo became one of the top well-known peer-to-peer payment platforms. It is now expanding to merchant services and even offering its own credit card.

    Although Venmo is user-friendly, however, its users remain susceptible to cybercrime. So make sure to use Venmo in the same way with care as you would for any other payment system online, which includes keeping track of transactions and changing passwords frequently.

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