The Best Tumblr Tips, Ideas and Secrets

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    Tumblr is a Social blogging site that lets users post multimedia posts, follow other users, and participate in community discussions without limitations found on Twitter and Facebook.

    As a platform, Tumblr has seen rapid growth, and some retailers are currently using it as an element of social media advertising strategies. There is plenty of social media platforms that retailers can publish to. There are five great reasons to invest time and money in Tumblr.

    What is Tumblr ?

    posts on tumblr

    Tumblr is a social media and blogging tool that lets users post the term “tumblelog,” or short blog posts. The main difference between Tumblr is the open-format nature of the website and its ability to completely customize its pages. This is a departure from the norm since nearly all social networks have standard profiles and limitations on design options.

    An all-purpose internet

    Tumblr’s absence of limits or guidelines on the types and kinds of content created and the layout of the pages on which the content is published is a challenge to a single definition. The company’s website states that Tumblr can be both simple to use but difficult to understand due to the content that ranges in content from texts as well as .gif files to videos and music that target particular fan groups subcultures, business, social issues, and other issues. Ecommerce stores are part of this diverse list.

    The overall flexibility of Tumblr is a major benefit for eCommerce shop owners who wish to design the look they want, concentrate on specifics of the design, or insist on highlighting their brand. In addition, the social media features of Tumblr mean that content can be shared and liked, and curious Tumblr users can easily follow a business’s page.

    How to use Tumblr ?

    When Tumblr first came out, it soon became well-known. It’s an amalgamation that combines Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress However; it’s much easier to use than the other three. This is a step-by-step instruction to help you get going:

    1. Set up Your Account

    source: Filmora

    To make use of Tumblr, You must sign up and register. It’s a straightforward process because you must enter your email, username, and password. You may have difficulty creating an appropriate username and password, so Tumblr provides ideas to help you select. After emerging the credentials, you will confirm your age and do a captcha test (like finding images of cars/boats/storefronts/etc.)

    2. Find the topics you’re interested in

    tumblr log in

    After logging in, Tumblr offers you a range of profiles to keep track of. You will be able to select five different categories or topics. In addition, you may select different subcategories. After that, click Next to receive your customized feed (dashboard).

    source: Filmora

    Here’s the homepage screen once the entire registration process has been completed. That’s it! Check out our various accounts to ensure you follow an account relevant to your desires.

    3. The Tumblr Dashboard

    tumblr login

    Your dashboard, or feed, is what you see when you open the Tumblr home screen. It’s similar to a Facebook feed. It’s where you’ll get the most recent news and updates from your accounts and other popular and relevant posts. The dashboard is where you will also be able to find new accounts as well as set up various themes.

    Look at this top part of the page. Some menus let you browse through the homepage feed and the Explore page. You can also access your inbox personal activity, direct messages, and the settings for your account.

    4. Post Your Blogs


    Now, you can start and publish your blog to engage in the Tumblr community. To post, look at the top bar, where you will see different categories/post types:

    • Next post
    • Photo post (or multiple photo posts)
    • Quotes from the Post
    • Link post
    • Chat/dialogue post
    • Audio post
    • Video post

    Determine the kind of content you would like to share and choose your post format accordingly. The interface is easy to use, and you won’t have any issues. Be aware that you can play with various types of post styles, but it is advised to keep your posts as attractive as you can. Finally, make sure you choose the appropriate settings and publish.

    5. Explore Tumblr

    source: Filmora

    To explore Tumblr, select the Explore option (compass) on the menu at the top. You will be able to browse an array of content that is relevant to your interest and interests.

    There is the option of searching Tumblr to find specific content using the Search bar (by entering keywords or hashtags, usernames, and so on). In addition, the “Recommended for You” choice is displayed near the bottom of the page.

    6. Customize Tumblr Settings


    One of the unique features of Tumblr (unlike other social networks) is that users can customize their dashboards using customized themes, either for free or premium versions. To make your dashboard, go through these instructions:

    Choose the Untitled option beneath your user name. Then click the Edit Appearance option to alter your appearance.

    Take a look at the different themes to choose a theme. This will alter the look of your website using the domain’s name.

    After you’ve selected your theme After you’ve chosen your theme, click Preview to see what it’s going to look like. Once you’re satisfied with the appearance of your blog, then click Install.

    How to use Tumblr Keyboard Shortcuts

    Are you looking to learn how to master Tumblr as a pro? Learn some keyboard shortcuts. It doesn’t matter which application you’re using; keyboard shortcuts are a guaranteed method to improve your workflow and increase your productivity.

    Here are a few of the keyboard shortcuts that are most useful on Tumblr:

    • J: Scroll forward.
    • K Scroll backward.
    • L like the latest post.
    • N The numbers of the notes.
    • Shift + A Post to queue.
    • Shift & R Reblog a post.
    • Z and C: Create a brand new post.

    How to Delete Your Tumblr Account

    You cannot permanently delete your Tumblr account using the application. Instead, this must be done using the web browser by following these steps:

    • Log into the Tumblr Account. If you have signed up to use 2-factor authentication (TFA), you must input the code you received on your device.
    • Click on the icon ‘Account’ and then select Settings.
    • Scroll down to the bottom and click  Delete Account.
    • You will be taken to a screen asking you if you’re certain. Enter your password and email address. Then select ‘ Delete Everything .’If you have TFA enabled on your account, enter your email address and password that was sent to your mobile devices.
    • You’ll be informed of Tumblr’s terms of service and Privacy Policy, which explains the ways that their vendors and partners utilize cookies. If you’re happy to proceed, then click ‘Accept.’

    It appears that your Tumblr account has been deleted and the associated blogs and information.

    Who is the owner of Tumblr

    Tumblr is an American microblogging and social network website created by David Karp in 2007 and is currently owned by Automattic.

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