What is Tracking Number? How To Use It To Track Your Package in 2023

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    What is a Tracking number?

    Tracking numbers are the numbers given to packages when they are sent. These numbers are useful in knowing the exact location of time-sensitive delivery. It is a unique identification number or code assigned to the parcel or package. This tracking code is usually written on the packaging label as a barcode that any barcode scanner or mobile can read. Some of the carriers with tracking numbers in the United States are UPS, FedEx, and the United States Postal Service. Most postal companies use their version of the S10 (UPU regular) for international mail, such as those of the United States Postal Service and the majority of European Postal Services.

    How many digits is a tracking number?

    The format of tracking numbers differs for each courier. Every company has its system of codes made up of numbers and letters. There are spaces or hyphens between the numbers and letters; however, it is not often. Each character has its meaning; for instance, the first digit may be the courier company’s name, the second digit could represent the location, etc. Typically, tracking numbers could range between 8 and 40 characters.

    Here are some examples of tracking numbers in format for various international courier companies:


    Most of the time, it is the case that most of the UPS tracking numbers consist of 18 characters, which are characterized typically with “1Z”. These UPS numbers that do not start with this format are the tracking numbers for Air Shipping Documents and International Air Waybills.


    FedEx Express tracking numbers are typically comprised of 12 tracking numbers, and FedEx Ground tracking numbers are comprised of 15 digits. In both instances, there aren’t any letters.


    DHL tracking numbers don’t contain any letters. They typically consist of 11 or 10 digits. DHL Express tracking numbers are made up of 10 digits (e.g., 1234567890) or beginning with “111”, by “GJD01” and ending with “GJD09”, or by “JVGL” (e.g., XI0768966666).


    USPS Tracking numbers for Express Mail are typically longer and are typically composed of 20-22 digits without letters. These USPS Express Mail tracking numbers comprise 13 characters, beginning with two capital letters and ending with two capital letters, “US.”

    How to use your tracking number to track a package online

    1. Find your tracking number in your product receipt or email.

    You should check your shipping confirmation email to locate the unique tracking number assigned to your purchase. It should be clearly visible within the body of your email. Once you have your tracking number, receiving shipping updates is easy.

    2. Check out the site of the company that will be handling your order.

    tracking number

    At the top of the shipping receipt or confirmation, there should be your name and the service employed by the seller. You can enter the web address for the website of the company in the browser of your choice, then click the link on the logo and be directed immediately. The entire shipping process can be controlled online.

    If you’re unsure how to navigate to the company site, try an online search by name. It should be the first link to pop up.

    For certain search engines like Google, It’s also possible to input your tracker number right underneath the company’s name in the results of a search!

    Within the US, FedEx, UPS, and The United States Postal Service are the most commonly used delivery services employed to ship packages commercially.

    3. Enter your location.

    tracking number

    If this is the first time you’ve logged visiting the shipping company’s website, you might be asked to indicate where you’re located. Choose your continent, and then scroll down until you locate where your country is located. Selecting the country of your origin will bring you directly to your main site, which allows you to view the history of your tracking, modify the delivery options you have chosen or ask questions regarding your order.

    Additionally, you’ll be able to select your preferred language in the event that more than one language is spoken at the place you live.

    A majority of the major delivery companies handle worldwide shipments, So you shouldn’t have a problem tracking your shipment regardless of the location.

    4. Look for the “Tracking” option.

    tracking number

    From the main page, find a spot that allows you to enter your tracking data. Most of the time, it is a hyperlink or search bar to the very top. For instance, the FedEx website, as an example, offers a dropdown menu called “Tracking” that allows customers to enter a tracking number without needing to go through the site.

    If you visit the UPS website, the tracking form is available within the “Quick Start” menu as shortly as you access your main site.

    5. Input your tracking number into the search bar 

    tracking number

    Input your tracker number precisely as shown on the shipping confirmation, using no spaces or dashes. You can copy and paste straight from your email to make it easier. Then, you’ll be able to see your package’s status for shipping and the current location of your package, and its expected delivery date. It’s as easy as that!

    On the majority of websites, it is possible to search for 20-30 tracking numbers in one go.

    If you don’t see any results or you receive errors, you should double ensure that the number you gave was correct.

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