What Is TikTok : A Winning Strategy for Your Next Campaign 2022

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    What is TikTok? A combination of music, lip sync videos, comedy, and micro-blog content, TikTok is no longer a handy platform to apprehend at first glance. It has even led to the boom of the competitor platform Triller, which ambitions to take some of the interest away from the app.

    TikTok is nevertheless undiscovered territory for all people over the age of 25. Extremely famous with Gen Z, TikTok is a glimpse into its potential to develop in today’s hyper-connected world. The sizeable majority of customers on Facebook are aged 40 plus, while Instagram is more famous with customers aged 20-40.

    In this article, we will discuss the history of TikTok, who owns TikTok, and how customers and businesses are benefitting from the platform.

    What Is TikTok?

    TikTok is very famous social media app that approves customers to create, watch, and share 15-second movies shot on cellphones. With its personalized feeds of quirky brief movies set to track and sound effects, the app is outstanding for its addictive high-quality, and excessive engagement ranges. Amateur and expert creators alike can add outcomes like filters, historical past music, and stickers to their videos and can collaborate on content material and create split-screen duet movies even if they’re in distinct locations.

    What is TikTok Business

    Marketing on TikTok is nonetheless in its infancy; however, a developing quantity of companies are keen to assist manufacturers in creating the form of quirky content material that receives clicks on TikTok. Conventional advertising and marketing that stresses a product’s most exemplary traits do not work. Light, enjoyable campaigns set to track hit the spot. The remaining intention is to aim viral on the website online and spur imitations via TikTok users.

    Some of the profitable advertising campaigns on TikTok:

    The Chipotle restaurant chain ran a Halloween “Boorito” coupon giveaway marketing campaign encouraging TikTok customers to gown up for the vacation and submit their images. The marketing campaign scored 4 billion views.

    e.l.f. Cosmetics teamed up with a few social media influencers to create an online fact exhibit and contest known as #eyeslipsface. The advert marketing campaign bought greater than 3.8 billion clicks.

    The NBA signed up for an account and scored more significant than 12 million followers to date. Its goal is to decorate the world focus of the NBA, especially amongst younger people.

    TikTok Statistics to Know in 2022

    1. As of February 2021, TikTok has an estimated 1.1 billion customers worldwide.
    2. As of June 2021, 60 percent of TikTok users are between a long time of sixteen and 24
    3. Almost 50% of TikTok’s world target audience is beneath the age of 34
    4. The TikTok app has been downloaded over 1.5 billion .
    5. TikTok downloads in 2020 reached 850 million.
    6. The TikTok app attains global: 466 million are from India, 173 million from China, and 123 million from the U.S.
    7. The common consumer spends 52 minutes per day on the TikTok app
    8. Bytedance, the agency that owns TikTok, is valued at $140 Billion, making it the world’s most precious startup and making the business enterprise well worth extra than Twitter and Coca-Cola.
    9. TikTok reviews over eighty million month-to-month lively customers in the United States. 60% are female, 40% are male.

    How Can Brands Leverage TikTok?

    how brands can use tiktok
    How Can Brands Leverage TikTok

    TikTok no longer has an area for usual show advertisements and is now not even in opposition with different social media platforms, in phrases of it being an advertising and marketing channel. However, due to its speedy boom and rising popularity, many manufacturers now realize the attainability of TikTok as an advertising and marketing channel.

    Several manufacturers have utilized TikTok challenges and contests to get customers to generate brand-related content. Brands are additionally leveraging hashtags, in an extra or much less comparable trend as on different social media platforms, to promote their TikTok advertising campaigns.

    Take, for example, Guess brand’s #InMyDenim campaign. On September 1, 2018, the Guess manufacturer took over TikTok and invited all US-based TikTok customers to their #InMyDenim hashtag challenge. The contest advised customers to create video content material sporting denim (of course) and the hashtag usage. This used to be the beginning of TikTok’s manufacturer partnerships in the U.S.

    Another way manufacturers can use TikTok is to collaborate with TikTok celebrities to create brand-specific promotional content. This will be comparable to any influencer collaboration, simply with the 15-second TikTok video format.

    TikTok Marketing Tips

    If you are raring to go on a TikTok strategy, right here are a few suggestions and takeaways that we’ve got won from searching at the manufacturers that have already executed nicely on the app.

    Show a different side of your company. The app is a hub for creativity and humor. Embracing an extra private tone or a behind-the-scenes method should make your corporation show up greater relatable or sincere to practicable customers.

    Don’t be afraid to experiment. Unlike structures like Facebook and LinkedIn, there are few norms, exceptional practices, or guidelines about what works and what doesn’t. So if you suppose something may be interesting or funny, attempt it and see if it receives any likes, comments, or shares.

    Engage with your audience. Between challenges, duets, likes, comments, and shares, there are masses of approaches to interact with different TikTok customers — even if you do not comprehend them. Try to come up with videos, challenges, or duets to engage with others. The greater you interact with people, the greater your fan base may want to grow with different platforms.

    Don’t shy away from advertising your products; however, make positive you do it innovatively. Try your hand at tutorials, demonstrations, and how-to content material that exhibit the fantastic components of your merchandise or services.

    Tap into the energy of word-of-mouth advertising with influencers. But have in mind that relevance is extra vital than reach, so companion with an area of interest micro-influencers who share a similar audience.

    How to Advertise on TikTok

    A TikTok advert is a pre-roll (similar to the advertisements earlier than a youtube video) and lasts between 10-15 seconds. However, like youtube, the commercials can be skipped inside a few seconds, and advertisers pay for impressions.

    There are presently three kinds of commercials handy on TikTok:

    What Is TikTok
    Source- Elegant themes

    Brand Takeover Ads

    Full-screen five-second static or animated advertisements show up when a consumer first opens the TikTok app. These manufacturer takeover commercials direct the customers to a webpage or TikTok account. This advert has a constrained quantity of advertisers per day in every USA and can reportedly value up to $50,000 per campaign.

    In-Feed Native Video Ads

    Auto-playing full-screen advertisements that exhibit up between movies of user-generated content. Like Instagram story ads, these advertisements will hyperlink the customers to a touchdown web page or an app store.

    Branded Hashtag Challenges

    These are subject matters generated with the aid of manufacturers or corporations related to a promoted hashtag. The aim is to entice customers to create movies around the theme and share. These movies are a section of a company takeover advert or in-feed native advert packages.

    Can You Make Money on TikTok?

    can you make money on tiktok
    Can You Make Money on TikTok?

    There is no direct way for TikTok customers to capitalize on their recognition via the app. As the quantity of views is enormously high, most customers will ask their target audience to go to different systems or websites to monetize.

    TikTok creators can share their Instagram and Youtube hyperlinks in their profile, which makes it simpler to attain crossover followers.

    For TikTok influencers, the most important purpose is to achieve sufficient traction and followers to associate with manufacturers and different media outlets.

    The predominant aim for manufacturers on TikTok is engagement and attracting a new audience. While legacy manufacturers do this well, it is no longer clear whether or not smaller organizations can draw the identical following on the platform.

    The evolution of cell advertising and marketing on structures such as Instagram and Snapchat has proven that something is viable with the proper audience.

    For everyone with an enterprise or non-public manufacturer that produces video content, TikTok is well worth becoming a member of and experimenting with. Every TikTok statistic factors toward its endured increase into 2022 and beyond. As the TikTok app grows toward maturity, its capacity to provide marketing and promoting possibilities will, in all likelihood, grow to be a higher section of the approaches organizations market online.

    How Safe is TikTok?

    Using any social community can be risky; however, it’s feasible for youngsters to safely use the app with grownup supervision (and a non-public account). When you signal up for TikTok, your account is public using the default, which means all and sundry can see your videos, ship you direct messages, and use your place information.

    Parents have to make positive to flip on all privateness settings for bills children are using, so solely human beings you recognize can interact with your movies or message you on the app. That potential both opting for a non-public account or altering the settings for comments, duets, reactions, and messages to “Friends” as an alternative to “Everyone.” You can additionally flip these elements off completely.

    Why Was TikTok Banned ?

    tiktok ban
    Why Was TikTok Banned

    The TikTok app is the first Chinese app to obtain a huge reputation in the United States. However, this big boom in recognition led to worries that the records gathered using ByteDance were once saved via the Chinese government.

    In January 2020, the U.S. army banned TikTok from government-issued phones. In August 2020, there used to be a developing difficulty from U.S. President Donald Trump that the Chinese government used to be gathering consumer facts that should probably threaten the countrywide safety of the United States.

    The President then signed a government order that would probably ban TikTok if the Chinese app used to be now not bought via ByteDance to a U.S. agency within 45 days. Trump also signed a comparable order in opposition to the WeChat utility, which is owned by the Chinese employer Tencent.

    The Trump administration then issued a new government giving ByteDance ninety days to promote or spin-off possession of the U.S. TikTok business. Initially, Microsoft used to be in the jogging with a $50 Billion to take possession of the U.S. TikTok business.

    In September 2020, ByteDance made a tentative $12 billion deal to create a U.S. subsidiary TikTok Global. This new TikTok subsidiary would be part-owned using Oracle and Walmart’s U.S. businesses. With the new deal in place, Oracle and Walmart will very own 20% of the new company, ByteDance says will nonetheless personal 80%.

    Although it seems that possession of the U.S. commercial enterprise will supply management of the facts series for the TikTok content, the authentic system is nonetheless unclear.


    In a nutshell, TikTok is a fun, entertaining, and addictive app that has viewed a surge in reputation in the final few months. The TikTok app additionally has the doable to end the subsequent massive advertising and social networking platform. However, how the app creators leverage this viable and keep the modern reputation of the app has but to be seen.

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