What is TikTok Shadow Ban : How to FIX It In 10 Minutes  

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    What is TikTok Shadow Ban : How to FIX It In 10 Minutes  

    As TikTok is becoming the preferred content source, many creators are turning to the app to try and establish their presence.

    This implies that many users keep a watchful check on their interactions and are often aware of the sudden reduction in views, likes, and even comments.

    Some blame this problem on shadowban, but solving the problem isn’t an easy process.

    What Is Shadow-Banning?

    Shadow-banning is generally described as a hidden restriction that social media applications could impose on a user’s account to prevent the content of its account from appearing on the feeds of other users. In turn, users banned from shadowing may stop receiving the same amount of likes, comments, and views for their posts. Users on apps such as TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and others have expressed concerns about their accounts being banned shadow in the event of an abrupt and prolonged decrease in engagement.

    What Is TikTok Shadow ban ?

    The term “shadowban” refers to a TikTok shadowban (also known as a ghost ban) is when TikTok deliberately restricts the reach of an organic user’s account in the TikTok application as a result of an action taken by the user that they do not like.

    Shadowbans typically arise out of an act that violates the guidelines of the community, including harassing, spamming, and the harassment of another TikTok user or posting offensive content on the social media application; however, there are other possible reasons.

    Why am I Getting Shadow banned On TikTok?

    TikTok hasn’t provided any explanation of its shadow banning methods. But, what makes sense is TikTok can shadow ban its users for making videos that do not conform to the guidelines of its community.

    Videos with offensive content could harm the feelings of others or anyone else. There are a variety of TikTok rules for community members; however, the most frequently cited violations are:

    TikTok Shadow Ban
    Propagating violence or hatred
    • Posting sexually explicit or pornographic content
    • Propagating violence or hatred
    • Any type that contains “phobic” content such as homophobic or Islamophobic posts
    • The ban on a live stream
    • Other users have reported it you
    • Video reveals an unsuitable third-party website
    • Removal of videos (they want things to appear natural and want all the content you upload to be kept up)
    • Making videos private
    • Purchased fake engagement rings
    • Purchase fake followers
    • Utilizing copyrighted music or videos
    • Utilizing specific hashtags (whether fair or not)
    • Exaggerating minors (made them fearful and put them in danger, or made them feel shamed)

    The app may hinder your content’s visibility for reasons such as your account acting as spam or posting inappropriate content.

    TikTok is determined to make its platform a welcoming and secure space. Therefore, if you’ve noticed a decline in engagement or views, look at your most recent content.

    How to Remove a TikTok Shadow ban?

    There’s no formula for getting rid of a shadowban; you’ll probably need to wait for the duration and then stop creating content on the platform.

    There are a few actions you can take to aid your cause and prevent a recurrence at some point in the future.

    • Eliminate your flagged content
    • Be sure to follow TikTok’s community rules
    • Beware of spammy behavior on the app.

    In addition to adhering to the app’s community guidelines, It’s difficult to determine why your account is subject to the shadowban.

    Based on a large amount of automated moderation, TikTok’s tech could be faulty.

    But the good news is that shadowbans won’t last for long, so if you’re in the TikTok timeout at the moment, be patient. You’ll return to the field within a matter of minutes.

    How Long Does a TikTok Shadow Ban Last?

    1 to 2 weeks

    The average shadowban length, however, is growing. At the beginning of TikTok, it was about 24 hours. Then it increased to three days. Then it was a week. Then they’re at around two weeks.

    What is the reason my TikTok account is banned permanently?

    Before that, TikTok had to pay a settlement of over $5 million since the app allegedly violated the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. Since then, numerous accounts have been shut down to ensure children’s privacy.

    If you didn’t have a way to prove your age, even though you were of legal age, then you could have had your account banned permanently.

    In addition, you may have posted content that is against the rules of TikTok and its community guidelines. If this has occurred multiple times, it could result in the possibility of a permanent suspension. After this, it’s going to be very difficult to regain your account. But don’t be worried, you don’t have to worry. There’s always a chance.

    There are two steps that you can follow to regain access to your blocked TikTok accounts…

    1. Contact TikTok’s Customer Support

    TikTok Shadow Ban
    Contact TikTok’s Customer Support

    If your account is removed, you’ll need to contact TikTok’s client support. After that, you’ll need to wait for a week or two before receiving your account restored after you receive an email message from TikTok.

    2. Verify Your Age

    If you provide TikTok with legal proof to verify your age, you stand an excellent chance of getting your account reinstated.

    Be sure to ensure you have a valid ID that is issued by the government in order to expedite the process.


    Absolutely, no one would like to be faced with a shadowban on TikTok and other similar social platforms. Because the user doesn’t receive any notice of shadowbans on TikTok, it can be difficult to know about them. TikTok shadowban, this could be difficult to identify when you are struggling with a shadowban on TikTok.

    We wanted to provide a guideline to you to get the idea more thoroughly and to be aware of the possibility of getting a TikTok shadowban. If you see a drop in engagement, Do not panic, and just follow our step-by-step guidelines to pass a TikTok shadow ban test.

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