What is Tidio & How to Use It For Free in 2022

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    Despite the doubts that chatbots have become a standard in many online stores, and with good reason. They can improve customer service or provide shoppers with an experience that is personalized for each customer.

    Tidio is among the many companies that offer these chatbots. But the European company is much more than simply a chatbot. Tidio was designed to elevate online interaction between website owners and visitors to a new stage.

    When used properly, a program such as Tidio can positively impact conversion rates. For example, according to Tidio, businesses who rely on chat platforms can see a conversion rate increase that can be up to 40.

    tidio chatbots

    What is Tidio?

    Tidio provides virtual support to customers and is targeted at the operators of online stores. While shopping, a chatbot responds to queries about a particular item, offers alternatives, or assists customers with contact help.

    Tidio can provide customers with an enjoyable online experience that allows customers to make a satisfying purchase, thereby decreasing internal customer support costs.

    But, Tidio is designed to enhance the overall communication process. Alongside the impressive AI technology, the Tidio provides an integrated live chat feature with the chatbot and an automatic email marketing feature.

    How Does Live Chat Work?

    tidio bots

    The plugin configuration, as well as your chats, will be handled by Tidio’s website. Tidio website. This is not your WordPress administration panel.

    At first, it might appear unaffordable to sign into and connect to a different website to conduct chats. However, it’s a standard feature for live chat software, and once you’ve established your workflow, you’ll barely even.

    It’s also important to note that chat isn’t a part of your website but is a positive thing. It takes most of the processing load off your website (and the web hosting provider). So it won’t slow down your site.

    What are the functions in Tidio’s “Free” plan? And what can they do?

    1. A maximum of three chat operators.

    As a default, all of Tidio’s plans will allow up to three chat agents, which include this plan. Additional operators are only added after the ‘Communicator’ option is ordered to the user account.

    2. 500 emails/month

    Through Tidio, you can create automated and scheduled email campaigns to maintain relationships with your followers. In Tidio’s free version, users can only send up to 500 monthly emails. If you want to mail more than 500 emails, you’ll have to purchase the ‘Email marketing plan.

    3. 100 chatbot uses/unique reachable visitors

    The single “use” of a chatbot is the moment the chatbot’s functionality is used.

    For instance, if you have the “Welcome new visitors bot, it will be activated for each new visitor that visits your website. You may also have various kinds of bots, e.g., bots that are activated only when a specific page is visited, when a user returns to the site, or when the operator fails to respond within a certain period.

    The default limit is 100 users per month. If you require more users per month, you’ll need to move up to the Chatbots package, which gives you 1,000 usages per month or more.

    It is important to remember that this restriction is only applicable to chatbots. This means that live chat will not be restricted in any other way. Visitors can continue to communicate with you the way they normally do.

    If you exceed the limit of your monthly allowance, the pop-up notifications that you receive automatically cease running. The limit resets every 30 days starting when you first activated Tidio or purchased an upgrade.

    4. Unlimited chats

    You and your agents can enjoy an unlimited number of chats online with any user.

    5. Desktop & mobile apps

    With Tidio’s “Free” plan, you can install the desktop application and an app for mobile to stay in contact with your clients when you are moving.

    6. Information for visitors

    You can find your customer’s location, Add customized properties, tags, and contact information and even leave notes for your staff to use while speaking to them.

    7. Integrations of third-party apps

    Tidio has a variety of Ecommerce, Email marketing, and CRM along with Helpdesk integrations. Here are a few applications it works with:

    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • WordPress
    • Facebook Messenger
    • Zendesk
    • Mailchimp
    • Google Analytics
    • Hubspot
    • Pipedrive
    8. Javascript API

    It is possible to use Javascript API to control the advanced features of the chat tool. You can also send customized data and events by copying and pasting short Javascript snippets.

    What do you think live chat offers?

    Live chat on Tidio allows users to respond to customers’ needs whenever they want through the chat window and provide them with expert assistance during the purchasing process, for instance. In the end, waiting times are reduced to a minimum because the chat with customers takes place in real-time.

    Tidio facilitates the seamless transfer of customer messages from chatbots to agents for service. 

    The messages are all summarized by Tidio on a clear dashboard and can be addressed by multiple employees. In this way, urgent messages aren’t lost, and customers receive assistance within the shortest time. This improves customer satisfaction.

    Tidio also has an application for smartphones. If there is no person present on Chat Live, the inquiry is sent by Email.

    Using Tidio Live Chat

    tidio chat bot

    If you have enabled notifications, you’ll receive a notification when chats start. By clicking on the notification, it will lead users to chat.

    Source- Greengeeks

    If you do not use notifications, or if you do not receive one, you can see a countdown of active chats that you can find on Tidio’s website.

    Source- Greengeeks

    Click on the icon, and the chats in use will be displayed.

    Chat with a chat button to communicate with your guest.

    Source- Greengeeks

    In addition to the chat’s contents, You can also view information about the visitors to the right.

    It is built on the IP address geolocation. While it’s usually reliable, you might not need to rely on it when you have to find out the location of the user. VPNs are very popular at present.

    Source- Greengeeks

    The side of the person who is visiting the chat appears to look like this.

    Source- Greengeeks

    If you’re not online (or having trouble logging out of, The chat window will allow the user to leave messages.

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