Guide to the Perfect SWOT Analysis in 2022

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    If you need an understanding of your audience, What can you do? You research your audience and build buyer personas. What do you do if you wish to better understand the nuances of your marketing and business strategy? You do a SWOT analysis.

    SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities, and Threats. Conducting a SWOT analysis implies that you’ll research and dive into these different areas of your company in the overall context or concerning specific aspects of your business, like marketing. Conducting a SWOT study in marketing is essential for business owners who operate online because of the fast-changing digital world. A SWOT analysis will help your team make smart marketing decisions leading to more effective results.

    Let’s look at the significance of SWOT-based analysis in marketing. How it could affect sales, and how to conduct a SWOT analysis for your company.

    What Is SWOT Analysis?

    swot analysis

    SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and strengths) analysis provides a method to assess the business’s competitiveness and develop strategic plans. SWOT analysis analyzes external and internal factors, as well as the present and future possibilities.

    A SWOT analysis is created to provide a real-world and fact-based look into the strength and weaknesses of an organization, its initiatives, or even within the industry. The organization needs to keep the analysis up-to-date by avoiding preconceived notions or grey areas and focusing on real-world contexts. The company should use the analysis as a reference but not as a guideline.

    Why do a SWOT Analysis?

    If you spend the time to conduct a SWOT analysis, You’ll have an effective strategy to prioritize the tasks you have to complete to expand your company.

    You may know all you have to do to be successful; however, a SWOT assessment can force you to examine your business in a new way and with new perspectives. You’ll analyze your weaknesses and strengths and how you can use them to make the most of the opportunities and threats within your marketplace.

    Advantages to SWOT Analysis for small-sized businesses

    If you’re a marketer or small business owner, you may consider whether SWOT analyses are feasible or even possible for smaller organizations and businesses. While there is an expense in creating a SWOT analysis, There are numerous benefits when doing it, even for the smallest businesses.

    Take a birds-eye perspective: First, conducting a thorough SWOT analysis allows you to gain more insight into how your company operates. It’s easy to be lost in the day-to-day activities of your business. Doing a SWOT analysis will allow you to gain a wider perspective of your business’s place within the industry you operate in.

    Enhance specific projects and campaigns. Another benefit of SWOT analysis is that this method can be used in various scenarios and not only as an overall overview of the company. For example, it’s possible to apply SWOT analyses to determine the advantages and disadvantages of an upcoming marketing campaign or a content plan or even whether your business is a good candidate to be included at a trade show or an industry event.

    Below is an example SWOT analysis:

    swot analysis

    Develop tangible plans. Obviously, it is a given that a SWOT assessment allows you to discover your business’s strengths, what it could do better, and what risks and opportunities are posed to your company. But conducting a SWOT analysis allows you to not only discover these issues but also make tangible plans and timeframes for solutions. This is beneficial for the development and implementation of financial plans as well as identifying the need for hiring and other aspects of mid and long-term strategic planning.

    How to do a swot analysis

    As I said earlier, you should gather your group members for the SWOT analysis. However, there is no need for an all-day retreat to complete the task. A couple of hours will be plenty.

    1. Find the right people

    Get people from various parts of your organization and ensure that there are representatives from each section and even a team. The different teams within your company will likely have different viewpoints that are essential to the success of your SWOT analysis.

    2. Brainstorm ideas

    swot analysis
    marketing swot analysis

    Conducting the SWOT analysis is like brainstorming meetings; there are right and wrong methods to conduct the meetings. I would suggest that everyone get the opportunity to use sticky notes and then let everyone create concepts on their own to begin the process. This helps prevent groupthink and makes sure that everyone’s voice is heard.

    After 5-10 minutes of brainstorming in private After five to 10 minutes of private brainstorming, stick all the sticky notes up on the walls and put similar ideas in a group. Let anyone add more notes at this time if someone else’s idea sparks fresh thought.

    3. Sort the Ideas

    Once all ideas are arranged, It’s time to rank the ideas. I enjoy using an election system in which everyone receives five or 10 “votes” that they can disperse in any way they’d prefer. The sticky dots of various colors can be useful in this part of the exercise.

    Based on the voting exercise, you should now have a list of priorities. Of course, the list is now open for debate and discussion, and whoever is in the room will be able to make the final decision about the top priority. The CEO is typically the one who makes this decision. However, it can be assigned to someone else responsible for business strategy.

    It is recommended to follow this method of coming up with concepts for all four quadrants in the SWOT assessment: Strengths, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and threats.

    When should you conduct a SWOT analysis?

    You should conduct a SWOT analysis before making any business decision, whether you’re evaluating new strategies, revising internal policies, or evaluating the possibility of pivoting or modifying plans midway through their execution. It is sometimes advisable to conduct an overall SWOT assessment to assess your company’s current situation so that you can make improvements to your business whenever necessary. The analysis will reveal the areas in which your business is running at its peak and also what areas require adjustments.

    Do not make the mistake of considering your business’s activities informally, hoping that they’ll all be put together seamlessly. When you create a formalized SWOT analysis, it will allow you to view the full picture of your company. Based on this, you will find ways to improve or eliminate the waek points in your company and make the most use of your strengths.

    While the owner & founders are required to participate in the process of creating the SWOT analysis, it’s beneficial to include other team members to participate in the process. Request input from several team members, and then openly discuss the contribution provided. The collective wisdom of your team will enable you to evaluate your business from multiple angles.

    Swot analysis example

    Starbucks SWOT Analysis

    swot analysis
    Source personal swot analysis examples

    After we’ve gone over the many aspects involved in the SWOT assessment, we can create a SWOT template with Starbucks to provide an instance.

    Here’s how we’d fill in the SWOT template in the case of Starbucks:

    Dine-In Thai Restaurant SWOT Analysis

    swot analysis
    Source a swot analysis example

    Small-scale marketers might struggle to understand the SWOTs of large companies like Apple and Starbucks. Here’s an illustration of how restaurants could imagine each of the elements:

    Although a Thai or other eatery may not be worried about lawsuits with a high level of severity as Apple, however, small businesses may be more concerned with disruptive competitors that could be on the scene.

    Local Boutique SWOT Analysis

    swot analysis

    A different small-business model is a local shop may be well-known in its area, but it may take time to create an online presence or sell its goods in an online shop. This is because certain strengths and opportunities could be related to physical aspects, while their risks and weaknesses could be linked to online circumstances.

    Free SWOT Analysis Template

    It’s a Google Sheet, so you can add rows, delete them, edit, answer questions, paste the information onto a slideshow, and many more.

    This is Wordstream’s editable, free SWOT analysis template.


    If you’re conducting a SWOT assessment for a small company or a big corporation doesn’t matter. Either method, you’ll gain more knowledge of where you are in the marketplace today. A SWOT analysis is beneficial for sales not only because it can reveal weaknesses in your marketing or customer relationships as well but also because it concentrates on are doing in terms of internal processes.

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