What is Psychology? How It Can Boost Your Marketing in 2023

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    Humans are attracted to certain mental models. We don’t even recognize that we are.

    Imagine having to consider all possible outcomes before you can make the decision. You’d spend a lot of time making the most straightforward decision!

    Your marketing plan likely relies on forecasting how you make decisions. Therefore, it is important to put aside the idea of how customers ought to behave. Instead, we should start planning how they behave.

    Consumer psychology doesn’t need to be complex. We’re all consumers as well. Learn how to make your sales more effective.

    What is Psychology?

    Psychology is the study of behavior and the mind. Psychologists examine brain function, behavior and emotions, personality, and human development. They consider all factors that make up a human according to Adam Borland, PsyD who is a clinical psychologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio.

    The area of psychology is classified as a hub science because it is interwoven with medical and social sciences. Some argue that psychology isn’t a “real” science because some theories and concepts are difficult to evaluate objectively compared to similar concepts in “harder” sciences, like biology and physics. However, some argue that this doesn’t mean psychology is less reliable.

    Industrial organizational psychology

    The scientific study of human behavior in organizations and the workplace characterizes the specialty of industrial-organizational psychology (also called I/O psychology). The field focuses on deriving the principles that govern individual, group, and organizational behavior and then applying these principles to solve problems in the workplace.

    What is marketing psychology?

    The psychology of Marketing is the art of aligning your communications, content, and strategies to the many known, but often unconscious human behavior patterns discovered through experiments and research. The common behavior patterns are derived from heuristics; a fancy word used to describe the brain’s shortcuts to accomplish tasks hundreds of times per day, such as absorbing information, making decisions, and tackling issues.

    There are a variety of ways to utilize marketing psychology, such as:

    • Engaging your audience using emotive word triggers.
    • Applying psychology-based theories to the art of copywriting.
    • For example, the choice of website color is according to the way it is perceivable.

    How psychology boost your marketing

    1. Help customers save time

    Although we have technology that can allow us to save time and enable us to accomplish more, however, our busy lives and business issues leave many of us wishing we could have more time. Therefore, the assurance of time savings will be more effective than the promise of savings on costs.

    The New York Times states, In our pursuit of happiness, we are constantly faced with big and small decisions that force us to pit time against money. A major cause, According to the experts, is that most people cannot spare as much time as the previous generation.

    If it is a good fit for your company, you should emphasize the time you’ll help customers. Support it by providing testimonials. It is also possible to provide your customers with an organized list of your services or product choices to reinforce the message.

    2. Leverage color psychology

    color psychology
    developmental psychology

    There’s a reason why a popular fast-food chain uses an abundance of shades of red for their restaurant’s interiors and packaging designs. It’s the same for hospital rooms, typically painted in tranquil, soothing colors like blue light.

    Research has shown that colors affect how messages from marketing are perceived. This is particularly the case in the context of influence and brand impression. Actually, they may even create specific emotions in particular situations, especially when purchasing intention is high.

    The principles of the psychology of color to:

    • Run better-informed A/B tests
    • Design memorable and powerful logos for brands
    • When you’re thinking of a website redesign
    • Make engaging social media posts and content posts

    3. Understand the fear of missing out (FOMO)

    Use fear of missing out

    Although the psychological basis behind FOMO is still a new research phenomenon, it’s been proven to be affecting many age categories, according to experts.

    The truth is that fear may trigger actions. Therefore, it’s a reason to consider it within an overall (CRO) plan. This is especially true in times of sales that are blowouts or discounts, as well as when you’re trying to increase the number of leads or purchases within the course of a brief time.

    Pro tip: Research has shown that limited-time special offers can entice consumers to purchase. Knowing that a deal will only be available for 24 hours or less is the most effective for buyers.

    4. Add testimonials and social evidence

    When it comes to authenticity, Human nature is to be skeptical about things. Therefore, skepticism is a good thing and is an important aspect of critical thought. While skeptics don’t necessarily mean to be cynical, recognizing that all of your claims in marketing must be supported by evidence and a solid foundation will help you improve your marketing campaigns.

    social psychology

    For instance, you can include a face, name, and industry of work in the name of each testimonial to your site or ad. This gives context to help readers believe what’s being stated. In addition, videos that show how your services made a difference for customers could be a great way to earn your trust and inspire people to look into your company more.

    5. Be prepared to overcome objections

    To be perceived as a genuine brand, it’s essential to highlight your product’s strengths without delaying the skewed concepts. In other words, psychologically speaking, it’s possible to increase credibility by highlighting your product’s weaknesses in a way that Fast Company explains.

    Experienced marketers understand that paying attention and heeding common objections from customers and prospects is vital. It’s helpful for general brand feedback and can determine how your business presents its image through channels like advertisements and content.

    6. Scarcity

    In accordance with the principle of scarcity, we consider an object that is scarce to be superior to a plentiful item. If we are concerned that we won’t be able to obtain something, it makes us need it more. Utilizing the concept of scarcity, you can motivate people to make a choice by prompting them to act quickly.


    Understanding the psychology of marketing can help you create targeted, more efficient content that your target audience loves. It is our hope that studying these fundamentals in marketing psychology can stimulate your creativity flowing.

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