What is Microsoft 365? Increase Your Business Productivity

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    Efficiency is a must in business. Being able to design, collaborate, work and communicate in a seamless manner helps any company be more efficient. Accessing tools for productivity that allow workers to work faster and more efficiently – from any location – makes organizations more agile and allows them to be competitive in their field.

    You’ve probably heard about Microsoft 365, but are you aware of the extent to which its capabilities and features can help improve workflows, collaboration, and productivity in your company?

    Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools, including Word, Exchange, Excel, SharePoint, Teams, and many more. Since Office 365 is cloud-based, it can be accessed from any location or device, as long as they’re connected. 

    What is Microsoft 365?

    Microsoft 365 is one of the only software programs that claim to be timeless. However, timeless technology may require an upgrade, and Microsoft offers this frequently. If you’ve recently updated your system or are planning to upgrade, you may ask yourself: What do you know about Microsoft Office 365? Should you replace the old one?

    The major differentiator in Microsoft Office 365 and the prior offerings from the software giant is the fact that it’s a subscription. It comes with similar productivity software that you have come to appreciate more. The shift to a subscription-based model is in line with Microsoft’s decision to move its software cloud. This allows for seamless collaboration possibilities that other companies tried to take advantage of to get customers from Microsoft.

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    Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

    1. Streamlined Knowledge

    Many companies already utilize Microsoft SharePoint or OneDrive for document management. It helps to remove business information from file sharing, enhances searchability, and provides tools for managing the history of versions and access for users. As a whole, they can increase productivity and knowledge sharing.

    2. Subscription-Based Model for Scalable Business Growth

    Office 365 gives you enhanced flexibility and allows you to quickly grow your business. In the beginning, you’ll have the ability to combine and match business applications to create a customized solution that will meet the unique requirements of every department or user. Additionally, one major benefit that Office365 offers with its subscribe-based system is the ability to add or remove users just by adding or removing licenses.

    This way, if your team has shrinked, you can stop paying for the software-as-a-service.

    3. Advanced Security Features

    Data security should be the top priority for every digitally-driven business. One major benefit of subscription-based software like Office 365 Business Premium is that since it’s continuously updated, you’ll always have the latest security patch without having to make manual updates or purchase add-ons.

    4. Enhanced Mobile Access 

    Microsoft 365 combines the power of cloud computing with a complete range of mobile applications that allow employees to be productive when traveling, at work, and working remotely. Microsoft 365 apps focus on specific apps (Word, Excel, Teams, and more.) and are free for smaller mobile devices.

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    5. 24/7 Support

    All levels in Office 365 for Business come with 24-hour access to Microsoft support via phone as well as online. Additionally, when you join the Protected Trust Teams for Any Surface program and utilize the benefits of Office 365 and your access to support will improve. Through the program, you’ll have instant accessibility to Microsoft software and the assurance that you’ll always have access to the most up-to-date capabilities and features.

    Most useful features of Microsoft 365

    Here are a few of the fascinating new features Microsoft 365 included:

    Check Your Writing With Microsoft Editor: Microsoft Editor will assist you in resolving your writing’s style and grammar. The program is Microsoft’s solution to Grammarly, which is an effective writing tool that can be used everywhere on the internet. This is it’s an “AI-powered service” that works in more than 20 languages. It is compatible with Word and It is also possible to download Microsoft Editor, the Microsoft Editor extension for Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, to take advantage of it on all websites. It can even assist with adding citations for documents within Microsoft Word.

    Download transactions of Banks in Excel: Microsoft has announced “Money in Excel,” which allows you to connect to credit and bank card accounts straight through Excel. It allows you to download transaction data and incorporate them into a budget spreadsheet or another financial spreadsheet, as when using the same tool as Mint. It makes use of Plaid, which is a well-known network that a lot of personal finance tools utilize to connect to accounts.

    Talk with Friends and Family with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is Microsoft’s answer to Slack. Both were originally designed for use in workplaces. At present, Microsoft is adding new features to Teams to help you with your personal life. You can make teams for family and friends to plan out trips, arrange gatherings, or simply remain in touch with those you love. Teams are built-in with features like video chats, group chats, and shared lists of tasks and calendars that can make everything happen.

    Secure Your Family with Microsoft Family Safety: “Microsoft Family Safety” is an innovative app designed for iPhone and Android. It helps you control your family’s time spent on screens across Windows 10, Android, and Xbox. It also provides notifications about location-sharing, so you’ll be able to track the location of your family members on maps and receive notifications when they arrive at or depart from school or work.

    Secure your mobile device from malware by using Microsoft Defender: Microsoft Defender is an app that is available on iPhone, iPad, macOS, Android, and Windows. The features you can avail yourself of depending on your operating system. However, it could include anti-phishing, anti-malware, and a dashboard that keeps an eye on your other devices operating Windows Defender.

    Microsoft 365 plans and pricing

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    microsoft 365 pricing

    You can check out and join one of Microsoft 365 plans online through Microsoft’s website. This is a brief overview of what each plan has to offer.

    Microsoft 365 Personal

    For $6.99 per month for a month or $69.99 for a full year, the package is only for one person and gives 1TB of storage.

    Microsoft 365 Family subscription

    For $9.99 per month or $99.99 to purchase an annual subscription, this plan can be shared by at least six other people. It has 1 TB of storage per person and offers additional security features within the mobile application.

    Microsoft 365 Business Basic

    For $5 per month for each user (with the option of committing to an annual contract), This package comes with Microsoft Teams as well as secure cloud-based storage, as well as mobile and web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint (desktop versions are not included).

    Microsoft 365 Business Standard

    At $12.50 per month for each user (with an annual commitment), This package comes with Microsoft Teams, secure cloud storage, business email, and premium Office applications on all devices.

    Microsoft 365 Business Premium

    For $20 per month per user (with an annual commitment), The package comes with all Standard features, sophisticated cyber threat protection as well as the management of devices.

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