How to Outsmart Instagram algorithm & Grow on Instagram in 2022

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    Since Instagram changed from its traditional chronological feed and shifted to an algorithmic feed, the IG algorithms have focused on many debates and discussions.

    Instagram is continuously developing. Last year, Facebook introduced the new shop feature that lets users on social media create their own online business and sell their products ( even without a website) on Facebook and Instagram.

    But that’s not the only aspect that is part of Instagram that has been changed. In recent times, Instagram has introduced many improvements to the IG algorithm. In addition, it continues to manage and curate its feed to offer more relevant content for its users.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss how the new Instagram algorithm for 2022 will work for stories, feed posts reels, explore pages, and IGTV, as well as some tips on how to hack the Instagram algorithm to increase engagement.

    What is the Instagram algorithm?

    Let’s begin with one of the most shocking facts. Indeed, the Instagram algorithm isn’t an individual algorithm. Instead, it’s a mix of algorithms, classifiers, and other processes that work in tandem to ensure that the correct content is placed before the appropriate people at the right moment. The bottom line is that this is what it does. It’s not motivated by ulterior motives and doesn’t wish to hurt or harm your company, posts, and reaches.

    The aim of Instagram (and consequently the algorithm) is to make sure that users have fun during their time using the app and stay longer there. When they scroll more frequently, which means and see more ads, it means more money for Instagram. 

    Instagram algorithm
    What is the Instagram algorithm?

    Therefore, it’s no surprise that the Instagram algorithm is designed to keep users engaged and consume the content they want to view. As a result, they aren’t inclined to abandon the application. The worst thing that can happen, according to Instagram, is for users to become bored by the content that they’re watching.

    That’s where an algorithm comes into action. First, the algorithm makes sure users get what they would like to see. In certain instances, this shows posts from their closest friends, contacts, and other users they regularly interact with. In other cases, it shows the posts that Instagram believes they’ll love or would be interested in. This is how they increase the visibility of certain posts. 

    How does the Instagram algorithm work

    Instagram’s algorithm is a set of rules that decide what content is seen and which is not. However, Instagram insists that, in reality, it is best known as “the algorithms,” plural.

    “We use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose,” wrote Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri in 2021 in a blog post titled ” Shedding More Light on How Instagram Works.”

    Instagram algorithm
    Instagram algorithm

    “We want to make the most of your time, and we believe that using technology to personalize your experience is the best way to do that.”

    Every time someone opens the app, Instagram algorithms immediately comb through the content available and utilize these specific recipe recipes to determine:

    • Which post are at the front of newsfeeds and in which order?
    • Which post will be featured in the Explore tab?

    In what order do Stories, Live videos, and Reels appear on the feed, their tabs for them, etc.

    Although each part of the app takes into consideration information about your relationships with your fans as well as the significance of the content as well as the timeframe of your post, the specific factors that determine the content of your Feed and Stories, the Explore tab and Reels are each slightly different.

    It is important to be aware that each part of the app includes:

    It is important to consider the timeframe of your blog post. The most recent posts have precedence over older posts.

    Relationship with your followers: Are you a follower of one another? Did they find your name? Do you communicate with one another or post comments? Do you tag one another when you post?

    Relationship with your followers

    The significance of content on Instagram measures user affinity. It determines what’s in a particular photo or video to offer the kind of content people would like to see (astrology memes, duh!).

    how does Instagram story algorithm work

    Instagram algorithm
    how Instagram story algorithm work

    The Instagram algorithm is pretty similar to Instagram Stories as it is for feeds.

    Most of the time, Instagram Stories that appear at the beginning of your Feedfeed come from accounts you interact with on the biggest.

    But, stories are intended to be watched in a jiffy, which means that even if you’re not in the middle of someone’s story feed, There’s a good possibility that they’ll click on your content.

    In this regard, it’s an excellent plan to regularly post on Instagram Stories.

    If you post on Instagram Stories more frequently and more frequently, you stand a better chance of reaching your audience who are browsing their stories on a daily basis — plus, the more viewers you get and the more popular your profile will be.

    How the Instagram Algorithm Works for Instagram Reels in 2022

    Instagram algorithm
    How Instagram Algorithm Works for Instagram Reels

    Learning how to hack the Instagram Reels algorithm could enormously benefit anyone trying to improve their performance on Instagram.

    As per Instagram , companies and creators must develop Reels that are engaging and inspiring and make use of creative tools such as images, text, or filters.

    It is also recommended to stay clear of posting Instagram Reels that are low-resolution or blurry. These seem to be copied from other apps.

    These kinds of Reels will be relegated to the bottom of the list -that is, they’ll not be able to be featured in the Explore Page and Instagram Reels tab.

    By following these suggestions and tricks, you’ll have a greater chance of getting around Instagram’s algorithm Instagram algorithm and reaching out to a new audience.

    To boost your reach, We recommend that you share the content on your Instagram Reels to your main feed, using hashtags to make your content more visible and adding captions to make your posts more easily accessible.

    Beat the Instagram Reels Algorithm using these simple steps:

    1 Make Your Reels Valuable

    We talk about this during my influencer coaching program; however, value-driven content is the king. Value can be found in various forms, from engaging to relatable content.

    Consider the type of value you provide and how you can present it in a video of 15 seconds.

    2 Tell a Story

    Although Reels aren’t long, they should be engaging. Reels should tell a complete story that is brief but sweet and engaging.

    3 Go all in on Reels Trends

    The Reels algorithm searches for similar content and displays it to those it believes will be most interested in specific content. So, if you decide to hop into trends and you are a part of them, the Reels algorithm is more likely to present your content to people who are currently obsessed with the trend.

    Instagram algorithm updates in 2022

    • New Feed options  
    • Instagram subscriptions

    Let us discuss what does it means to users

    New Options for Feeds

    The CEO of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced in January that the company was testing changes to users’ feeds. For example, the new layout could let users change between three different feeds on the main screen.

    The options are:

    Home The Home setting is the present Instagram setting where Instagram creates feeds based on what it believes will be of interest to every user the most.

    Favorites The content of this section is derived from a set of accounts selected by the user. It is displayed in chronological order.

    Following The Following is a stream of accounts that users follow and also a setting Mosseri said the in the year would be returning.

    There’s currently no date for the date Instagram will begin rolling out the three-feed feature; however, it’s certainly something to keep an eye on in 2022.

    Instagram subscriptions

    Instagram has been testing a subscription-based service with a small number of creators. Creators can utilize the service to set a monthly cost of their preference for premium content and then unlock the “subscribe” button on their profile.

    After subscribing, users can access:

    • Live streams for subscribers only, allowing to increase engagement
    • Subscriber Stories are available only to the creator’s most engaged fans
    • Subscriber badges allow creators to quickly identify their most popular followers.

    Five tips to make the Instagram algorithm ranks your content.

    To ensure your content is ranked, make sure you appeal to algorithms with these tips:

    1. Post regularly, Stories are included

    Consistency is the key to success on Instagram. We’ve heard it many times before, but now we’re getting it straight from the boss’s mouth. According to Mosseri, the most effective time to post for build an Instagram following Instagram is two weekly feed postings and two stories every day.

    However, we’re not saying you should slow down when you’re already doing greater than. The average company posts 1.56 posts in their Feedfeed each day. However, if you’re posting just one Feed post per week, bumping that frequency up a notch would not be a bad idea. If you’re not posting Stories regularly on the first day, you must consider making yourself visible to your followers. 

    Keep in mind that Story engagement and views can give your content a boost in algorithmic efficiency. Additionally, Stories are an intimate form of content that allows creators to interact with followers. This creates the Stories feed as a valuable resource for any business looking to make a sale on Instagram.

    2. Know that Instagram is favoring Reels

    Since Instagram focuses on video content, posting videos can be a fantastic opportunity to reach more people (and be featured on the Explore page). In addition, reels are displayed by Explore twice as often as regular content, which makes them a powerful way to grow.

    3. Post carousels

    Do you remember how you can see how the Instagram algorithm relies on engagement to rank posts on Feedfeed? The research suggests that carousel-related posts account for 17.3 % of Feed post content and 20 percent more engagement than typical engagement rates for the other types of posts. So regularly post carousels to boost engagement so that the algorithm can make your content more accessible to users.

    4. Build relationships

    Engaging your audience and stimulating conversation with your posts will pay dividends in a jumble. This will show your readers that you are interested in them. In addition, as many comments receive more comments you receive, the better your content will be ranked. Finally, establishing strong relationships by engaging with your followers via comments and through your DMs will boost the number of loyal followers who will be there to support your posts whenever you publish.

    Engaging with posts made by your intended users is equally important. The algorithm analyzes your interaction with them to decide how your post will appear in their Feedfeed. If you interact with the content on their site, Instagram will remember those interactions when you next click “post.”

    5. Use relevant hashtags

    Hashtags are a great way to increase the number of eyes on your post. They tell an algorithm (and Insta users) what your post’s content is about. Be aware that Instagram does not show every post that has a hashtag that falls under that hashtag. They do still show the posts that people find interesting, even in feeds with hashtags. So, even if your post doesn’t match the hashtag you’re using you’re using, it won’t show to those who browse that hashtag.

    The guidelines for how many hashtags to use for a single post are always changing. However, here’s a tip that’s not going to change: study your industry, examine which hashtags are effective for you, which hashtags your target public follows, and also what hashtags your competition is employing to develop the perfect hyper-specific, efficient hashtags strategy.


    Of course, these platforms for social networking are constantly changing, and there will be certain to be more Instagram algorithm updates to be made as time goes ahead. But whatever specific signals, features, or top-secret-AI-recipes the future may hold for the app, creating engaging Instagram content is always a winning strategy.

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