What is Guerrilla Marketing? Its Tactics that Really Worked

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    In the realm of marketing through guerrilla tactics, this phrase is right on. The field of marketing requires the same mix of innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. As a guerrilla marketing professional, it’s your duty to inspire your audience to say “Wow!”

    But, if your company uses traditional marketing, you’re losing out on a profitable opportunity. This revolutionary guerrilla marketing technique will enable your marketing campaign to attract more attention and result in additional leads, clients, and sales.

    In order to meet these requirements, let’s look at this extensive guide. First, we will go over every aspect of guerrilla marketing.

    What is guerrilla marketing?

    There aren’t many similarities between the corporate workplace and military-focused strategies; however, guerrilla marketing is among the few that are proud. The term comes from guerrilla warfare. It is a military strategy that sees smaller, mobile and sometimes civilian units conduct unintentional attacks in hostile regions. These are usually ambushes, raids, and other unexpected charges.

    Guerrilla marketing takes away the conflict; however, it employs ambush or surprise elements to create a memorable experience. The goal is to provide high-impact and memorable experiences using smaller budgets. This makes guerrilla marketing a great option for small-scale companies.

    Guerrilla Marketing Benefits

    guerrilla marketing
    guerrilla marketing events

    We’ve discovered that guerrilla marketing is an efficient and cost-effective method to advertise a business. Let’s look at the additional advantages of this method.

    • Improved brand recognition. Guerrilla marketing is all about creating buzz about a business. Unusual and provocative campaigns are the ideal source of energy to increase brand recognition.
    • Helps differentiate from competitors. Bold and memorable marketing strategies that are guerrilla and work in tandem with the distinctive value proposition can make your company stand out from the competition.
    • A strong emotional connection to the brand. Since guerrilla marketing can effectively provoke emotion, one campaign can establish a strong bond between a brand’s image and a client. This is the basis of lasting, long-lasting relationships with customers.
    • Establishing partnerships. Most guerrilla marketing campaigns are complicated that requires collaboration among various organizations or businesses. Therefore, guerrilla marketing could be the ideal starting point for forming partnerships.

    Different types of guerrilla marketing

    Once you have a basic understanding of the basics of this field of marketing, let’s examine the most common types of Guerilla Marketing for online shopping:

    1.Ambush Marketing

    As the name implies, ambush marketing is a type of advertising employed to advertise a product by engaging in sabotage of an event that the brand of a competitor sponsors. It’s a kind of guerrilla advertising where an element of shock takes the viewers off guard by its aggressiveness and leaves an impression that lasts.

    You can expect to witness this kind of ambush at musical concerts, sporting events, or even in an underground station! It could be anything extravagant, like an ambush or flash mob, or something less obvious, like strategically put-up signs. However, this is a high-risk method because it’s usually carried out without the consent of the organizers or officials.

    2. Viral Marketing

    As the name implies, the main purpose of this kind of promotion is to allow people to share and spread a message. If you can share more, it’s more. When a message is viral, it allows you to reach a greater number of people. The business does not have to put in a lot of effort. Within a short time, your message will reach millions of people without paying any additional cost. The message must be creative and intriguing, appealing to the target audience to share with others.

    A company, for instance, could start a viral advertising campaign using online guerilla marketing to promote online shopping that asks for the sharing of photos of people doing something positive. Today, people are familiar with posting their lives online, making sharing campaigns such as this easy.

    3. Stealth Marketing

    This type of marketing is different from the previous one. The customers here aren’t directly exposed to the advertising campaigns and are not aware of any marketing materials. Advertorials are among the most commonly used variations of this strategy. However, it’s quite an extremely risky method as customers may be hesitant once they realize they are being exposed to strategies for marketing.

    For instance, in the movie Devil wears, Prada, Two renowned brands, Prada and Vogue, were on display. The audience was aware of the advertising. However, they were not aware of the marketing.

    4. Experiential marketing

    The essential part of experience-based marketing is creating an environment in which the intended audience is brought to experience a memorable moment and can connect with something that represents your brand. Experiential marketing is about making a connection between your business and potential customers.

    The most obvious method is to organize or support an occasion like a convention, fair, etc. However, you can also employ more imaginative methods, as the cartoon shows Rick & Morty did. The creators of the show sent cars shaped like Rick all over US cities. They also coordinated social media posts to help the campaign. The campaign became viral. The vehicle was followed by people across the country, to snap photos with it, and purchase merchandise.

    5. Street Marketing

    Retailers offering a variety of items on the internet cannot profit until and unless the physical format is readily available on the street. Street marketing provides a physical presence distinct from the online version. The main characteristic of this type of marketing is being conducted in public spaces such as shopping malls. Instead of using direct marketing strategies, the aim is to trigger an emotional response among prospective customers. This will help customers remember the brand in a distinctive way.

    For instance, we frequently observe costumed people at public locations distributing flyers and making people aware of the forum’s online presence in a physical format.

    How much does Guerrilla Marketing cost?

    One factor that makes guerrilla marketing strategies appealing to many businesses is that they are cost-effective. However, guerrilla marketing is based on the power of imagination and creativity instead of financial investment.

    Like a guerrilla fighter marketer, guerrilla marketers must be skilled, creative, and quite innovative in the development of effective strategies for marketing guerrilla. In this sense, they employ inexpensive and creative methods that get prospective customers’ attention and adapt traditional marketing strategies to draw in their existing customers.

    How to Set Up a creative guerrilla marketing Campaigns

    The process of establishing a guerrilla marketing campaign isn’t something that you can accomplish in a matter of hours. Instead, it takes a lot of research and meticulous planning is required in creating it before you can launch the campaign as a fully-fledged one.

    Let’s look at how you can get started by marketing guerrilla!

    Step 1.Know Your Audience

    Every marketing plan is ineffective without a target market.

    Knowing who your people are and your target audience is the initial step to setting up your guerrilla marketing strategy. You must identify your audience, understand what they are responding to as well as be aware of their preferences, desires, or desires as well as concerns.

    Find out more about your targeted customers by looking into your existing customers, talking to your sales team about what the customers are interested in these days, and listening to customers you might be interested in through social networks.

    Step 2.Set Goals

    Sure, guerrilla marketing can be thrilling and enjoyable, but it is not a viable marketing tactic if you do not define objectives. Thus, you need to define specific and specific goals that are achievable and realistic for your business.

    Make sure that your objectives are in line with what your company’s goals are, whether it is primarily to increase brand recognition or do you want to boost sales also?

    Step 3.Analyze Your Environment

    Guerrilla marketing is based on awe-inspiring and surprising potential clients in their normal environment and surroundings. Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the appropriate spot if you are looking to get to their favorite places.

    Begin by looking at the daily surroundings, and search for unusual areas or spots that could make an impact without causing trouble. Then, study current conditions, analyze the latest trends in marketing, and review other guerrilla marketing campaigns to study their effects.

    Step 4.Choose a Technique

    The enjoyable (but difficult) aspect – deciding on an approach or technique to bring your brand to life! Good old brainstorming sessions are all you require to put your show going.

    What will it be, an aggressive strategy such as ambush marketing or something more subtle such as stealth advertising? Get your friends together and get your minds together to brainstorm some crazy concepts for your guerrilla marketing.

    Step 5.Execute Your Plan

    Everything in guerrilla marketing boils down to the method you use to implement the whole plan. Therefore, be sure that every step of your strategy is carried out promptly and efficiently.

    Review the plan carefully at the strategy to figure out any mistakes or negatives, as you can’t afford an ineffective guerrilla marketing campaign.

    Step 6.Measure Results

    Are you curious about how effectively you’re marketing guerrilla campaigns generated buzz?

    Also, keep an eye out for mentions of your brand on the media channels, and utilize the software for listening on social networks to understand what they’re talking about. Finally, do surveys and studies on the reach of social media among people as well as examine a ‘before and afterward impact of whether the influence was any on your sales and the popularity of your brand.

    Tips for successful guerrilla marketing

    1. Make it Clever

    guerrilla marketing
    What is Guerrilla Marketing? Its Tactics that Really Worked 9

    “Remembering” or the “memory retention” approach relies on presenting your product from an innovative, creative perspective. The cleverer your campaign will be remembered, the better the experience will become.

    Here’s a fantastic example of Reynolds Wrap Aluminium Foil. It’s as simple as putting what appears like their typical packaging on top of a gate for the front of their store, and voila! The gate looks like an enormous aluminium foil roll. Clever, no?

    2. Make it Dynamic

    guerrilla marketing
    guerrilla marketing international

    Another method to use an advertising guerrilla style is to solicit people who aren’t aware. For example, frontline covered the floor of a shopping mall with this ad for a tick and flea spray. As you can see in the picture, the customers who walked across the floor appeared to be fleas to the ones higher up. Do you want to take an extra second to take a look?

    3. Make it Endearing

    People are awestruck by everything and are free, which is why many of the most memorable advertising campaigns are based on giveaways for free. For example, Coca-Cola recently transformed a typical vending machine into a “Happiness Machine. Customers who utilized the machine were rewarded with complimentary glasses of Coke to give to friends and beautiful bouquets of flowers, and even whole pizzas!

    Examples of marketing guerrilla

    1. Cool, refreshing beer door

    guerrilla marketing

    The marketing campaign mentioned above was a bit important; Polish beer brand Tyskie picked a more simple approach to grab attention which was also lighthearted and entertaining.

    2. Invisible homeless

    guerrilla marketing

    A cost-effective guerrilla campaign is an ideal choice for perpetually cash-strapped non-profit organizations. For example, RaisingTheRoof is a Canadian charity focused on the needs of homeless people and strategies to tackle homelessness. It employs its bang-for-the-buck strategy by reminding urban residents of the numerous but often unnoticed homeless youngsters around them.

    3. Dressing room on the street

    guerrilla marketing

    Arkaden is a well-known shopping mall located in the middle of Gothenburg, a city with about 600 000 inhabitants in Sweden. For the fall (fall) trend season, the mall’s management was keen to showcase the wide selection of winter attire and the numerous high-end brands available.

    4. Colgate’s Wooden Sticks 

    guerrilla marketing

    At certain events on certain occasions, at certain times, the Colgate brand is famous for giving away product samples. But, for a specific Oral Health Month, they chose to take the opposite direction.

    In order to advertise its products for oral hygiene, such as toothbrushes, wooden sticks were designed to be inserted into Ice cream bars.

    5. Barbie’s Bus Stop

    guerrilla marketing

    The most well-known outdoor guerrilla marketing spots are the bus stops that are located in public spaces throughout cities.

    These stops aren’t only seen by people riding buses and everyone passing by on foot or in a car.

    To draw the attention of the brand’s name, Mattel, the maker of the well-known Barbie doll, chose to embellish a bus stop to draw attention by filling it up with Barbie-themed decorations. Barbie theme.

    Final Thoughts

    Guerrilla marketing is an extremely effective form of marketing, and when properly implemented, it can be a low-cost but powerful marketing strategy your company can employ to stand out from the rest of the market.

    Like any other good guerrilla fighter, try some unconventional methods and add a touch of risk. And be ready to be somewhat controversial. Then, you’ll be on your path to taking your business to the next step.

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