Google Fiber: Find availability in your area

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    In 2010 Google stunned the $60 billion industry of broadband with its announcement of plans to launch fiber-based internet for homes that could provide connections as fast as a gigabit second — which is 100 times faster than the typical speeds available at the time. As the initiative was dubbed, Google Fiber was launched into the market for access to prove the benefits of ultra-high-speed internet. However, after deploying to six metropolitan regions in the space of six years, the company’s management announced in the latter half of 2016 that they were “pausing” future deployments.

    What is Google Fiber ?

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    Google Fiber is a high-speed internet connection that is similar to other wifi available in the market ], however, significantly faster than those offered by Comcast Xfinity U-verse, AT&T Uverse, Spectrum, Verizon FIOS, as well as other Internet service companies.

    Managed and owned by Alphabet, Google Fiber was first announced in 2010 and began its initial launch in 2012, one year following the choice of Kansas City as its official launch site. A small test rollout in Palo Alto was completed before the launch at Kansas City.

    How fast is google fiber

    The main reason people are drawn to Google Fiber is its capacity. Although the average national internet connectivity is around 11.5 Mbps, Google Fiber boasts an impressive speed of 1000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps) in the top service tier.

    Similar to many broadband internet providers, Google Fiber is a shared network. This means how fast you get on how much data is being used by your peers simultaneously. But since Google Fiber is built to accommodate 1000 Mbps, the bandwidth is so large that it’s not likely that any single customer’s bandwidth will be affected by other customers.

    How much Google Fiber costs ?

    Google Fiber plans only offer two choices, but they should be adequate for most people. For example, Google Fiber 1000 offers upload speeds of 1000 Mbps and download speeds of 1000 Mbps at $70.

    Google Fiber 2000 offers upload speeds as high as 2000Mbps and speeds for downloading up to 1000 Mbps. The two plans do not have a data limit, so you can make the most of the lightning-fast Google Fiber speed. There’s no contract for Google Fiber, so you don’t have to be locked into any plan indefinitely. The plan is paid monthly, and you can cancel the service whenever you’d like.

    Few rivals can match Google Fiber in every category. Certain providers provide comparable internet speeds, such as Xfinity, but they cost three times. Many internet service providers offering plans with similar prices range have slower speeds. Numerous competitors, such as AT&T or Cox, have monthly data limits. Spectrum doesn’t have a cap on data and has a competitive price but does not have the upload or speed of downloads offered by Google Fiber.

    What is Google fiber webpass?

    Webpass is an internet connection that is wired with no wires. It is specifically targeted at high occupancy homes like apartments and commercial structures. It may sound odd until you know how it works, which is quite amazing. Webpass makes use of an antenna that is located on its roof to connect to an internet connection. It’s a wireless Internet connection; however, the building is wired.

    It functions like other internet services from the end-user (i.e., the user) is concerned. Although it’s not quite as speedy as Google Fiber, it’s still very fast, with speeds ranging up to 100Mbps and 500 Mbps. That is roughly 50% faster than Google Fiber which is 25 times faster than the average speed of the internet within the U.S.

    Google Fiber bought Webpass in 2016 to acquire Webpass. The purchase followed a period during which Google Fiber stopped rollouts and sparked speculation that Google might end its rollout of Google Fiber. However, after the purchase of Webpass, Google Fiber resumed rolling out to new cities.

    Where is Google fiber accessible?

    google fiber
    google fiber city

    However, Google Fiber is only available in a small number of cities, main cities with major metropolitan regions. Google Fiber plans to come to several cities that are not yet in existence. However, there are difficulties in bringing it to fruition. Below is the most recent schedule of Google Fiber cities:

    • Atlanta, GA
    • Austin, TX
    • Charlotte, NC
    • Chicago, IL
    • Denver, CO
    • Huntsville, AL
    • Kansas City, KS
    • Kansas City, MO
    • Miami, FL
    • Nashville, TN
    • Oakland, CA
    • Orange, CA
    • Provo, UT
    • San Antonio, TX
    • San Diego, CA
    • San Francisco, CA
    • Salt Lake City, UT
    • Seattle, WA
    • The Triangle, NC
    • Des Moines, IA

    How to reset google fiber 

    How do you reset a Goggle Fiber Network Box or TV box:

    • Press the reset button, and hold it for a minimum of 20 minutes.
    • The LED on the device flashed red for about 10 seconds before changing to purple.
    • When you notice that the light has turned off completely, press the button to reset.
    • Give it a couple of minutes for your device to reboot and then connect to your network.

    How do I reset my Google Fiber Storage Box:

    Are you experiencing problems in your Google Fiber Storage box and seeking an efficient and simple method of resetting it? Then, take a look at the following steps for resetting your Google Fiber Storage Box:

    • Start by pressing your reset switch on the Storage Box and then allow the LED to turn on to a rapid blinking purple light.
    • Keep pressing your reset switch for an additional 10 seconds, and then wait for the LED to turn dark before releasing it.
    • It should take at least a couple of minutes until the device can restart. Then, you can connect to the network.
    • If the first step doesn’t accomplish the trick, proceed to reset the TV box.

    How to cancel google fiber account 

    1. Log in to the account you have created with your Google Fiber login, and then click on the “Manage Profile” link.

    2. On your profile page, find the “Cancel Fiber Service” link and click it. Then click “Confirm” to follow through on the cancellation.

    google fiber
    google fiber help

    If you do not notice a “Cancel Fiber Service” option or if there is already a service, it is necessary to get in touch with Fiber’s customer support department and follow up on the procedure directly.

    Contact Fiber customer service with Fiber customer service by telephone, text or live chat, email, and fax.

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