What is GIPHY ?How It Can Help To Grow Your Brand in 2022

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    GIPHY is among the most popular GIF websites on the web. The company was founded in 2013 and was also the initial and largest GIF search engine. Since its launch, the GIPHY search engine has changed the way people express themselves through their means to express themselves via social media to be more enjoyable and thrilling. The social media giant Facebook purchased GIPHY after Instagram acquired WhatsApp. The giant is said to have bought GIPHY for $400 million.

    Giphy is an incredible goldmine, but it isn’t yet used to its fullest by marketers. If you don’t know the meaning behind Giphy, it’s an online platform where creators and companies can upload stickers or GIFs.

    What is GIPHY ?

    giphy create

    The GIPHY includes a complete collection of GIFs (short video loops) and stickers, which can easily be accessed via phone. Users can search through various subjects, categories, or phrases, and it displays an extensive selection of GIFs, animated stickers, and Emojis that will provide the ideal reaction or conversation starter through iMessage, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, or any other social media platforms.

    How Giphy Works

    The usage of GIFs in social media can piggyback upon the popularity and appeal of emojis that are utilized to express any emotion that a person is feeling in the present. Many GIFs used on social media are silent looped video clips of characters or scenes from a film or show, which can be more expressive and lively than an Emoji.

    Giphy was established at the end of 2013 by Alex Chung and Jace Cooke, who decided to build an archive consisting of GIFs to use instead of words to communicate feelings.5 The database, as well as the number of people using it, has been growing rapidly, and as high as 700 million people had access to more than 10 million GIFs each day in May 2020.6

    Users look for the GIF with a search term and select one of the results. Then, users can cut or paste it into text messages or post it to social media. Giphy recently launched an app for mobiles that gives users access to the application on mobile phones and tablets.

    Giphy has also expanded in the creation of content aspects of its business. For instance, both individuals, as well as businesses can now design their GIFs through Giphy. The Giphy site supplies artists with the tools needed to create amazing GIFs, including videos or animations. The artists’ creations can be seen in the art gallery on the website.

    Key Features in Giphy

    • This tool allows you to convert a collection of photos into GIFs that can be animated. GIF.
    • It lets you change MP4 and MOV videos to GIFs easily and without difficulty.
    • It allows users to easily convert JPG and PNG images to stickers.
    • It lets you convert images and video files from local storage or directly from a URL to a video-sharing site like YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, and many more.
    • It also provides a preview feature to see what the output GIF image will appear to apply any necessary modifications if required.
    • Offers an option to trim your video with an easy-to-use slider to help make your GIF the proper length.
    • It lets you modify the GIF to improve the quality of output by using various options such as captions (animations and styles), filters, stickers, filters, and free draw tools.

    Benefits of using Giphy

    • Platform-independent- Giphy is platform-independent. Giphy can be used on all operating systems or devices as long as you’ve got an internet browser and an Internet connection.
    • Cloud storage for free- It provides a free cloud storage service where you can upload the created GIFs and transmit the results to the intended audience.
    • Simple and easy to use- It is simple and intuitive. Giphy is incredibly simple to use, even for new users, thanks to the wizard-like image/video GIF conversion.
    • GIF Enhancing options- You can modify and enhance the output GIF by using filters and text, special effects, and free-draw.

    How to use Giphy to grow your brand

    If you’re interested in using Giphy for your benefit and gain more brand awareness, This is the information you should be aware of:

    giphy gifs

    Consider what’s trending now. What GIFs are trending? When you are searching for topics relevant to your brand or product, what GIFs are most prominent? This can inspire you to act and create or download GIFs that your customers can relate to. This is the purpose of GIF advertising.

    Check demand and competition. There are many topics on Giphy which have low competition. What is the reason? A lot of marketers haven’t utilized the incredible advantages Giphy can provide. In terms of the strategy of a company, GIFs have the potential to become evergreen. They’ll work for years to come. It’s vital to check what GIFs are trending on Giphy are trending and what are not.

    Select the right keywords. If you’re creating GIFs but not using the correct keywords, you’re at risk of not being able to find your GIFs. You want your audience to be able to locate the transformational GIFs, GIFs that convey your story, as well as GIFs that are entertaining and engaging. Giphy is a fantastic platform to start with to do just that.

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