What is ePacket? Tracking, Delivery, Shipping, Cost in 2023

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    The supply chain across the globe is extremely complicated, and with more suppliers operating in multiple countries, it can be difficult to figure out the most effective shipping method for your company.

    As a lot of eCommerce business owners realize, it’s usually easy to purchase items from China due to ePacket shipping.

    To keep a competitive edge against Chinese-based businesses, It’s essential to learn the basics of ePacket shipping and why it’s now a common shipping method for merchants from China and Hong Kong.

    What is ePacket?

    ePacket is a method of shipping used by third-party logistics (3PL) service providers that operate in Hong Kong and China. In 2011 the United States Postal Service (USPS) announced a formal arrangement in partnership with eBay China and Hong Kong Post. The agreement permits tracking packets via China in China and Hong Kong and further receiving USPS First Class Mail Service with delivery confirmation.

    Additionally, ePacket allows faster and more inexpensive deliveries to their clients. It is now in 44 countries worldwide.

    Before that, ePacket products were sent via sea routes to China in the US. This was a costly method and required a longer time to get there. But the ePacket, however, is a modern method that has been adapted to current technology.

    What are the advantages of using ePacket?

    The number of countries with the ability to use ePacket is always growing. This isn’t surprising, given the numerous benefits of ePacket delivery.

    1. Faster: Traditional ways of transporting goods to and from China to other areas of the world typically take months. ePacket delivers much quicker delivery times. Of course, you’re not as fast as Amazon’s delivery time, but you can anticipate that your package will reach your client within three weeks.

    2. More affordable: ePacket has lower shipping costs, allowing you to make your product more affordable.

    3. Door-to-door China ePacket tracking: ePacket delivery gives customers the possibility of full-time tracking at no extra cost. Tracking and ePacket’s delivery through official websites like the EMS or USPS provides the greatest advantage.

    4. Free returns on undeliverable goods: A further benefit for customers is the assurance that a product that is not delivered can be returned at no additional cost. This improves the relationship between the merchant and the customer since online retailers can refund any items that weren’t delivered to their customers.

    5. Postal customs payments: All customs taxes, duties, or other taxes must be paid by the receiver of the package. Because the ePacket delivery passes through normal customs clearance, the customer may have to cover relevant taxes and duties.

    Before the advent of ePacket before it, China shipping service was the most popular option, which was relied upon for low-cost delivery of consumer products. The drawback is that it could generally take more than one month for customers to receive their purchases. The other options were too costly, particularly when compared with the cost that the products cost.

    What are the requirements for using ePacket?

    The requirements for this ePacket service are all tied to the product’s material size, weight, value, and dimensions. So let’s take examine them in greater depth.

    Product material    

    Aviation regulations severely restrict specific products’ materials, including but not only hazardous materials such as lithium batteries, chemicals, and liquids, as well as powders, ferromagnetic objects, and so on.

    Weight of the package

    The weight of the package should not exceed 2 kilograms (4.41 pounds). This is that of the item with the bag or box the item is delivered in.

    Size of package

    The dimensions of the package should not exceed 90 centimeters (35.4 inches). This is the sum of the package’s width, length, and height, including the longest portion of the package, is not over 60cm (23.6 inches). Similar parameters are also set for rolls-up packages, with the exception that the total length of the package and twice its width should not exceed 104 centimeters (40 inches).).

    A standard-size package must not be smaller than 14 centimeters (5.5 inches) in length and 11 centimeters (4.3 in) in width.

    Product Value

    Items valued over 400 US dollars cannot be delivered by ePacket. Additionally, there is no minimum amount for the item.

    What is ePacket delivery?

    ePacket delivery refers to the name used to describe the transportation of your parcel after shipping.

    It can be taken care of by the local courier within the country of your choice, like the USPS and UPS, which each have their charges and shipping requirements.

    How to track ePacket

    ePacket tracking offers customers complete tracking without additional costs and allows them to easily track and track their packages through official websites, for example, the EMSUSPS, and China Post. All mail that is not delivered will be returned free of charge, which means merchants can refund customers who don’t get their orders.

    There are various ways to track the delivery of your packet you need to know.

    The first option is to go to any of their official sites according to the country where your ePacket delivery is currently in transit. For example, you can use EMS if the package is located in China. If your package is in the US, then use USPS.

    epacket order tracking

    You can also make use of third-party tracking companies. If you have a hard experience using the official sites:

    Tracking orders and ePackets is useful because it allows customers to self-serve and determines the exact location of their package and when they can expect it. This decreases support calls regarding pending deliveries and enhances the user experience.

    Cost of ePacket shipping  

    Here’s a brief overview of the ePacket shipping cost.

    It is important to note that these expenses do not include the cost of tracking, which is an additional Y=8-16 RMB.

    These ePacket shipping costs are only a reference. The actual cost is set at the China Post office. China Post office at the moment of shipping.

    Weight (kilograms)Cost (1 RMB = 0.16 USD)
    0.5 kg49 RMB ($7.69)
    1.0 kg89 RMB ($13.97)
    1.5 kg129 RMB ($20.26)
    2.0 kg (maximum allowable weight)169 RMB ($26.54 USD)3

    It is also possible to check the most recent exchange rate for the USD against the RMB.

    How Long Does ePacket Take To Deliver From China To the USA?

    epacket delivery from china

    The most common question is, what is the time ePacket delivered from China? As with other shipping options, the delivery time is different. The typical ePacket delivery time for delivery from China into China to the United States is 10 to 20 days. The most significant factors that impact delivery times include your package’s destination, customs requirements, holidays, and any other unavoidable delays.

    It is important to remember that the 10-20 days period applies to China to the United States only. It could be a bit higher for the other nations, contingent on the above factors and how the package gets to the right facilities before arriving at the destination.

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