What is DHL Ecommerce? How its Different from DHL Express

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    What is DHL Ecommerce?

    DHL eCommerce is an international tracked mail service that was created to aid online sellers in reaching customers across the globe. The purpose of this company is to help make international shipping inexpensive and easy.

    How does DHL eCommerce work?

    Entrepreneurs can send their goods to a DHL fulfillment warehouse, where customers’ orders are processed and delivered. The services offered by DHL eCommerce include collecting the goods and delivering and handling returns from unhappy customers.

    In the beginning, all you need to do is connect to an online platform that doesn’t require installation or expense from your side. Then, utilize the portal’s capabilities to import your purchases make shipping labels, obtain tracking numbers, and track the possibility of returning your order.

    DHL eCommerce offers same-day and next-day delivery for businesses located in the US according to the number of orders. For those with large sales, DHL Fulfillment also allows you to store your merchandise on your behalf, which means delivery and picking up is easier.

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    How does DHL eCommerce deliver?

    DHL Express courier ensures that your package is delivered safely and is signed for. Process:

    • Make your Waybill and plan an appointment using their simple shipping services.
    • Once the courier has picked up your package, it is sorted at the DHL Service Center before being taken to the DHL Hub, where it will be separated for transport and then loaded on a DHL aircraft.
    • The necessary information for clearance by Customs is instantaneously delivered to the final destination, which allows your shipment to be delivered promptly upon arrival.
    • You can track the package you receive at any moment by using an online feature for tracking.
    • Once your shipment reaches its destination, it’s sorted and scanned to ensure delivery within the domestic area at the DHL hub and your local Service Center before delivering the final mile.

    DHL eCommerce or DHL Express: Choose which One is Right for You

    If you are deciding between DHL eCommerce and DHL Express for your eCommerce business, the choice is easy, and you can use both depending on your requirements. In general, U.S.-based online merchants who mostly serve customers in the United States are better off using DHL eCommerce, and those who often ship across-border to international destinations ought to prefer DHL Express.

    Easyship is pleased to partner with DHL as an experienced courier partner that can provide you with various shipping options with discounted and pre-negotiated rates, including the two DHL eCommerce and DHL Express. 

    DHL eCommerce pros & cons

    DHL eCommerce pros

    As a global shipping company, DHL excels with parcel delivery and shipping services. Its worldwide shipping and fulfillment network lets you ship packages domestically and globally with DHL shipping. With hubs situated in Europe, Asia, and North America, DHL has the logistics of the supply chain figured out to ensure that each delivery is delivered to your client. In addition, DHL guarantees the international shipping of your parcel to more than 200 countries, and its final delivery relationship with USPS assures that your DHL package will reach 154 million US addresses.

    Tracking the shipment guarantees that your customer gets your parcel regardless of where they reside. Each DHL package comes with a tracking code that allows both you and your customer to follow the progress of their delivery. If your parcel is moved to another courier to be delivered to the destination country, DHL will ensure you have a tracking code. DHL eCommerce tracking will provide global end-to-end tracking of your shipment to track its progress as it reaches your client.

    For every business owner managing the status of deliveries, orders, and returns are essential to managing revenue and profit. With a user-friendly web platform, DHL eCommerce collects all the necessary information. The web portal online lets you review reports and data on shipment printing tags and track numbers, view invoices and shipping rates, look up warnings about delays to shipping, and design return labels. All this is an integral part of DHL’s platform that allows you to concentrate on your business’s operations while DHL manages logistics.

    DHL eCommerce Cons

    One of the major problems concerning DHL eCommerce is the fact that its pricing is only available on an inquiry. In addition, you’ll require a DHL eCommerce account to be able to prove that your business is in compliance with the firm’s strict shipping requirements. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact cost in advance, and it might be different depending on the volume of your shipment and the location.

    DHL eCommerce will only work with the largest volume of shippers. Your company has sent 100 domestic or international packages daily over the last 3 months. The expectation is that you will regularly send but not depend on DHL for urgent deliveries. The DHL service is not intended to be a service intended for shipping only once in a while or rush shipment.

    There are additional costs and hidden costs for the delivery of packages. Certain of them are based on the season or the international fuel price, and others are calculated on the weight of the package.

    Does DHL eCommerce deliver on weekends?

    track dhl ecommerce

    DHL online commerce delivers between Monday and Saturday. It offers you the correct time to deliver your packages to your doorstep. Although in US areas, the options aren’t as extensive as you consider delivery on weekends, DHL provides weekend alternatives elsewhere in the world. With the option of delivery during weekends, online shops can offer delivery on an urgent basis or even on urgent occasions such as birthdays, holidays like Christmas, and so on.

    Sometimes, the customers are only present at the delivery location on weekends, so they will require delivery at those times.

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