Clickbait: Do People Actually Fall for These Tricks in 2022

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    The word “clickbait” often is associated with a negative meaning. It is a common misconception that clicking on a clickbait headline is bad. If you ask any most common web user, they’ll explain that clickbait happens the case when a headline overstates the significance of an action. If you can comprehend the concept isn’t a problem to use an exaggerated headline, as long as you support your assertions with facts and don’t mislead your user.

    what clickbait

    What is Clickbait?

    Clickbait is a headline that exudes excitement and encourages you to click a hyperlink for an article, picture, or video. Instead of providing objective information Clickbait headlines usually draw your sense of wonder and emotions. When you click on a link, the website that hosts it earns money from advertisers; however, the content is often of questionable quality and accuracy. Sites employ clickbait to pull in as many clicks as they can and thus increase the amount of money they earn from advertising.

    While headlines that are enthralling and captivating have been popular from the beginning of time, clickbait has been commonplace in the world of digital. But, at the same time, it’s based on an old concept that clickbait is still used for the same function as its predecessors, that is, to draw your attention using whatever method is required.

    Advantages of using clickbait

    Clickbait Gets Views.

    This is the ideal option if your ultimate objective is to increase clicks. But unfortunately, because clickbait pulls on the human mind, it’s nearly too easy to attract attention by creating a funny, imaginative title.

    Clickbait has proven to be an effective tool over and over again and is likely to be going to go away. It brings people to your site or blog and gives them the possibility to make them convert.

    Clickbait Is Part of the Game.

    The wacky, half-true headlines of the past are now such a prominent part of our media consumption that it’s almost the norm. But, unfortunately, you’re part of a small number if you’re not using even some form of clickbait.

     The competition is fierce, with everyone doing everything they can to draw guests, sometimes through any method required.

    The likelihood that someone in your industry is using clickbait is quite high. However, they could be doing it wrong and tricking their users into clicking on their ads.

    If you go into the ring using better techniques, you’ll attract leads with attractive titles that deliver on the promise of their value.

    Clickbait Helps You Stand Out.

    Although clickbait may make you feel uncomfortable, there’s no doubt that it’s effective. The tried and tested strategies should not be overlooked.

    If you’re producing content of high quality and providing products or services that truly benefit your customers, It must be the top priority to make sure your content is released to the world.

    Clickbait will make your content more visible and bring leads to your business once they realize your content is good. In addition, it will bring ideal clients to your site instead of the competition.

    Why Does Clickbait Work?

    The reason why Clickbait continues to be successful is due to how people think.

    Psychology today connects the popularity of clickbait to how humans hunt to find information. We always seek more.

    The brain releases dopamine as a reward for performing positive actions. When clicking on an intriguing headline, dopamine is sprayed straight into our brains. The words that appear in clickbait headlines are prey for that desire, which makes us click to get a quick dose of dopamine in reward for submitting to our interest.

    Conjoint research was conducted jointly by the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Brazil and the Qatar Computing Research Institute. Qatar Computing Research Institute found the most intriguing headlines available are those that divide the public.

    The opinions that were extreme attracted the most attention. By introducing information that we do not be aware of, The headline entices us to learn more. Clickbait is a great way to grab a viewer’s attention right from the beginning.

    Clickbait is also a part of this FOMO effect, which is the fear of being left out. If you can entice someone with details, they’ll require to close the gap between curiosity and curiosity, or else you run the risk of being left out is high.

    It’s not guaranteed to draw viewers’ attention to content, but it is a good way to get them interested.

    If you do not accurately describe the content you are promoting in your headline; you could be driving your readers away rather than keeping them entertained. There are certain instances when clickbait is a fantastic way to catch the attention of the viewers and draw them in, as well as in some instances; it isn’t working at all.

     Ways Marketers Can Use Clickbait in their campaign.

    How can we utilize clickbait effectively? First, let’s examine some efficient and efficient methods to complete.

    1. Use FOMO 


    What are the details you’ve got that customers require to be aware of? Consider the essentials of what your business provides, including the About page along with the purpose and vision of the company, as well as other information. Remember that numbers will always make a headline more appealing.

    Before: Facts About Famous Football Players

    After: 5 Facts About Famous Football Players You Need to Know

    It is also possible to change the phrase ‘ought to be aware ‘to’ every music lover to be aware. So, music fans will be enticed to click since they don’t want their music knowledge to fall short of their music knowledge.

    2. Link to Other Articles

    Clickbait is a common feature in headlines, but you know the ‘Recommended Reads’ section at the bottom of blog posts or articles is an excellent method to utilize this technique. By doing this, you’re making it simpler for your visitors to take longer on your site. After they’ve finished an article, they come across another one that grabs their attention and decides to explore further content. Providing original headlines or brand new clickbait titles that catch the eye is an excellent way to boost the number of visits.

    3. Add Humor

    In marketing, Humor is always a great strategy to capture the attention and hearts of a crowd. Laughter can be a great start to building relationships with customers.

    4. Be Relevant

    When you can, make your content relevant to current occasions. Can you incorporate a popular phrase, a holiday, and even the names of a famous person? Because these subjects are prominent in people’s minds, they’re aware of the topic and will be able to recognize them in your content.

    Clickbait examples


    The Buzzfeed article is in line with SEO guidelines. Its page titles and headlines accurately reflect the contents. Unfortunately, the emotionally charged headline uses false promises (“guaranteed to satisfy your life easier”) to entice users to click on the article’s affiliate hyperlinks.


    In this case, it is evident that the page’s title and URL do not match The language used is very sensational. For example, the headline says you’ll get “shocked” by a “superfood” that “melts fat.” Its thrilling language and high-stakes proposition are designed to generate the user’s attention and increase conversion rates.

    Brands may also employ clickbait words in a video’s title or description in order to gain views. In the example below, the headline of the video uses all caps, punctuation marks, and a captivating image to entice viewers to click on their video


    The article only provides the calorie count for various foods and meals.

    Real Estate example


    When looking at the real estate market, buyers need to know if prices favor them, the condition of the home, and its price. Incorporating these three elements will get everyone who is attracted.

    The language is a bit snarky, but it delivers the right message, which makes buyers interested in the property. In addition, the image adds a touch of magical elements.

    Clickbait strategies that you should avoid

    Although clickbait is an efficient digital marketing technique, it can damage your brand’s reputation if used badly.

    Many social media platforms, as well as search engines, have added guidelines to their policies in order to prevent the use of sensationalist or false content.

    The policy of Google restricts “Ads that use clickbait tactics or sensationalist text or imagery to drive traffic.” This includes:

    • Advertisements claim to reveal other people’s secrets or provide sensationalist information.
    • Advertisements that make use of pictures that have been altered or are disaster images.
    • Advertisements feature “before and after” photos showing significant changes to our bodies.
    • Adverts make use of negative events such as the death of a loved one, illness, or catastrophe to inspire action from viewers.

    When you use Facebook, clickbait articles appear less prominently within News Feeds, and repeated sharing may cause page limitations.

    It’s also crucial to stay clear of fraudulent clickbait ads on your website since they could undermine your company’s image trust.

    In the end, success boils down to two aspects:

    • Write compelling, honest, engaging headlines.
    • Do not disappoint your readers when they click them.

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