What is (BBB) Better Business Bureau? What are its Advantages

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    What is BBB better business bureau?

    The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a private entity that offers public information about charities and businesses. They also handle complaints from customers about businesses. The non-profit bureau has created a rating system for businesses based on a scale from Aplus to F. Each rating is evaluated by a set of criteria that relate to the ethics of a business and its performance.

    The BBB guides businesses on how to conduct their business safely. Companies that adhere to these guidelines and pay their annual dues are certified by the BBB. To become accredited, the business must operate with integrity, be licensed properly, follow the BBB advertising guidelines, and be free of unresolved consumer complaints.

    The Advantages of Better Business Bureau Membership


    A major benefit of Better Business Bureau membership is its trustworthiness to small or new companies. Membership in the Better Business Bureau has a good reputation for being a reputable, reliable institution, and membership is positive for the business. Membership in the Better Business Bureau can be an effective method of marketing to demonstrate to potential clients and business associates that your small-sized business is legitimate and trustworthy.

    Dispute Resolution

    Customers typically make use of customers often use the Better Business Bureau as an option to address grievances against members of businesses. Although some companies might view this as a negative aspect of Better Business Bureau membership, the dispute resolution options offered to members could be a more cost-effective approach to resolve disputes than other methods that include legal action on behalf of the client.

    Attracting Business

    Potential customers unfamiliar with a specific industry will look up the Better Business Bureau to research companies that operate in the field. In addition, being a member of the Better Business Bureau puts a company’s name before prospective customers. Still, suppose the business has a strong reputation. In that case, prospective customers will be provided with an impartial third-party endorsement of the business, which could be a significant factor in their decision-making process.

    Networking Opportunities

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    bbb accreditation

    Being an organization that has members from the business and business community, The Better Business Bureau represents an ideal network for members. Small businesses, in particular, struggle to establish meaningful connections with prospective customers, suppliers, collaborators, and customers. Being part of an organization specifically designed to serve the business community’s requirements, small companies can make these connections and improve and grow their operations.

    How are BBB ratings calculated?

    Rankings are calculated based on the range of A+ up to F, which is similar to the grading system used in most public schools. There are 13 factors that businesses could be assessed, ranging from how long the business has been operating to the way it handles dispute resolution.

    There are two primary ways for a business to get a poor rating. First, they could not perform their duties properly (such as not responding in a timely fashion) or directly commit an error (such as being involved in a federal government dispute).

    Companies that get a negative rating usually can improve their rating by resolving the problem(s) and providing proof of decision to BBB.

    For more information on how ratings are calculated and each point is weighted for each rating, go to the BBB’s summary of the procedure.

    Complaint Documentation

    1. Call the company directly.

    If you’re having problems with your business first step is to call the company directly. It is possible to solve the issue fast by doing this. For instance, if you purchased a product you think doesn’t correspond with what was stated, you can return it and request an exchange.

    2. Send a formal demand in writing.

    bbb accredited businesses

    If the first attempt to resolve the issue fails to produce success, it is recommended that you document the issue in writing. This serves two purposes: to give the vendor another chance to resolve your concerns before the issue worsens in the future and to be used as documentation of the issue, which you can use when you file a complaint online with the BBB.[11

    3. Keep a copy of every correspondence you send.

    Most of the time, when your initial attempt to resolve the issue fails, you’re not likely to change the outcome simply by writing your concerns on paper. The goal of your letter should be to provide evidence to support you to support your BBB complaint. Be sure to keep an original copy of the letter. If you can, make sure you sign and print the letter and save a scanned copy to upload to your online BBB complaints.

    4. Learn about the limitations of making a BBB complaint.

    The BBB will take certain kinds of complaints and try to assist you in resolving your disagreement with the company. But, there are a few kinds of disputes that the BBB cannot accept. This includes:

    • Employee/employer disputes
    • Discrimination claims
    • Cases that have been litigated or arbitrated
    • Individuals who are not involved in business
    • Legal issues that challenge the legitimacy of local, state, or federal laws
    • Public complaints against government agencies include the postal service.
    • Not related to market concerns

    What to Expect After You File a Complaint

    It will send you an email notification after you’ve submitted your complaint with BBB. The email should contain information about the BBB office is handling your complaint and include a link to a PDF of your complaint for review. In addition, you may receive direct communication with the Dispute Resolution Specialist, who will assist you until the issue has been resolved. This could be until BBB is unable to resolve the issue.

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