The reality of Instagram Shadowban: How to Prevent your Account from Shadowban in 2022

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    Shadow banning is among the most difficult and confusing things that could happen on your Instagram account, especially trying to increase your followers. Unfortunately, even though thousands of Instagram users claim to have fallen victims to this mysterious punishment, the Instagram team hasn’t confirmed or denied restricting an account’s capacity to attract new followers via shadow banning.

    What is an Instagram shadow ban, and how can you stay clear of it?  In this article we’ll discuss all aspects of preventive methods and banned hashtags, as well as tips to lift a shadow ban if you’re caught in the middle of one.

    What is an Instagram Shadowban ?

    Shadowbanning generally is restricting a user’s access to social media accounts so that they do not know it’s taking place.

    If you’re shadow-banned on Instagram, likely, you’ll not even realize that you’ve been slapped. Your posts will not be visible in any user’s Instagram feeds unless they follow your account. If your followers share your content, the images are also subject to the shadowban.

    If shadowbans hit you, Your visibility is diminished dramatically. This will, in turn, reduce your engagement. It can also result in a decrease in Instagram growth. In certain cases, it may decrease your account’s growth.

    It is possible to imagine a shadowban as an unintentional ban. Therefore, even if Instagram blocks your content, you won’t know about it.

    Instagram Shadowban

    Why am I shadow banned?

    There are many possible reasons why your account may be banned shadowbanned. To prevent this from happening once more, let’s examine possible actions you could have done that led to being shadowbanned.

    1. You use bots or another automated “Instagram growth” tool.  

    If you’re not doing the work yourself, you’re not genuinely building your following. In the statement above, Instagram does not like this; for example, they urge users to develop a strategy that focuses on interacting with the correct group of users. Bots are a devious strategy and can lead to the shadowban.

    2. You use broken hashtags.

    Sometimes, a popular hashtag can become awash with offensive content. In this case, Instagram can remove the hashtag or limit its use. If you use an invalid hashtag, it may prevent other hashtags from appearing as well and could cause the account to be blocked.

    3. Your account is often reported.  

    When users report multiple times, the account Instagram may conclude that their account has been posting inappropriate content or is in violation of their rules of service. As a result, they may block your account or might shadowban it.

    4. You’ve been commenting, posting, or engaging with people too quickly.

    Instagram imposes time limits on the frequency you can join, de-follow, or like comments, post, or like in a single hour or throughout the day. This is logical when you’re following more than 80 people in one hour; it’s probably that a bot is performing the task and not you.

    These actions could allow you to build a following fast. However, they won’t aid in connecting with the most relevant users, which is why you’re using Instagram initially. In addition, these actions could cause shadowbans which greatly limits the exposure you get to a new group of users.

    How to Remove an Instagram Shadowban

    You think you’ve been shadow-banned on Instagram? You’ve followed all the rules. However, your posts don’t reach users, declining your engagement.

    Report Your Shadowban to Instagram

    There are two methods by which you can report your shadowban

    With the brand new “Account Status” tool, you can determine the status of a post and whether it was removed from the site and request an immediate review on the page.

    Use your native “Report a Problem” option within the Instagram application. To make this happen, visit the Instagram Settings, tap Help, and select “Report a Problem.” A pop-up window will show several choices. For example, select “Something Isn’t Working” and then writes a note describing the issue.

    Remove Apps That Use Autobots

    We understand that Utilizing an Instagram program that will automatically upload your pictures to Instagram is a fantastic way to reduce time.

    However, if you choose to use one that’s not an officially recognized Instagram associate, you could be placed in the Instagram shadowban list.

    To determine if you are using bots or other apps that aren’t approved to be linked to your account, go to the settings on Instagram, then tap Security, after which you can select “Apps and Websites.”

    In this section, you’ll be in a position to look at all the apps that you’re using on your account and any apps that are expired or have been deleted, and any that you’ve deleted.

    Audit Your Hashtags

    Instagram Shadowban
    Audit Your Hashtags

    We’ve discussed hashtags frequently and for the right reasons! However, if you use any prohibited hashtag could result in you being banned from shadowing on Instagram.

    Examine your hashtags and then search for them on Instagram. If you see the “Top Posts” section appears, but nothing else appears, you’re likely to have been banned.

    Sometimes Instagram will even post a brief text message to the Hashtag page explaining that the posts were hidden due to not meeting the community’s guidelines.

    If you regularly use a hashtag that is suddenly banned, then eliminate it from your posts. Watch to see if the ban will be lifted soon.

    Take a Break From Instagram

    A few users have reported that having just a few days off Instagram helped them get rid of the shadowban on their Instagram shadowban.

    You won’t be commenting, posting, or even logging on to the application. However, following your break, you’ll be able to return to liking and commenting as you normally do.

    Be sure to interact with each user by hand. It may take longer; however, it will prove to Instagram that you abide by the Terms and Conditions of Service (and that you’re not an automated bot! ).

    How to Know If Instagram Shadowban has hit you

    If you noticed a drastic decrease in engagement recently, this could indicate that the Instagram shadowban has impacted you. However, it’s not the sole reason.

    Instagram is known for its algorithmic changes frequently. Therefore, these changes could be why you do not see sufficient engagement.

    However, if you believe that shadowbans have a part to play, There are several ways to determine. Here’s what you need to do to determine whether your Instagram account is being affected by shadowbans:

    Hashtag Search

    This is the most fundamental method of determining if there is a shadowban on Instagram. In the beginning, you must upload an image to Instagram. Then, make sure you include a hashtag in your post. It’s a hashtag that’s not widely utilized. If you’re using hashtags that include thousands of images in search results, it will be difficult to find your personal article.

    After you’ve posted the image After posting the photo, ask five of your acquaintances (who don’t have a connection to the account where it was posted) to look up that hashtag. If your post doesn’t show in their results for searches, then it’s likely your account has been suspended shadowbanned.

    Use Tools to Test for a Shadowban

    Tools such as Triberr or The Heist can analyze your posts and assist you in determining whether you have to be concerned about shadowbans. You can discover what hashtags your account was shadowbanned for with the tools.

    You can observe from the screenshot above that all the hashtags which caused shadowbans are highlighted in red.

    Use Instagram Analytics

    Another method to look for shadowbans is by using Instagram analytics. You can look at the number of impressions, visits to your profile, and other metrics to determine whether your engagement is suddenly decreasing.

    Although it’s not an indication of something wrong, it could provide an indication that something is not right.

    Instagram’s restriction on daily or Hourly Limits

    On Instagram, you are subject to an upper limit on the amount of engagement you can have in a specific time. The engagement activity ranges from likings to following. Every engagement activity has the maximum amount for each time period, which must not exceed in case you don’t wish to be viewed as spam or bots on the social media platform.

    Instagram has mostly imposed these limitations to reduce the amount of fake and spam accounts that are on the platform. Fake and spam accounts typically post, like, or send messages rapidly. They are often portrayed as “bots” (robots). In addition, Instagram is only looking for genuine users to use the application. Here are some restrictions that Instagram has imposed on Instagram on the activities it allows:

    • Likes Limits: 120 per hour or 300-500 times per day.
    • Comments limits: 200 per day.
    • Time limit Between 20-30 seconds between every comment or like.
    • Limit of Follow: Ten follows every hour or 100-150 for the entire day.
    • Maximum limit on following: 7500 accounts.
    • Limit for unfollowing: 60 per hour or 150 per day.
    • Direct Message limit: 50-70 per day.
    • Tagging people limit 20 people for a single post and 35 people per post for a carousel post.
    • Hashtag limitation: 30 hashtags per post.
    • Instagram Limit on Stories: 100 per day.

    In the end, Instagram has put a limit of 500 actions per day for the number of actions that you can do in a day. These actions include comments, likes followed, unfollows, and messages.

    Instagram Limits For New Accounts

    If you’ve made a fresh account, make sure you be patient and cautious. Instagram wants to ensure that your accounts aren’t bots or spam; therefore, certain restrictions are:

    Timing: 30-50 seconds between any actions.

    Posts are scheduled to be posted limited to five times per day. It is recommended to wait for 15 seconds between every post. Only post once per day, in the beginning to ensure you are on the safe side.

    Actions grouped (includes the following: likes, unfollows, and likes): 500 actions every day.

    Direct Message limits: 20-50 per day.

    List of Hashtags Banned from Instagram in 2022:

    • #alone
    • #assday
    • #ass
    • #antivax
    • #beautyblogger
    • #bikinibody
    • #boho
    • #brain
    • #costumes
    • #curvygirls
    • #date
    • #dating
    • #desk
    • #dm
    • #elevator
    • #graffitiigers
    • #hardworkpaysoff
    • #happythanksgiving
    • #humpday
    • #iphonegraphy
    • #italiano
    • #kansas
    • #killingit
    • #kissing
    • #master
    • #models
    • #mustfollow
    • #nasty
    • #newyearsday
    • #petite
    • #pornfood
    • #pushups
    • #saltwater
    • #shit
    • #shower
    • #single
    • #singlelife
    • #skype
    • #snap
    • #snapchat
    • #snowstorm
    • #sopretty
    • #stranger
    • #streetphoto
    • #sunbathing
    • #swole
    • #tag4like
    • #tanlines
    • #teens
    • #though
    • #undies
    • #valentinesday
    • #workflow

    How Long Does the Instagram Shadowban Last?

    The Instagram shadowban doesn’t last forever. Many users say that the shadowban generally lasts for 14 days.

    It’s also important to recognize that the consequences of this temporary penalty could last for a longer time. Two weeks is an extended period on social media, which is where millions of pictures are uploaded every single day. It can take several weeks to get that momentum.


    The changes in your engagement are fairly normal since Instagram has changed its algorithm. If you’re authentically engaged on Instagram without using any kind of bot-like behavior or using banned hashtags, then you aren’t obligated to worry about the Instagram shadowban.

    Although the Instagram shadowban might alter the method you use hashtags in your posts to expand and gain new followers on the platform, it’s nevertheless one of the most effective ways to increase organic growth and increase engagement. Be sure to utilize the correct hashtags and avoid overusing hashtags in your posts.

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