What is Amazon’s Choice ? How To This Badge in 2022

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    Amazon continues to attract attention and traffic in the market. The increased traffic comes with more sellers and buyers on Amazon’s platform. The main goal of Amazon has been about distinct from other sellers as a seller. This leads us to obtain the highly sought-after Amazon Choice Badge.

    What Does Amazon’s Choice Mean?

    amazon's choice
    amazon’s choice program

    Amazon Choice is a name that Amazon uses to identify various products on its website. You will see the badge on the left-hand side of the page of the image of the products featured on search results and category pages. Also, you can find the badge underneath the product title when you visit the product’s listing page.

    If a product has Amazon’s Choice, it is the perfect product for the search term the buyer is using. In particular, the product has the majority of transactions resulting from that keyword; that is, it has over 50% of the transactions for that keyword. Conversely, if there’s not a product with an absolute majority of sales, Amazon Choice is absent for that keyword.

    Amazon first introduced its Choice program in the year 2015. It was initially only available to customers who were through Amazon’s Echo Dot. Amazon realized that the users using the voice assistant were not aware of what to search for in the catalog they wanted and were having greater difficulty browsing the marketplace compared to buying via a smartphone or computer.

    Amazon Choice became a way to help customers quickly locate the items they were looking for. When they searched for a particular phrase, Amazon would serve its Choice results first. The Choice items were relevant to the search, meaning many users did not experience a long buying process, searching for various products.

    Although Amazon Choice is still used to make Echo purchases, the service has now been extended to include non-voice searches. As a result, it is now possible to find Amazon Choice products on smartphones as well as computers. However, Amazon has included certain categories as part of its program called choice. Some of them are jewelry, apparel, Watches, Shoes, Amazon Fresh, and Prime Pantry.

    How products qualify for Amazon’s Choice Badge

    Similar to Coca-Cola’s formula, nobody knows the details required to be able to get to be listed on Amazon and earn the Choice Badge. Although most of their information is confidential, a few things can impact their algorithm.

    Quick shipping

    The modern consumer is adamant about speedy shipping; for example, over 41 % of customers are willing to shell out more money for next-day delivery for their purchases.

    It’s one of the factors that have led to the success in popularity of Amazon Prime, which guarantees immediate delivery on the same day. Because speedy shipping enhances customer satisfaction, this will be one of the factors Amazon will use to determine what item will be awarded the Choice Badge.

    Ratings and customer reviews

    Ratings and customer reviews

    Another important aspect that Amazon will consider is the credibility of your customer reviews and ratings.

    The more positive things that customers say regarding your products, the better it will appear appealing to an Amazon algorithm. This helps Amazon to ensure that they’re advertising the most effective and high-quality items to their users in their search.

    Low-return rate

    If your customers are often returning their purchases, it’s a red flag. To be eligible for the Amazon Choice Badge, your product must be on the platform with an extremely low rate of return.

    How to earn Amazon’s Choice badge

    amazon's choice
    Amazon’s Choice badge

    How can companies improve their product’s chances of becoming Amazon’s choice?

    Make sure that the products are Prime-eligible. Alexa can only be used to buy Prime-eligible goods sold or delivered by Amazon. If your product isn’t sold through Alexa and isn’t eligible, it will not be considered by Amazon’s Choice.

    Always keep sufficient stock. Products that are out of stock are instantly removed from Amazon’s Choice. Therefore, brands must work with vendor managers to ensure their inventory is always available to ship out.

    Check the return rate. 50% of customers have returned items they purchased online because it wasn’t in line with the description. Enhance return rates by ensuring that images, titles, variations, descriptions, and bullet points accurately represent what the buyer is purchasing.

    Increase customer satisfaction and ratings. One easy way to improve the quality of a product’s reviews is to review reviews from customers and ask questions to find common problems. Then, ensure these issues are addressed in the content of your product page to increase satisfaction after purchase.

    Increase sales for your category. Increase search visibility on the Amazon site and app by optimizing the content on product pages for the most searched-for search terms. Enhance this visibility through Amazon PPC advertisements.

    Lookout for Alexa ads. Amazon is reportedly in talks with major CPG companies like Procter & Gamble and Clorox regarding advertising options for Echo devices. These ads could be on the market from the beginning of the year, so it’s important to contact the Amazon vendor manager right now to ensure you’re given prior access to them once they’re launched.

    Amazon’s Choice vs Best Seller Badge

    Contrary to what many believe, Amazon’s Choice is not identical to the Best Seller Badge. Both badges represent top-quality products; Amazon’s Choice is awarded to the top product that matches a specific keyword. However, the “Best” Seller badge is awarded to those with the highest number of units per hour within their particular category.

    Also, Amazon’s choice is determined via SEO, while the speed of sales measures the badge for Best Seller. It is possible to see the distinction between Amazon’s Choice and the Best Seller Badge by looking at the results of searches on “decorative stapler.”

    The first item is a stylish stapler that comes in gold and white and is a great option for the search term “decorative stapler.” Its equivalent, a heavier-duty black one, costs half as much and has twice the capacity. The heavy-duty model isn’t quite as “decorative,” but it’s a better stapler.

    So, the most well-known product is awarded the Best Seller badge since it is more in the stapler category. The stapler with the most relevance gets Amazon’s choice for the search term.

    amazon's choice

    It is important to note that a product may be awarded an Amazon Best Seller badge and become amazon’s choice for a specific keyword. For instance, the same stapler that is a bestseller is Amazon’s Pick for another search term, “stabler.”


    Being able to qualify your product for the Amazon Choice Badge feature should be the top of all e-commerce brands’ ambitions. This provides you with the social proof that you need to build trust with customers, which, in turn, will help to increase your sales and grow sales.

    While obtaining Amazon’s Choice isn’t a scientific process, the process of qualifying for it boils down to the correct steps. This includes obtaining the highest customer reviews, enhancing your listing’s pages, offering affordable pricing, and much more. In the near future, Amazon just might reward your listing with the badge and boost your reputation as a brand.

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