What is Amazon Renewed? Should You Sell on Amazon in 2022

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    It may sound similar to the latest installment of the Wonder Woman movie franchise; however, Amazon Renewed is more about making money than the entire universe.

    With Renewed, you’ll find the best prices on technology products, as you’re content with their excellent condition and not brand new out of the box. In addition, we will explain everything you should be aware of Amazon Renewed and why you must consider it in purchasing your new smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

    What is Amazon Renewed mean?

    amazon renewed
    what does amazon renewed mean

    Amazon Renewed is a unique program that permits Amazon sellers to offer their pre-owned, refurbished, or open-box items at discounts. In addition, Amazon checks the authenticity of these items to ensure that they are in good condition and are brand new.

    To be eligible for the status of an Amazon Renewed seller, your brand must achieve Amazon’s standard of performance. This means your products must be checked and certified to function and look new. The typical refurbishment process for the Amazon Renewed qualified product includes an examination for diagnostics, replacement of defective components, complete cleaning and inspection, and packaging repackaging as needed.

    To be eligible for Amazon Renewed, products must fit into one of the following categories:

    • Refurbished These products were used, but the buyer returned them due to them not performing as expected or they no longer wanted them.
    • Pre-owned: Like refurbished products, These products have been used but are generally more in good condition when returned than the refurbished ones are.
    • Open-box: These items have been removed from their packaging; however, they weren’t used by the buyer.

    What products can I buy on Amazon Renewed?

    amazon renewed
    amazon renewed items

    Amazon Renewed covers a range of product categories. They are divided into the following categories that you will recognize from the main Amazon site:

    • Smartphones
    • Laptops
    • Cameras
    • Home and Kitchen
    • Desktop Computers
    • Audio
    • Tablets
    • Video Games
    • Wearable Technology
    • Home Cinema
    • Office Products
    • Amazon Devices

    Benefits of Amazon Renewed

    There is less competition

    Everyone can’t sell products that have been renewed on Amazon. Only sellers who meet the Amazon Renewed program standards and can consistently maintain the high quality of their products as if they were new can be allowed to participate in the program. This gives an enormous chance to succeed to those who qualify.

    A large pool of clients

    The Amazon U.S. marketplace gets over 2 billion customers each month, with the highest conversion rate compared to any other online retailer. This makes it a massive market that allows you to showcase your new products and get excellent customer satisfaction in a short time.

    Make use of Amazon’s proven e-commerce solutions.

    Amazon’s credit facilities, Amazon Buy Box option, and FBA services allow sellers like you to expand their business like none other. It lets you sell your used items on Amazon’s worldwide marketplace.

    How to sell on Amazon Renewed

    Take these simple steps and begin with selling your products using Amazon Renewed.

    Step 1: Know the requirements

    Amazon will not let anyone offer their services through Amazon Renewed. You must apply and be approved. To qualify, you need to demonstrate to Amazon that you are able to consistently sell new products that have been refurbished in “like new” condition. Each Amazon Renewed seller must do three things:

    Invoices must show that you’ve bought an adequate amount of used products. The invoices need to be worth $50,000 or less and be issued in the past one hundred days (for products that fall under Home categories, Home Improvement Equipment, Lawn & Garden Outdoors Kitchen, Sports, Toys, or automotive categories) and within 90 day period (for any other category). For example, if sellers want their products to be sold, Apple products invoices must be $2.5 million at a minimum. It is possible to black out the amount of your unit purchase.

    Provide a warranty that is 90 days at a minimum for all your used products.

    Keep an order defect rate (ODR) of 0.8 or less for the first 90-day period (if you’re already a seller).

    Step 2: Decide on what you’ll sell.

    If you’re certain you’ll satisfy those standards, the first step should be deciding the items you’ll sell. Being the Amazon Renewed seller, you can offer certified refurbished, used, and open-box items in any of the above-mentioned categories.

    To boost your profits to increase your profits, we suggest these steps:

    • Select products that are in high demand, however, with low competition. The volume of sales you make can improve your profits — particularly if you’re not selling against other sellers.
    • Beware of products offered by Amazon.
    • Keep your pricing competitive.
    • Utilize Amazon’s tools for promotion, such as advertisements for Sponsored Products.

    Step 3: Source your products

    Once you’ve decided on what you’re selling, it’s time to find the right products. Amazon Renewed sellers are generally successful in sourcing their items from manufacturers, liquidation companies, and Alibaba.

    Manufacturers usually have surplus products that they can sell to liquidation companies, refurbish the product and resell the items to third-party sellers. Manufacturers can also sell their surplus or refurbished items direct to retailers.

    It’s also a great time to design your inspection procedures. If you’re working with a reliable supplier or manufacturer, then you might be able to count on them to handle all of this. If not, you’ll need to follow a step-by-step procedure to identify functionality problems, defects, or imperfections and repair them when necessary.

    Step 4: Sign up to become an Amazon seller

    To make sales on Amazon Renewed, it is necessary to have a seller account registered on Amazon. Suppose you’re selling already on Amazon Congratulations. This step is as complete. Log into your Amazon account, and go to step 2.

    If you’re not yet, don’t worry. You can sign-up for an Amazon seller account the moment you submit the Amazon Renewed Application. Amazon can respond to your request within 10 business days.

    amazon renewed
    Source amazon renewed deals

    In the second stage of the process, applicants must be asked to answer several more questions, including whether they’re a manufacturer or a retailer. Verify that you’re able to meet the requirements of quality, share the URL of your website, and describe the brands you’ll be selling.

    amazon renewed

    After that, you’ll verify the validity of your application by clicking “Submit application.”

    amazon renewed

    Step 5: Begin selling.

    After Amazon approves your request after which, you can list your refurbished items that are certified by Amazon!

    Amazon renewed warranty

    All refurbished and open box products sold via Amazon Renewed will come with an authorization card containing the name, number, and email address of the warranty service. The products with an official manufacturer warranty can be seen here. All other items are covered by sellers who offer refurbished and open-box items.

    Is Amazon renewed reliable?

    The answer is yes; Amazon Renewed is reliable. Every item that is sold through Amazon Renewed comes with at least 90 days of guarantee, and they undergo thorough testing and inspection before being offered for sale.

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