What is Amazon Live Video? How To Use It For Your Brand

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    Live streaming is becoming very popular, particularly for sellers who wish to interact more with their customers. Amazon released its form of live streaming for sellers back in 2016, and it’s known as Amazon Live.

    What is Amazon Live Video ?

    Amazon Live Video is an online live-streaming service that lets sellers “promote discovery” of their products by hosting their live streams on behalf of users on Amazon.

    The videos are accessible in main menu, in an area called “You got it,” Amazon Live.

    After clicking Amazon Live, customers have the choice to view live videos or videos that have been recently streamed live.

    Both options allow viewers to purchase the products featured in the video. However, watching live, they can ask questions or chat with hosts.

    There is also the option of “Follow,” which, as Amazon says, “enables shoppers to stay up to date with the influencers, brands, and interests they care about on Amazon.”

    If people follow your channel, they’ll also be notified of your channel’s content and if you Livestream with Amazon Live Creator app.

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    Benefits of using Amazon Live for your Brands in 2023

    A few brands aren’t sure whether they’re ready to jump headfirst to Amazon Live and would instead utilize static images or traditional ads. However, if you’ve got the technology or an appropriate host, Amazon Live is an excellent way to differentiate yourself from other Amazon companies and build several followers. Amazon Live can also be the perfect way to start incorporating videos as an element of your advertising and marketing strategy.

    Three reasons are why we think you should test Amazon Live out.

    1. Increase Overall Amazon Brand & Product Awareness

    If you’re able to get an ideal time slot within Amazon Live’s lineup or get a preferred time slot in the Amazon Live lineup or top influencers, there’s a chance that you’ll rise to the top of the Amazon ranking. If you aim to boost page views, sessions, and general brand recognition, try out Amazon Live can be one method to connect with a new audience with a unique approach.

    Livestreaming lets your company present customers with your offerings and gives them the knowledge they require to make an educated purchasing decision. It is also possible to use the opportunity to stage an online product demonstration to inform your customers about new features, advantages, and special offers in an interactive manner. To further increase the connection, use Amazon Live chat to use the Amazon Live chat feature and respond to questions in real time.

    amazon live video
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    2. Stand Out on Major Sale Days

    A lot of customers utilize Amazon Live to discover new products and brands. In particular, Amazon Live can be an excellent way to connect with an untapped market during major events like Black Friday, Back to School, and Prime Day. But don’t try experimenting on Amazon Live for the first time until Prime Day. Then, you can try Amazon Live for a few months to learn more about the best content and products.

    Suppose you can pinpoint your primary audience and product and discover the best method of demonstrating features and promotions in-stream and features. In that case, there’s a greater chance you will be able to use Amazon Live as a successful method for major day sales.

    3. It’s Free

    Except for Amazon-produced live streams, Amazon Live is completely free to utilize. If you are able to succeed in using Amazon Live, it is an impressive return on your investment. If you’re not equipped with the funds to make an excellent video or face-to-face host, it might not be the best option for your plan.

    Various brands have had great success with this feature, and it’s now an integral part of Amazon’s marketing strategy.

    How Businesses Can Use Amazon Live

    Amazon launched the Live platform in order to allow it to be utilized by business owners and marketers from different areas. If your target audience is looking for products to purchase on Amazon, then you’ll be able to identify a niche you want to join.

    In the event that you’re an online seller, you could make yourself available on Amazon to conduct product demonstrations or even a Q&A to let your audience get familiar with you better and experience your product live. Again, this is a great opportunity to address any urgent questions your customers may be asking before making the leap and purchasing the item.

    If you’re not someone who usually streams life or doesn’t like being on camera, think about joining forces with influential people who stream live. A lot of influencers have an audience or are through Amazon Live or on another live streaming platform. They could be an ideal opportunity to show your product and provide recommendations to you. This is a good method for brands to get customers and influencers to discuss their products.

    When you’re an influential person or creator of content, you can locate products and brands to showcase, review or suggest in your Amazon Livestream to your followers. This is a fantastic opportunity to establish connections with your followers and many of the brands you work with. In addition, because of the integrated features for shopping and the advantages of being live on Amazon, numerous brands who would not normally collaborate with influencers from other platforms might be willing to collaborate with Amazon Live.

    This is a step-by-step procedure to begin your Amazon Live

    amazon live app

    Get and install the Amazon Live Creator app.

    Log in to your Seller, Vendor, or Influencer account to establish the Live Account.

    Select your brand and then enter your username.

    Select the items that you would like to showcase in the live streaming (here you can select your list of products. This is where you can include any items that you wish viewers to buy immediately through the live streaming)

    You are now at the point of being ready. Establishing Amazon Live is free, but you could also invest some money to attract more viewers by increasing the quality of streaming. The option will show to choose whether you wish to boost the Livestream or not. (As Amazon’s team stated, the benefit you receive through ” Boosting your Livestream” is that it will highlight your video and the details of your website and your product across multiple locations for advertising on Amazon’s website or the homepage of as well as their Amazon shopping app)

    Now, you will be able to see a preview of your camera. You then click “Go Live.” “Go Live” button to begin and let viewers view your incredible products and your life.

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