What is AI Marketing? How You Can Use It in 2022

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    Marketing and advertising have evolved dramatically over the last few decades, mostly because of technological advances. Typewriters that were once clunky have been replaced with sleek laptops and advertisements have been greatly improved by AI-driven platforms.

    AI being able to reach the most relevant customers is now a more precise science than during the time of Mad Men.

    Below, these companies use AI marketing and fine-tune their marketing strategy.

    What is AI Marketing?

    AI marketing utilizes artificial intelligence technology to automate decisions based on the data collected, along with data analysis and other observations of the economic or demographic developments that could impact marketing strategies.

    AI is frequently utilized in digital marketing campaigns in which speed is a major factor. AI marketing tools rely on customer profiles and data to determine the best way to reach customers and then deliver personalized messages at the right moment without any intervention from the marketing staff, ensuring the highest effectiveness. In the case of many modern online marketers, AI can help marketing teams or execute more tactical tasks requiring less human interaction.

    How to use AI in marketing

    1. Sales Forecasting

    Although looking to the future to observe how campaigns work is like something from a sci-fi film, The software is available now. AI marketing software can make use of predictive analytics to predict sales. This lets teams continue to work as normal and understand how their efforts can be reported. It also stops you from waiting for weeks or even months to work on something until you’ve decided that it’s (or isn’t) worth scaling.

    When you’re up and running, the next step is to plan the important sales KPIs for your company. This could include:

    • Conversion rates
    • Cost per acquisition
    • Customer lifetime value
    • Customer churn/retention rate
    • Average sales cycle length

    2. Content Generation

    AI-powered tools can aid the work of content creators significantly faster and more easily.

    Although the majority of content originates from humans, You can utilize AI tools to increase the efficiency of your content team by automating certain tasks, like emails, customized reports/messages, and social media curation.

    A few tools like Rocco can assist you in creating new content for social media, which will improve the engagement of your followers.

    3. AI improves PPC advertising

    AI is also widely used in PPC advertisingGood Firms‘ studies have revealed fascinating results of using Artificial Intelligence in PPC (pay-per-click advertising) from PPC experts.

    In particular, some of the most popular AI applications for PPC include:

    • Smart bidding
    • Micro-moment-based targeted
    • Responsive ads
    • Analysis of performance
    • Dynamic search ads
    • Price optimization
    • Control of your accounts

    By using AI, it is possible to monitor the performance of advertising platforms that cannot be accomplished by your internal teams or, possibly, your competition.

    4. Chatbots

    ai marketing
    ai marketing strategies

    You have likely had a chat via a bot on an online shop, through the Live Chat on the website, or via social media, particularly Facebook Messenger. This is the way AI can be used to provide better services for customers.

    In addition to responding to the routine questions of customers, such as ones concerning size, price, or quantity, AI can be used to its finest to produce customized and tailored content that could be more effective than humans.

    5. Campaign Monitoring

    Incorporate the AI software you prefer into your advertising and marketing campaigns to learn about typical behavior. This is as simple as it is to join Google Ads, Facebook Ads Manager, and various other channels.

    Then, you continue to operate as normal until you notice a sudden increase in activity or data.

    Examine each case from top to bottom, so you should prioritize the most significant data spikes first.

    Your company can use these insights to dedicate more resources and time to initiatives that move forward.

    The Top 10 Best AI Chatbots for Enterprise client service might be of interest.

    6. Speech Recognition

    Have you had you heard about Siri, Google Assistant, or Alexa? These are only a few chatbots with the highest popularity which use speech recognition.

    These AIs can recognize spoken words and/or transform them into text that can be used to perform the instruction. Speech recognition can be utilized in applications like Google Maps, Shazam, and other systems that allow hands-free operation.

    7. Automated image recognition

    Large brands such as Amazon, Facebook, and Pinterest use AI-powered image recognition to discern people and objects in photos and videos.

    From the standpoint of marketers, Image recognition can mean an improved sync between content on the internet and shopping trips. Many stores utilize the software for facial recognition to track customers’ store visits and connect the videos to their customer profiles.

    As high as 59 percent of U.K. fashion retailers employ facial recognition software within their stores. When combined with AI-controlled push notifications, stores can deliver real-time discounts along with the welcome message to customers.

    Examples of AI in marketing

    1. Magnolia Market Bridges Online-to-Offline

    Magnolia’s mission in its physical space has been the goal to “inspire you to own the space you’re in.” They have created a unique brand experience by combining food and games, shopping, and a landscape to accomplish this aim.

    Since not everyone has access to the Magnolia Silos and the Magnolia Silos are not accessible to everyone, the team decided that the online store must offer the same kind of experience. Magnolia collaborated with Shopify Plus to develop an online storefront and an augmented reality app that allows shoppers to see the products on the screen in 3D and “place” them in their homes. AR-enabled Magnolia to render their products in the most realistic way possible. The results stood Magnolia apart from its competitors and improved its e-commerce unit, which is a major driver of the company’s expansion.

    2. Best Western increases visits by using AI advertising

    Best Western came to IBM Watson Advertising to reach out and make contact with consumers who are actively planning their next trip during peak holiday weekends, which are the busiest travel times during the entire year. Conversations proved to be a perfect solution to allow Best Western to offer personalized travel advice and alleviate the stress of planning a trip.

    With the help of the personalization feature, Best Western saw significant time spent with customers and a rise in traffic to their sites that included:

    2.2xhigher time spent on Conversations than Google Rich Media interaction time the benchmark

    The 42-second average time within the Conversations unit for each session

    48.6 % incremental rise in the number of visits to Best Western properties versus guests who had thought of visiting Best Western hotels

    3. McDonald’s.

    Their goal was to boost customer engagement and motivate them to buy while evaluating in-store visits. To achieve these goals, McDonald’s used high-impact branded backgrounds that drew the attention of customers and used native photos to incorporate McDonald’s into the flow seamlessly of The Weather Channel mobile app.

    McDonald’s made use of IBM Watson’s location information as well as store location data to produce the following outcomes:

    • ~5,000,000impressions
    • 168 percent more efficient in terms of cost per visit than benchmarks for categories
    • .71 %CTR for mobile-branded backgrounds with an increase of 25% over the benchmark
    • 79 %of the users who were exposed to HTML0 went to McDonald’s restaurants in the last three days.

    4. Chase bank 

    ai marketing
    ai marketing examples

    Chase Bank signed an agreement for five years in partnership with Persado, the New York-based business that uses artificial intelligence in marketing creativity. After evaluating the solutions of Persado, Chase discovered that using machine learning in their copywriting allowed them to achieve greater humaneness with their advertising.

    5. Alibaba Opens a Fashion AI Store

    Alibaba, the world’s largest retailer, launched an actual ” FashionAI” store in Hong Kong to streamline the fashion retail experience using Artificial Intelligence. Alibaba installed its stores with intelligent clothing tags that detect when an object is touched and smart mirrors that show clothing information and suggest items to match. Alibaba also plans to connect the brick-and-mortar stores with a virtual wardrobe application that allows customers to look at the clothes they tried on in the store.

    Best AI marketing tools

    AI tools can help email marketers improve delivery, open rates, click rates, and revenue. Look over the following AI software for email marketing.

    1. Personalize

    Personalize is an AI tool that can identify the items and services your contacts are most interested in at any moment. The system employs an algorithm to determine the top three interests of each contact that are continuously updated based on the most recent activity on the site.

    Personalize provides you with all the data you need to develop highly targeted marketing and sales campaigns that improve the rate of response, conversions, and lifetime value for customers.

    2. MarketMuse

    Price:(Monthly) Free for Single User / $149 for Standard / $999 for Premium

    Longform Content creation and optimization SEO

    MarketMuse is proud to use AI technology throughout its offerings. This tool is specifically designed for companies that require assistance in creating well-designed long-form, long-form content like emails, sales documents, landing pages, and articles.

    It begins by conducting a thorough AI study on the subject. Then, it drafts an initial draft of the subject chosen to assist users in getting started with the content. It also provides KPIs and a brief description of the content that can serve as a guide. Users can edit text with the built-in editor and alter it per AI’s suggestions.

    3. Grammarly

    Microsoft Word and Google Docs are able to check to spell but do not give any feedback on whether your content is of high quality.

    Grammarly analyzes your text to detect punctuation, grammar, contextual and structural mistakes, and errors. It highlights any issues that could be present in your text and offers suggestions to improve style as well as word selection, and more. Grammarly will also explain the reasons for each correction in order to help you determine whether (and what) to fix the problem.

    4. HubSpot SEO

    ai marketing
    ai marketing platforms

    HubSpot SEO is a second irreplaceable AI device for the Human Content team. It uses machine learning to understand how search engines perceive and classify your content. HubSpot SEO can help you improve search engine results and surpass your competition.

    The search engines favor websites that structure their content around the core topics or topics clusters. HubSpot SEO helps you discover and rank for the subjects relevant to your business and your customers.

    It also offers suggestions for topic clusters. It also provides metrics like relevance and competitiveness to aid you in developing an effective content strategy as well as topic clusters.

    5. Optimove

    Optimove is a data-driven customer platform that is powered by AI and offers marketing capabilities. It collects information from various platforms and provides a single view of all data on one dashboard. As a result, companies can easily analyze or share data and decide on the best marketing strategies.

    Optibot, their AI tool, scans, and analyses all information provided by customers to provide useful insight. It can recommend which campaigns to cut off due to loss or notify you about what customers are exposed to communications from the company.

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