What is a Smart TV and What Can It Do For You?

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    An internet-connected TV includes paid and free streaming applications like YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. A smart TV removes the requirement for an additional set-top box, like Apple TV or Roku. If cable TV is required, the cable set-top box is needed for connection to the TV.

    Also known as also a “connected TV,” a smart TV could contain a browser for general Web surfing and be capable of running games and other applications. A QWERTY keyboard can be built into the remote controls. However, certain smart TVs can allow tablet apps to run simultaneously with the TV, allowing it to show the program guide, manage the TV and provide additional details.

    What is a smart TV?

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    The older “dumb TVs” – that only show content via an HDTV antenna cable or other A/V source have been largely eliminated. The modern world is a bit more advanced. With high-performance processors, Internet connectivity, and easy-to-use software, the new TV functions more like an iPad or smartphone than the tube TVs that were popular in the past.

    Smart TVs, like phones and other smart home devices, come with internet connectivity and support for various applications. This gives you a variety of entertainment possibilities, from streaming videos via Netflix or Hulu and playing online games or checking social media to controlling a home with connected devices, including the top Alexa-connected devices and the best Google Home compatible devices.

    Smart TV vs. Regular TV

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    Regular TVs come in various sizes, some large and others smaller. The TVs come at various prices and may even be available in 4K. For things like the “smart” part of things–that’s the area where things can get more complicated.

    Like smartphones, Smart TVs are TVs that can be connected to the internet and more than simply show images on their screens. Smart TVs can stream videos at any time, stream music, and do much more. It could include accessing your preferred apps, browsing social media, or receiving updates on sports.

    Most of the time, the standard TV isn’t equipped with any processing capability, so it’s unable to access the web. In essence, it functions as an increased computer monitor. As a result, they cannot manage applications or web browsing. However, they’re great for people who do not want to purchase a new TV, as many producers have now switched from old TV models to smart TVs.

    Smart TVs can keep up with these advances with high-resolution streaming options, including 8K and 4K.

    List of Best smart tv brands of 2022

    Samsung: great all-rounder TV brand

    Samsung signage
    smart tv samsung

    Samsung is a brand of TV you’ve likely been aware of due to its status as the largest television manufacturer in the world – in addition to all sorts of tech-related products.

    Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturer with an impressive user base since it offers various sets at various price levels, offering an unbeatable quality that is higher than the more expensive brands. In addition, Samsung has also been a major fan of LED/LCD TVs, offering a variety of affordable televisions updated yearly.

    LG Electronics: an OLED TV cheerleader

    If your eye has been taken by an OLED Television, be grateful to LG. LG manufactures OLED panels for itself and its rivals and has facilitated the return of OLED decades after the popularity of the technology was declining.

    You’ll experience stunningly vibrant colors, a strong contrast, beautiful blacks, and LG’s top webOS smart platform to tie everything together. LG sets are also known to give a little “pop” to the colors, in contrast to the more restrained tone mapping of sets made by Panasonic.

    LG does not offer HDR10+ as Samsung or Panasonic; however, you’ll find many Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos support on the top LG TVs. LG TV 2022 The entire lineup of OLED and LED sets will be released this year.

    Hisense: the budget TV brand

    Hisense You’ll hear a lot when looking for an affordable television. The brand that offers budget-friendly TVs has high-end technologies such as 4K/HDR and quantum dots for a price that is lower than what you’d typically spend, making future TVs accessible to many consumers. In addition, in 2022, the brand will launch Mini-LED models.

    TCL: a renowned budget TV brand

    Heard of TCL? It’s a must – with about 10% of the market for TV worldwide, TCL is a Chinese electronics company that has swarmed into our homes in the last couple of years and has a place just to the left of Samsung and LG in terms of size.

    TCL’s most distinctive TV designs are usually reserved for its home market in China However, the 5 Series and 6-Series TVs in the US are among the finest you can buy at a low cost.

    Sony is a brand of TV that has serious audio.

    Sony produces some stunning TVs, featuring sets such as the A90J and brand-new 2022 A80K OLED models, which deliver the amazing image quality and stunning design to complement.

    Perhaps to be expected from a company so involved in music via, say, Sony Music – these sets are a true showcase of audio technology. The top models feature Sony’s exclusive Acoustic Surface Audio+, which uses drivers strategically placed to produce sound through the television’s panel, instead of through upward, rear, or upward-firing speakers. In addition, they come with built-in woofers to provide an extended bass.

    Panasonic is a cinematic TV brand.

    Are you looking for a Panasonic TV? Although the Japanese brand doesn’t offer commercial models in North America – or Australia at present, its stunning JZ2000 TV can serve as a monitor by professional Hollywood colorists due to its high-contrast output and a custom OLED panel. It’s truly amazing and is why it’s present in our top 10 listing of the top TVs to watch in 2022 and highlights the cinematic quality of Panasonic’s televisions and the performance that comes from the HCX Pro Intelligent processor.

    Philips is the only brand of TV with Ambilight

    Another TV brand that’s not licensed to sell its models in the US However, Philips has plenty to say about it. The high-end OLED TVs concentrate a lot on sound quality. They include Bowers & Wilkins powering built-in Soundbars in its premium models. It also supports the two formats of HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, which means Philips premium models do not lag when it comes to the HDR department, either.

    How to connect the phone to smart tv    

    black flat screen tv turned on displaying 11
    best smart tv

    How to cast an iPhone to a TV  

    If you own one of the Apple TVs (r) and an AirPlay(r) 2 compatible smart television, you can join your iPhone to it via AirPlay. AirPlay lets you stream videos and mirror your phone’s screen to your TV. Here’s how:

    • Check that your iPhone is connected to that same WiFi network with your Apple TV or AirPlay 2-compatible smart TV.
    • Click to access Control Center. Control Center on your device.
    • You can swipe left from the top-right corner to use an iPhone with Face ID(r).
    • If you have an iPhone with the Home button, you can swipe upwards from the lower part edge of your screen.
    • Click the screen mirroring icon (overlapping rectangular boxes), then select your TV from the drop-down menu.
    • Follow the instructions on both the screens (TV or device). You may need to enter an AirPlay passcode on your television.
    • For a stop to screen mirroring, enter the Control Center, select Screen Mirroring, and then choose to stop mirroring.

    How to connect an Android phone to a TV  

    If your TV is connected to online and streaming content via apps such as Netflix(r), Hulu(r), or YouTube, you may be able to stream video directly to your TV via your tablet or phone.

    • Make sure you connect your Smart TV and your tablet or phone to the same WiFi network.
    • Play a video on your preferred application. Then, tap the icon to cast it. Icon.
    • Choose your TV from the drop-down menu.
    • Your video will play on your television.

    How do you clean the smart TV screen

    • Switch off your TV and disconnect it.
    • Use an incredibly soft and clean cloth clean the screen in a circular motion to remove any dust or particles.
    • To remove stains that are difficult to get rid of, make sure you moisten the cloth using distilled water.
    • If that doesn’t work, try a solution made that contains mild dish soap and distilled water.


    Television manufacturers are always racing to make the most advanced TVs with higher quality images and better features. Based on what we’ve seen thus far, it’s unlikely that this will slow down anytime soon.

    From the 2000s in the early years in which flat-screen TVs were the rage, until 2016 when UHD 4K TVs are becoming more popular and commonplace, it’s not surprising that the new TVs are set to keep getting faster and more efficient as we move into the new decade.

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