What are Bing Ads? What Bing have that Google doesn’t

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    In 2019, Microsoft’s Bing search engine was responsible for 936 million monthly searches. Bing comes in second place as the popular search engine used for desktop searches, which means that focusing on how people use it might aid in expanding your reach on the often-ignored platform. In the early part of the calendar year, Bing was responsible for over 6 percent of the worldwide search market. In addition, its advertising network has grown to give Microsoft over $7.6 billion in revenue annually.

    Furthermore, Bing ads can extend across the entire ad network. This means that advertisers can get access to audiences with high value all over the world.

    We’ll cover the crucial questions of the cost of reach, the costs involved, and conversion rates, but we’ll also discuss special features of Bing ads that make it distinct as a marketing tool.

    bing ads display

    What are Bing ads?

    bing ads
    bing ads support

    The idea behind Bing advertisements is similar to Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform created to help you connect with a particular group of people, drive more traffic to your site, and generate more revenue.

    Bing ads appear identical in the SERP as the ads are on Google, and their total title and metadata lengths are roughly identical. In addition, Bing ads work with an auction system similar to Google’s, where advertisers can display relevant ads to people looking for specific keywords. Marketers can select search terms to make their ads appear on the search results pages and pay a modest fee per click. This type of advertising remains among the most well-known online advertising since it’s still so effective. All required is a campaign set by Microsoft Merchant Center and a budget.

    Bing ads service offerings

    One of the greatest advantages of using the Bing network is that Advertisements for brands can be shown across several platforms, including Bing, AOL, and Yahoo.

    In the past year, Bing has been upgrading its services to be more in line with the modern and smarter ads that Google has used for a long time. In certain aspects, Bing is still behind Google’s capabilities. In other instances, they outperform Google’s current capabilities.

    With each update and new possibility in Bing, online stores are likely to see higher conversion rates, more traffic to their websites, and better value for their money.

    After we’ve examined Bing’s advertising cost, let’s look at the various types of Bing advertisements you can design.

    Expanded Text Ads

    This kind of advertisement is typically found within search results. The headline can be composed of three lines with a maximum of 30 characters. It also allows the text to include at least two descriptive words with at least 90 characters.

    Dynamic Search Ads

    They show up in relevant search results related to your site. Therefore, it is not necessary to manage bids, keep track of keyword lists, or modify the title of your ads.

    Microsoft Audience Ads

    They allow companies to gather non-search-related traffic via specific and strategically placed advertisements. For example, they can be inserted into the form of an article or on a page to give additional opportunities for brands to engage with the visitors.

    Bing Search Ads

    Smart Search results provide a preview of your web page.

    App Install Ads

    They look like normal text ads but include direct hyperlinks to your app store. In addition, they will take you to a blog post that allows you to download the app advertising.

    Responsive Search Ads

    The ads do away with the need to determine the best headlines and descriptions for ads. Instead, you have to write down fifteen headlines and four descriptions, and then Microsoft Advertising determines the best combinations.

    Shopping (Product Ads)

    Advertising for shopping (also called advertisements for products) assist in streamlining the purchase process for shoppers who shop online. They typically appear when a user’s goal is more focused on buying than research. They display images of similar products and a price point for the brand.

    Smart Shopping Ads is one of the latest features Microsoft Advertising has recently rolled out. We’re thrilled to see that this feature has been rolled out from the Google platform and onto the Bing search platform.

    Benefits of using Bing Shopping Campaigns

    Bing’s pricing is competitive with other ad platforms, and distinct audience behavior and features benefit eCommerce businesses, and so can its impact on the bottom line. Three ways Bing advertisements can generate profits and reduce costs immediately and in the long term:

    More click-through with lower cost-per-action. 

    Click-through rates (CTR) on Bing average 45 % higher than Google, dependent on the particular vertical. The conversion rate is somewhat lower (1.74 percent for Bing in comparison to 1.91 % on Google); however, the lower cost per click on Bing means that the total cost per desired action–that is, the amount of ad spent is needed to make every order – is also less than Google which is by more than 40.

    Simple integration with existing Google ads feeds. 

    Bing gives a quick jumpstart to its ad platform companies currently advertising through Google by providing the ability to upload feeds and convert them into a tool that cuts down on the time and money required to prepare for the launch.

    More powerful tools for targeting granularly. 

    There are enough similarities between the ad platforms to allow for fast transfer of ad feeds from Google; Bing offers several features on the backend that allow better targeting of ads by group, device, and time zone. Merchants also have greater insight into where the Bing traffic on the network is coming from than Google. This means sellers can grow their money further by focusing their efforts on the right audience.

    A secure and future-proof privacy edge. 

    bing ads
    bing ads mobile

    In the last year, major technology companies have taken measures to ensure privacy for their users. Most particularly, Apple’s decision requires explicit consent from users when apps are used to gather personal information.

    If you require convincing, Here are some important advantages that come with running PPC ads using Microsoft:

    • It has fewer competitors than Bing, meaning that Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is usually somewhat lower, and the conversion rates can be higher than Google Ads.
    • Targeting devices is superior to Google – Microsoft lets advertisers select their target audience according to their type of device and operating system. Advertisers can also choose to display only advertisements to users on mobile devices and remove desktop advertisements.
    • Bing is home to an older and richer population that may be better suited to certain businesses, both e-commerce, and non-e-commerce.
    • It’s extremely business-to-business marketing-friendly.

    How to Set Up Bing Shopping

    In terms of setting up, let’s start by walking through the steps to set up your Bing Shopping and running.

    Creating Your Bing Merchant Center

    • If you’re new to Bing, it is necessary to establish the Bing Merchant Center.
    bing ads
    Source: Klientboost bing ads dashboard
    • Go to the “Tools” tab at the top of Bing’s interface. Bing interface.
    bing ads
    Source: Klientboost
    • Click on “Bing Merchant Center.”
    bing ads
    Source: Klientboost
    • It’s easy to find.
    • After that, click “Create Store” and “Create Store.”
    • So far, so good.
    • Complete all required fields regarding your store.
    • Fill out this form to the Merchant Center is now ready.

    Creating Your Shopping Catalog

    After you’ve completed creating the Bing Merchant Center, you can begin creating your shopping cart, which is generally referred to by the name of your “shopping feed.”

    Upload Your Google Shopping Feed

    As previously mentioned and highly recommended, it is possible to add the contents of your Google Shopping feed straight into your Bing Merchant Center.

    It saves you precious time and energy because you’re managing a single feed file used by Google and Bing. Google as well as Bing as opposed to having two distinct files.

    It is also possible to connect your Google Merchant Center product offers with your Bing Merchant Center to keep your feed current. This can be manually done or set to update automatically at set time intervals.

    Create Your Catalog

    This is also possible if you’d like to design completely new catalogs or feeds (or you’re just starting with eCommerce and must begin with a new catalog/feed).

    • These are the fields that must be included in your feed: you’ll be required to add to your feed:
    • It is an identifier that is unique to identify the object. (Example: ISI1)
    • Title – The title of an item. (Example Men’s wallet)
    • Link – Direct URL of the item’s page on your website (Example:
    • Price – Base cost, without tax and shipping and invoiced using local currency. (Example: 23.99)
    • Description – Product description (Example: Bright Green Dry T-shirt that is fitted)
    • ItemLink – URL of an image of the item (Example:
    • Shipping Cost of shipping is provided using local currencies. This is a mandatory field that applies to Germany only. 
    • Then you’ll want to upload the feed using one of three methods:
    • Manually upload the feed so long as the size is less than 4MB.
    • Upload through FTP provided that your file’s size falls less than 1GB.
    • Upload the feed automatically using an URL.

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