Create a Weebly Ecommerce Website in Minutes+ Free Templates

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    Weebly is one of the top web creators for small-scale entrepreneurs and business owners. In actuality, Weebly is one of the best website builders for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Weebly website builder is one of our top scores based on its usability.

    But, even highly intuitive tools can be difficult in some areas. That’s why we’ve developed the following instructional video for Weebly to guide you through some of the common tasks involved in creating a website using Weebly for your company. In addition, our How to use Weebly guide will cover additional specialized tasks that every business owner needs to know when building professional websites.

    Weebly eCommerce’s features

    The thing that makes software stand out is the variety of capabilities and features. For example, Weebly eCommerce is a product developed by Weebly as a simple site builder that includes features designed to work with commerce and the world of content.

    There’s a range of skills you can draw upon to assist with selling techniques or product control, along with managing content and marketing. The features available are comprehensive.

    weebly ecommerce
    Create a Weebly Ecommerce Website in Minutes+ Free Templates 6

    Customized and suggested emails

    The mainstay of effective marketing and sales strategy is that email is essential for online sales.

    Wherever your customers are located in the conversion or selling pipeline funnel, You must remain in the forefront and share promotions and order details.

    Weebly’s intelligent email platform automatically suggests emails for you to use to communicate to promote new products, holidays, etc. Image source: Author

    Weebly eCommerce gives you automated suggestions of email templates to be sent based on the activity in your store and intelligently designs new email templates to be sent when you have added new categories or products.

    You can also create and automate your transactional emails. For example, you can use their drag-and-drop campaign creator to create emails that include automated links to any images, products, or web pages you require.

    Dynamic tax and shipping calculators 

    In calculating the appropriate shipping and tax fees across different locations, Weebly eCommerce takes all the stress away. All you have to do is indicate whether taxes are included or shipping must be taxed. Then it will figure everything else out for you.

    Once it’s the time for shipping the product, it calculates these figures dynamically based upon the place of delivery and the products you’ve purchased.

    Bulk inventory

    Controlling inventory refreshes and bulk purchase orders is easier when you use large inventory capabilities. You can edit the bulk of your goods inventory or export and import data in large quantities to simplify your work.

    Mobile optimization

    A successful position strategy requires a high rank, including mobile optimization. Weebly eCommerce will automatically ensure that your website is optimized for any device.

    This not only plays in your SEO but also ensures that customers experience an enjoyable shopping experience, increasing their likelihood to stay around and buy.

    Coupon code

    weebly ecommerce
    weebly ecommerce

    This feature is available only to premium two-paying plan customers; however, it’s a great tool to manage promotions effectively. In addition, Weebly offers Coupon Builder, a feature that lets customers design coupons from your store’s dashboard. In addition, you can sort them by date, quantity, and coupon code.

    You can decide not only if coupons are in the form of a dollar amount or percent but the limitations you wish to establish for certain product dates, times, order amounts, or categories.


    As a vital part of building confidence in managing clients, secure online shops are essential. Therefore, even the free versions of Weebly eCommerce are equipped with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to protect customers’ sensitive payment information.


    Creating your website is easy with step-by-step tutorials and a media library that lets you upload logos and images by dropping them by dragging.

    Design an eCommerce store online Weebly Ecommerce Store

    1. Create a Weebly Account

    To begin, you need to visit. Then, you can click “Sign Up” at the top right-hand corner of the homepage. It is only necessary to enter your email address and name, make a password, and then agree to the conditions and terms. Next, select “I want a business website” and follow the steps to set the Square account and store information.

    2. Design Your Website

    Simply click on “Design now,” and you’ll get a rough design for a website that includes an online store. In this step, you’ll be able to select the features you’d like to include on your homepage. You may also eliminate any module that you do not want. The fewer modules you select, the smaller the scroll will appear at the top of your page.

    The final step in designing your web page layout is choosing the style you want to use. The fonts on your website will change when you select the style that fits your business most. In addition, the choice of color affects your buttons and your website’s bottom banner (the lowest of the page banner).

    3. Connect Your Domain Name

    All of it up to this point has been free — and it’s still possible, but you’ll need to modify the name of your website and its URL. You can search for and register a domain using the first option if you don’t have one. If you’ve already obtained a domain, you’ll need to add it to this second section.

    Select the next option if you want to set up a free account. The only caveat is that your website’s URL becomes a subdomain, and you will be able to have Square branding on your website. 

    4. Customize Your Template

    You’ll now have the blank canvas to personalize and personalize. Editing the text and images on any page is easy. On the left side of the screen, you can select the page you want to modify first. You can then click on the page you wish to change the text and enter the text you wish to change.

    To change, for instance, the appearance of your homepage, simply click it, and a pop-up will give you the option of uploading your photos or using royalty-free images from websites like Unsplash or Pixabay.

    5. Add & Set Up Your Store

    The next step is to create Your Weebly shop by updating items. However, if you’ve made it this far and you realize that you’re not prepared for using an internet-based store, learn more about creating an online business site for small businesses by using Weebly.

    Add Your Products

    weebly ecommerce
    weebly ecommerce

    When you click on the Weebly web store editor can encourage users to add products in the next step. Click on “Add item” and start adding the information such as the name of the item and its description, price, and sale price. You can also upload a picture. Under this section, you’ll have the option to select fulfillment options, including pickup, shipping, or local delivery. Include the weight of your shipping, the SKU, and the product’s category to make it easier for management.

    Set Up Shipping & Taxes

    Follow the steps to set up your shipping rates to be ready for customers in the near future. You can select an uncapped price for each item or an amount per purchase or per order, and you can also set up a rule that allows free shipping should you wish to offer free shipping for orders that exceed $50. Users will need an upgrade from the free plan for real-time shipping rates determined by ZIP numbers.

    After you’ve shipped your order, you’ll be asked to set up your taxes. First, answer some questions, such as the method you use to deliver orders to your customers (shipping pickup, delivery, or shipping), and then add the location of your delivery; after that, Square is able to calculate the tax you’ll have to charge based upon the location you’re located. You can then choose how you’d like to charge taxes on online orders.

    Set Up Online Payments

    weebly ecommerce
    weebly ecommerce pricing

    After your online store and your website are operational, There’s one more step to take make sure that you’re prepared to accept online payment. Select “Checkout” on the left menu. Next, confirm your identity by logging in to your Square account. Then, select the other payment options you’d prefer to accept payments, such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. PayPal is an alternative; however, you’ll have an upgrade to the free plan.

    6. Expand Functionality With Weebly Store Apps

    Your website and your online shop are set to accept orders right now; however, you can improve them by using applications. On the Square App Marketplace, you will find apps that can be added to make your store and website more effective, like using the ability to send emails, sophisticated inventory, and printing of labels.

    Connecting apps to your store online requires you to set up an account for every app you wish to connect and follow the steps to sign in to your account for both the store account and your app account. You’ll need permissions to allow the integration to work. You’ll be capable of managing your apps through the dashboard.

    Of course, there are a plethora of applications available. It’s worth taking a look at the apps available. There are some apps from the same providers that you already use, along with apps that you’ll likely need to utilize to sell more effectively on the store you have created with Weebly store.

    7. Select a Plan

    Four pricing options for Weebly’s website are priced competitively compared to rivals. If you pay annually, the most expensive plan starts with a monthly cost of $26. The more expensive you go with a pricing plan, the more functions you can avail of. Each plan is subject to the Square eCommerce transaction fees of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents per transaction.

    8. Launch Your Online Store

    Now you’ll be able to create an attractive website because of the simple website builder offered by Weebly and Square. You’ve learned to establish a Weebly store, set up payments with Square as well as added your own products, and selected the applications that you’re most interested in. Now is the time to launch your store online and begin selling.

    Weebly vs. Shopify: A detailed comparison

    If you’re in search of an easy-to-use website builder to create your eCommerce store and you’re looking for a platform that’s user-friendly, each of Weebly and Shopify offers you a wide range of options. Weebly is an e-commerce platform that has earned itself a reputation over time for being affordable, user-friendly, and packed with amazing features. In addition, the company’s excellent pricing policy makes it accessible to small-scale businesses as well.

    Weebly offers the ability to use a free template for your site design, SEO support with no-cost plan access, as well as filtering of products. In comparison with Shopify, Weebly is a tool that puts the user experience first.

    Or Shopify is more well-known as the most powerful online store builder, which can assist your company to stand out by offering everything, including free SSL certificates as well as dropshipping integrations with social media and dropshipping solutions, too.

    Comparatively to platforms like Wix as well as Weebly, Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms around that includes a range of amazing customizing tools and add-ons that are specifically designed to help elevate your online store to higher levels. Shopify supports different languages using Shopify as well as uses a myriad of payment options, and you can also use a range of amazing email templates to promote your business too.

    The final decision to choose between Shopify as well as Weebly is about the specifics of what you’d like to get in the eCommerce store. Both platforms will provide you with the basic features, such as shopping carts as well as checkout tools and options to accept credit card transactions. They differ in all aspects, including customer support and user-friendliness.

    Free Weebly templates to use on e-commerce websites.

    1. Squared 2

    Squared2 is a template on Weebly which shines the spotlight on the photography of the product, which makes it perfect for high-quality inventory such as clothing, jewelry, and furniture for your home.

    Sidebar navigation keeps the huge image fields in the front. The minimal text keeps from taking up space on the page.

    2. Dusk

    weebly ecommerce
    weebly ecommerce by square

    Dusk provides plenty of room for writing beyond the actual e-store. This is why it’s ideal for niche sellers who sell to hobbyists. Markets like fishing gear, sporting goods, and quilting materials.

    The e-store’s links lead to product pages using large square images. And the pages have ample space to display product details. Pages templates comprise Home Blog, Store about, and Contact.

    3. Paper

    Although Paper‘s online store is typical Weebly features with large images that connect to product pages with detailed information, the Home Blog, Store, and About as well as Contact templates, include a distinct newsprint-inspired font, as well as simple black and white color scheme which is what Traithost Digital Marketer Andrew Daniels calls “engaging” and “dynamic.”

    Paper also comes with an inbuilt hover-effect tool which is not common in Weebly templates.


    I hope this guide was useful as you created the Weebly website. For more support, go to the Weebly Community online. Weebly Community which usually will respond to your questions within 24 hours.

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