6 Ways Zapier can Boost your Online Business in 2022

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    Automating workflow processes is an effective method to ensure that routine tasks are completed regularly and in a timely manner. There are many end-user tools that take automation off the developer’s task list and allow workers to take care of their tasks. Services such as Zapier, IFTTT, and Power Automate offer elements requiring minimal or no programming to automate repetitive tasks. In the end, these non-coding automation services reduce time and speed up data transfer between teams, allowing them to be more responsive to customer queries.

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    What is Zapier?

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    Zapier is an online platform that lets you automatize workflows by connecting your applications and your services. It allows you to automate your tasks without having to design the integration on your own or hiring someone to create this integration for you.

    To illustrate, Zapier can automatically send an individual tweet after you’ve published your blog post. The term “custom” means you decide what the automatic tweets will appear like and the content they’ll include. Additionally, with over 2000+ destinations that aren’t Twitter, Zapier can handle numerous automated tasks on various platforms or destinations.

    It can do this by allowing you to create “Zaps,” automated workflows comprising a trigger and one or several actions. Then, when you create and enable the new Zap, it will execute its action(s) whenever the trigger occurs. For a quick instance: let’s say that you create the Zap to send a custom tweet sent out on each published post. In this scenario, publishing a blog post is the trigger, as is the custom-made tweet automatic process which follows.

    6 ways that your eCommerce business can benefit from Zapier to make it more efficient:

    Automatically tweet on Twitter whenever you add new items to your store

    easiest way to automate

    This recipe allows you to set up an automated tweet each time a new product is introduced to the inventory. This is an excellent method to keep your customers informed about what products you’re adding daily.

    Contact your new customers with information to your email vendor.

    Every time a new customer purchases with you, Zapier allows you to connect order information to an email service provider you choose. Zapier currently supports about 20 email service providers, which include MailChimpAWeberCampaign Monitor, and many more.

    Send new prospective leads to your CRM.

    Based on the sales funnel you have, depending on your sales funnel, you could be collecting emails for potential clients before they purchase from you. They could be signing up to your blog, downloading eBooks, recommending Slideshares, etc if you’re using a platform such as Wufoo, Formstack, or Unbounce and want to seamlessly integrate your lead data into CRMs such as InfusionSoft, Salesforce, or Zoho.

    Convert the order information to your CRM

    After you’ve synchronized potential leads to your CRM software, You can add the information about your order whenever customers return to buy from you. This lets you draw an accurate image of where leads come from and what revenue your lead generation efforts generate.

    Send converted order data to your support ticketing platform.

    Suppose you’re responding to customer support requests, The more information you can provide. In that case, it will be easier for support representatives to communicate with customers who need assistance. Zapier lets you transmit converted order data to support desk software such as DeskHelp Scout, and ZenDesk. In this way, your employees are always aware of their conversations with customers who require assistance.

    Keep track of payment processing events in the form of a Google spreadsheet.

    There’s no better choice in many cases than a reliable old Google Spreadsheet. I have found this particularly relevant when I’m trying to create an interactive dashboard or working on a larger-scale data analysis. For example, one of the most powerful applications we’ve encountered is the possibility of connecting the payment processing company, Stripe with a Google Spreadsheet to track successful and unsuccessful charges. This allows us to identify problems with payment processing or dunning more quickly than if we were to manually sign in to Stripe each day.

    Effective process design is a fundamental task for every business owner who wants to build to scale. Zapier is software that can drastically increase effectiveness and speed up certain tasks that prevent your eCommerce business from growing.

    How to Use Zapier in Your Business

    Every business will utilize Zapier in a variety of ways. For example, it could be used for only one or two tasks for certain staff members or to handle large amounts of work that affect everyone. These are the best option to decide whether you’d like to set up an account for your entire company or have each employee sign to their accounts. You can also allow the account holders to make Zaps when needed.

    Dashboard and Suggestions

    Zapier’s dashboard is simple that will be familiar to the majority. It’ll show you connected apps and your Zaps and offer suggestions regarding your apps or what’s popular within the community.

    Ideas can be of huge assistance as teams and businesses learn. Simply click the “Try this” button, and Zapier will work automatically to start the process. If your workflow requires authorizations or any other information like a text message you want to send to your customers, it will require you to provide it when it guides you through the procedure.

    Switching off or on Zaps is as easy as a toggle switch under the “My Apps” tab “My Apps” tab, and there’s a dropdown menu that will show the exact number of Zapier Tasks that remain in the month.

    Zapier provides an overview page for the new feature if you also add an account to connect. There is an integration list, links to common sites, overview information, and tutorials. Tutorials are brief, typically less than two minutes, and will cover using Zaps to automate workflows and general software recommendations. For example, the LinkedIn page explains how to use Zapier to post LinkedIn posts automatically to Facebook and include a resume on LinkedIn or block someone’s profile on LinkedIn. If you’re looking into tools but don’t know which you should use, check out the “Alternatives” section, which will give you ideas on alternative software to consider.

    Its “Explore” tab is also important to review at the beginning of your journey. This page displays icons of more than 1500 applications.

    If you click on a single icon, it will provide you with popular Zaps for the software. If you choose more than one icon, it will show you already-made Zaps designed specifically for that software.

    What is the cost of Zapier ?

    zapier pricing

    Zapier has various pricing plans, from a no-cost version to large-scale enterprise deployments. Although you can use Zapier for free, you do not gain access to one of Zapier’s “premium” app integrations. Zapier puts about sixty apps under the paywall for premium apps – Premium apps are Salesforce, Zendesk, PayPal, Pinterest, and Shopify. Below are the plans that you can pick from:

    Free The Free plan allows you to use the free plan to try Zapier and make use of it for minimal tasks. You can use five single-step zaps, which will not exceed 100 tasks each month. Unfortunately, using “premium” apps or services is impossible.

    Starter: For $19.99 per month, the Starter plan restricts your zaps to 20 and not more than 500 tasks. You can make multi-step zaps and use at least three top-quality applications. (You can upgrade your subscription for 1,500 daily tasks at $39. ) Professional: Beginning at $49 per month, you can use unlimited Zaps. This pay level allows you to complete 2,000 tasks each month. You can increase your pay levels to 20,000 responsibilities each month for $189.

    Team The tier begins at $299/month for unlimited Zaps and 50,000 tasks per month. (Several levels go with up to 2,000,000 tasks for $3,499 a month). This level has various other features, including shared workspaces to facilitate team collaboration.

    Company The top-level begins at $599 per month for 1

    The number of tasks is 0, but it increases to $3,599 for 2,000,000 jobs. It offers advanced administrative features such as single sign-on, account consolidation, and live training.

    Which ecommerce platforms does Zapier allow?

    You can check out the complete list here. However, the most popular apps are:

    integrate with zapier

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