TikTok Login – Try these methods to login into Your TikTok Account

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    Video creators are often faced with issues when trying to do their TikTok login. Today, we’re going to show you the methods you can sign in to your TikTok account. However, before you do that, you know more about TikTok.

    Tiktok is an application for sharing videos and is a creator application that was previously called Tiktok application is used by everyone to entertain themselves. However, it is the most popular for the younger generation since they have a celebrity experience with the app. It is possible to download the app from the Google Play Store If you’re an Android user or via an app store in the case you already are one of the iOS users.

    These days users are quite confused with all the TikTok login options and asking for the following questions:

    • How can I login to TikTok?
    • How can I login to TikTok without password?
    • How can I do TikTok login in Chrome?

    We have tried to answer these questions in this blog.

    Methods for logging in to TikTok account

    • Log in using your phone number or username Facebook, Instagram and Google login.

    Steps for TikTok login with Phone number

    If you’re looking to log into your TikTok accounts, we recommend that you sign in using an existing phone number because it’s the most convenient method. Since you don’t have to remember your password, these steps can be followed.

    • The first step is to open the TikTok App.
    • It will take you directly to the main screen in the TikTok application.
    • Tap then on “Me” written in the lower right-hand corner.
    • Choose Sign up and then.
    • It will display an additional screen. to log in to your TikTok Account, Select “Login” written next to ” Already have an account?
    • Choose “Use Phone or Email”
    • Choose Log in using Phone Number, and then enter your phone number (pay attention to the country code when making your selection)
    • After that, tap on the Send code.
    • You can then enter your password or click “Log in with verification code.”
    • If you select “Log in with verification code”, you will receive an OTP. You must input this OTP to sign in to your TikTok Account.
    • Congratulations, you’ve successfully registered.
    TikTok login
    TikTok Login - Try these methods to login into Your TikTok Account 4

    Steps to follow for TikTok Login with username

    If you’re looking to learn the steps to TikTok Login using an account name, keep reading this post.

    • To sign in to the TikTok account, you must open the application.
    • Tap the “Me” icon in the lower right-hand corner.
    • Then select “Sign up”.
    • Choose “Login”
    • Select “Use Phone/Email/username”
    • Then, enter the username and password you made when you signed up.
    • In case you forget your password. Click on “forgot password?”
    • Enter in your “Email id”, then press”Reset”, and then tap on the “Reset” button.
    • Then you will receive an email that will allow you to reset the password via your email address from your account on the TikTok server.
    • Then, open the Gmail application on your phone or log in to your Gmail account on your browser using your credentials and then open the email you have been sent by TikTok. TikTok team.
    • Go to the password reset link and enter your password.
    • Then again, open the TikTok app, Tap on “Me”, select “Sign up”, select “Use Phone/Email/Username”, after selecting “Login”.
    • Enter your email address or username and password.

    Congratulations, you’ve successfully logged in to your TikTok account.

    Reset your TikTok account passwords in case you have forgotten your email id

    If you’ve got at least two different email IDs and you’re unsure which one you’ve used to sign up, this guide will assist you in finding out which email address you signed up with.

    • Simply open the G-mail app on your phone.
    • Find TikTok.
    • Select the email that you want to receive from TikTok. TikTok team.
    • Select me, and then you’ll see your email address with which you’ve previously signed into TikTok. TikTok account.

    Steps for TikTok Login with Facebook account

    TikTok lets users sign in to their TikTok Account by using their Facebook credentials. This is a great and simplest method. We recommend to all users that if on any app or site you can log in using Facebook, you must make use of it. It’s difficult to remember many passwords.

    In addition, it will save your time as well since it imports all necessary information such as name, birth date, and other information from your social media accounts. If you’re curious about TikTok login using Facebook, you can do it. Here’s the step-by-step guide.

    • Start the TikTok application on your mobile.
    • Choose “Me” given in the lower right corner of the application.
    • Choose “Sign up”, then select “Log in” written next to “Already have an account”.
    • Select “Continue with Facebook”.
    • It will allow you to access it on Facebook Homepage.
    • Enter your Facebook login credentials and click “Login”.
    • Then, TikTok will require you to log in to your Facebook account’s personal information, such as your username, password etc.
    • Let’s say…
    • Congratulations! You’ve successfully logged into the account you have created on TikTok Account.
    tiktok login
    TikTok Login - Try these methods to login into Your TikTok Account 5

    Steps to TikTok Login with Instagram

    The Instagram platform is also a renowned platform, similar to TikTok, to upload videos and make short videos similar to TikTok. The users of Instagram have referred to it as the story. The one distinction between Instagram as well as TikTok can be that TikTok recommends random videos from all creators based on the videos you’re watching.

    On Instagram, If you wish to view any of the videos or stories, you need to sign up for the account, and if you’d like to get to see the suggestions of that person’s videos on your timeline, then you must follow the person.

    That’s why the second and simplest method of logging into the TikTok account is Instagram. You must, however, possess an Instagram account to utilize TikTok Login with Instagram. The process for login is similar. Here is the step-by-step procedure.

    • Open the TikTok app.
    • Choose “Me” and then select “Sign up”.
    • On the following window, select “Log in”, written in red.
    • Choose “Continue with Instagram”.
    • Log in using the details of your Instagram credentials and sign in to Instagram.
    • Accept the permission that the app will ask for it, or you can also sign up with Facebook to log in here (Because Instagram also gives you the option of logging in with Facebook)
    • Congrats buddy! You’ve successfully logged in to TikTok using Instagram.
    tiktok login
    TikTok Login - Try these methods to login into Your TikTok Account 6

    Steps to follow for TikTok Login via Google Account

    This is the simplest method that is even simpler than the other method we’ve discussed. Since everyone who runs Android mobile is associated with a Gmail account. It is rare to find anyone on an Android user without a Gmail account. This is why below are the steps to follow to log in to your TikTok Your Account.

    • To log in to TikTok using your Google Account, you need to have a Gmail account. If you don’t already have one, then make one first.
    • Open The TikTok App.
    • Choose “Me” from the home screen.
    • Then select “Sign Up”.
    • Then, select “Login”, which is given at the lower right of the screen.
    • Choose “Continue with Google”.
    • The new screen will appear and display the list of email IDs that you have signed into your mobile.
    • Choose the Email ID that you would like to sign in using.
    • That’s it. Now, you can begin uploading your videos to TikTok

    Here’s your Tiktok Login Kit using Mobile Number (Video)

    Here are five ways to log into your TikTok Account. We’ve done our best to incorporate each step needed for successfully logging into the TikTok account. TikTok account. In the event, however, that on the off possibility that you encounter difficulties logging into your account. Please get in contact with us via the comment box below. We’re happy to assist you. Tiktok downloads are increasing day by day and it has reached the top of the most downloaded apps and Tik tok opened its offices across the world now.

    These are just the different methods to logging your TikTok account, you can choose any of it, which you find is more convenient to you, I personally use my phone number, check out our article on How to use TikTok for marketing a product


    How can I login to TikTok without password?

    Yes, if you forget your password, you can still use TikTok, by clicking in forgot password and follow the instruction

    Can I watch TikTok without the app?

    Yes, you can use TikTok browser without using app account and use 80% of the features that you get in the app.

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