5 Different Way To Copy and Paste in 2022

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    how to copy and paste on mac book

    How to copy and paste on macbook

    1. Choose what you would like to copy:

    copy and paste
    • Text Select text simply clicks and moves the mouse until the part you wish to copy and paste is highlighted, and then let go of the click.
    • Files: Pick the file on your system that you would like to paste and copy or select several files by pressing to select a selection of files.
    • Image: In most Mac applications, you can choose the image you want to copy by clicking it once.
    copy and paste

    2. Edit the bar menu.

    copy and paste

    3. Press “Copy. The selected images, text, or files will be copied to your computer’s clipboard (temporary storage).

    Alternately, press +C.You can also right-click on the trackpad or mouse. If you do not have a right-click option, use Control+click on a Mac or a trackpad, and select the Copy button within the menu.

    4. Select the field or document where you would like to place the image or text.

    5. Click Edit on the Menu Bar.

    copy and paste

    6. Click paste. The image or text will be added to the field or document where you place the cursor.

    Alternately, press +V. You may also right-click the trackpad or mouse. If you do not have a right-click feature, you can press Control+click on Mac or PC and then click paste from the pop-up menu.

    How do you copy and paste on Windows 10 using the menu bar

    The third option is to utilize your menu bar.

    Step1. Many applications have menu systems that allow copying and pasting; however, highlighting the items you wish to copy requires you to use a keyboard or mouse. Utilize the above methods to highlight the items you want to copy.

    copy and paste
    copy and paste texts

    Step 2. Once you’ve highlighted the selected content, go to the menu bar on top of your application or folder, and then click to open the edit option or home buttons menu.

    Step 3. Choose the option to copy from the drop-down menu.

    Step 4. Suppose you are unable to identify the specific command. In that case, you can look for the traditional overlaid paper symbol used in various applications to indicate the function of copying.

    copy and paste

    Step 5. After copying, visit the same drop-down menu and choose paste.

    How to copy and paste on your iPhone or iPad    

    1. Find the text you would like to copy.

    copy and paste

    2. Hold to the initial word for around two seconds. If you raise your finger, you’ll notice that the word is highlighted, and there are “drag bars” – two blue dots on the opposite side.

    3. Drag and tap through the drag bars until you’ve picked the text you wish to copy. You can add only text or images and text in your selection.

    4. In the menu that appears in black, tap “Copy.”

    5. Visit the application where you’d like to paste your text.

    6. Tap and hold for around two seconds; press “Paste” in the pop-up menu.

    Copy and Paste on android devices

    copy and paste

    To copy a word sentence paragraph or chunk of text taken from a website page or message source:

    • Hold and tap an individual word within the section you’d like to copy. The text will be highlighted, and handles will appear on both sides.
    • Use your handles to highlight what text wish to copy.
    • In the menu that appears above the highlighted text, Tap Copy.
    • Navigate to the application in which you would like to paste the copied text,
    • Hold and tap the text area where you wish to insert the content.
    • The pops menu appears; tap paste to paste your text.

    How do you copy and paste on a Chromebook

    1: Hold and tap one finger. Use the second finger to move the cursor over the text you wish to copy. Then let both fingers go, and the text will be highlighted. With a mouse, push downwards on the mouse button to make a box around the text, and then release.

    2: Use the Ctrl + C keys simultaneously. Alternatively, you can choose Copy in an open menu when you right-click on the mouse or use the alt key while you tap the touchpad or tap your fingers on the touchscreen.

    3. To paste, simply click in the area you wish your copied content to be and then press the Ctrl + V keys simultaneously. You can also select paste in an open menu when you right-click with the mouse or press to hold the alt key while you tap a touchpad or tap both fingers on the touchpad.

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