Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Free Products in 2022

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    Everyone enjoys receiving free items; everyone loves receiving mail that isn’t related to bills. Walmart combines these two aspects through its Spark Reviewer program, an exclusive club that gives them the most faithful (and considerate) customers.

    Walmart Spark Review is a program that allows customers to submit reviews of items they have purchased and get free items in return. This program is extremely popular because Walmart is one of the biggest names in American retailers, and everyone loves it when they can get something for free. This blog will look at how you can become a Walmart Spark Reviewer and start getting free items.

    What Is Walmart Spark Reviewer Program?

    Walmart offers everything. There are more than 11,000 stores spread across more than 28 countries. The store caters to over 200 million clients per week. The buyer can purchase the majority of what they require at Walmart with a range of items that include Electronics and kitchen appliances and supplies, clothing, home decor, and grocery items. offers an online retailer that offers all the things you need to do online shopping. To build a strong relationship with customers, Walmart introduces the Reviewer’s program. Walmart Spark Reviewer is a program that aims designed to give 100% customer feedback through honest reviews.

    The reviews, both negative and positive, were gathered and then posted on the website. The objective is to satisfy the customers.

    So, who exactly is a Walmart Spark reviewer?

    The Walmart Spark Reviewer has been selected by Walmart to offer gratis samples to those who write honest opinions. While the Walmart Spark Reviewer Program in 2016 was put on hold, Spark is back and even better. Reviewers are provided with a list of free products to try each month.

    They try the samples and then leave a review with around 200 words at These suggestions can guide buyers to make the right choice during buying. The reviews do not just talk about the product’s best or worst. It also seeks to educate others, customers, about the purpose the products were used for.

    Walmart doesn’t in any way alter reviews in any way. Reviews are published as they were received, positive as well as those that have a negative connotation. Customers can peruse the reviews and be confident that they haven’t been misled in any way. They can buy products knowing that they can trust the reviews by those who have used the products.

    How Does The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program Work?

    The Spark Reviewer Program is a clever strategy to boost customers’ confidence when making purchases at Walmart. Have you ever looked at a product description but noticed there weren’t any reviews? Did it affect whether or not you purchased it?

    It has certainly made me shy away from the products and gravitate toward similar items on other websites where there were lots of reviews. Word-of-mouth is still one of the strongest forms of earned marketing, especially when the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Walmart recognizes this phenomenon, and that is where the Spark Review Program comes into play.

    By getting loyal customers’ honest opinions on a variety of items, Walmart increases the likelihood that positive reviews on those products will galvanize shoppers to purchase. Walmart does not interfere in any way, and reviewers are asked for honesty, not false positivity. It’s a win/win situation: loyal customers with a history of thoughtful reviews already receive free samples in the mail, and Walmart boosts its reputation for selling quality products and brands.

    You’ll know you have made an impact if you receive an official invitation from Walmart to join the program. If you are to get invited, you’ll register via their instructions and sign up for sample alerts, which occur about once a month. When you receive a sample alert that looks appealing, select that item to be mailed to you and wait for it to arrive.

    You’ll then be given a timeframe by which Walmart wants the review, so make sure you don’t miss it. Next, you will need to write up what you think for the product page and submit it. Boom! You’re done, and you obviously get to keep the sample. Even better, Walmart pays all the postage and shipping, so the process costs you nothing but a little of your time.

    How Do I Become a Spark Reviewer?

    Walmart Spark
    Become a Walmart Spark Reviewer & Get Free Products in 2022 6

    This Walmart Spark Reviewer Program is an invitation-only program that is limited only to the United States. This is how the reviewer program functions:

    1. After being chosen and receiving an invitation to join, sign up as a member and join to receive sample deals via email alerts.
    2. If you get an alert, sign in to your Spark Reviewer portal.
    3. Select the sample for that deal.
    4. You can wait for the sample to be delivered to your residence.
    5. Check the product within the timeframe.
    6. Send us your honest review of the product.
    7. Take the samples!

    Spark Reviewers are selected from those who regularly review Walmart’s product page. The truth is, that Walmart picks the best among the many. If your feedback is good enough, Walmart will send you an invitation. Therefore, becoming a Spark Reviewer is only an invitation. If Walmart is impressed by the review results, Walmart sends you an official invitation.

    A form is included for reviewers to fill out. After the form is completed and sent, you’re legally accepted. There is no need to stop here. Keep building your reputation by writing reviews while waiting for your first sample. Samples are distributed each month to reviewers. Then, the reviewers are provided with a list of items available for review.

    How to get invited to the reviewer program?

    Keep reviewing your work.

    There is no way to join the program via the referrals of affiliates and/or referrers. You can only be a Spark reviewer by leaving remarks on When you find something you’ve sampled, write an unbiased review of it for other buyers to peruse.

    Good comments are selected to be “possible Spark candidates.” After careful evaluation, selected candidates are invited to be part of the program. Walmart selects reviews from its website and invites you to join the program by mail. They also send you an attached form that must be completed by you.

    Write decent reviews on the shopping site.

    Walmart doesn’t choose just the best reviews. They don’t have any sentiment regarding who they select for at least a fair review. Yet, writing nice reviews on the products you have bought is simple.

    Purchase the product, test it and then write a review about its effectiveness or lack thereof of the product performs.

    You could go beyond that by explaining why the product can be useful and why you enjoy it. If you have purchased furniture at Walmart such as you can write a review about the comfort and quality of the furniture. You could even discuss how gorgeous the color is in your decor.

    Is The Walmart Spark Reviewer Program Genuine?

    Yes, the Walmart Spark Reviewer program is authentic. It’s as authentic as you can get. Customers are provided with at least four items per month and are required to submit a written review for every item they get.

    Reviewers must write an honest and impartial review of the item. It is up to the customers’ decision to write either favorable or negative feedback, and negative reviews don’t influence the status of the user. For the product, Walmart asks for no return, and reviewers are able to keep the products at no cost!

    Other Programs Like Spark Reviewer

    Walmart Spark Reviewer Program isn’t the only retailer that offers a chance to allow product samples. Other retailers like Amazon, Homestesters, and many more also have these programs. If you sign up to the following websites, You could become a reviewer for products and get free items.

    Amazon Vine

    Walmart Spark
    Amazon Vine

    Amazon, for instance, randomly selects users who test the products for free. The program’s name is “Amazon Vine.” The program selects reviewers to provide samples and make honest remarks on the products.

    Amazon invites its customers to join Vine Voices based on their reviews’ ranking and the useful votes from other customers. It’s running well, and online users are constantly doing positive reviews about the team.

    The club was also set up to cater to people who use the internet. Similar to Vine and Spark, the concept was to provide free items to users and to allow them to write an impartial reviews about the product.

    Other items, such as groceries, are delivered to customers to test at their homes. Reviewers are required to test the products under every test that is possible to get favorable reviews.


    Walmart Spark

    It also offers a free trial program. The participants receive a sample box of brand-new products to test. It takes 5 weeks to receive these samples, PINCHme is legitimate. The online reviews place PINCHme in the 3rd position.


    Walmart Spark

    The primary reason sellers give away items for free is to increase reviews and sales. The site has a huge collection of free products from Amazon and gives customers the possibility of receiving freebies for honest reviews.

    Customers who shop through can avail of Amazon products at the lowest cost. Furthermore, buyers can get free samples for the benefit of a discount of 100.


    This website is an online reviewer mining tool that connects sellers with reviewers and buyers through Amazon’s product listings. It saves sellers time and effort in finding appropriate reviewers to be willing to review their products on Amazon.

    If you’re interested in becoming an AMZDiscover reviewer AMZDiscover and would like to join the AMZDiscover team, you can reach their customer service and ask for inclusion in their database. Once you are added, you’ll be able to be chosen by the sellers.

    Walmart Spark

    This is an American website for people who search online to read honest reviews of products. This site focuses on brands and helps to create an open and transparent customer relations department.

    The customers are offered items from these brands to try and then write honest reviews. The reviewers can keep the products to them.


    Walmart’s Spark Reviewer and Spark Activities are invite-only programs that give loyal Walmart shoppers free stuff for their honest opinions. By becoming an active reviewer on Walmart’s product pages, you too can increase your likelihood of catching Walmart’s eye and being chosen for these lucrative programs.

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    1. Hi, I would love to be a spark reviewer for Walmart. I shop at Walmart most of the time and would love the opportunity to try your new products. I like to do a wide variety of things from sewing, crafting, canning, cooking, fishing, buying furniture and putting it together, reading, changing my cars oil, too Grilling, camping and so on. I would be a great person too try your new products and write a review on awesome or not so awesome your products would be. I am also a foster parent so am always trying to find cool ways to teach the kids I work with.

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    3. Hi. I would love to become a walmart reviewer member. I love helping others in any way possible. I also enjoy writing, I think I would be a great asset as in giving honest reviews with the intention of being truthful and honest whether it’s a great product or one that is not so good just by being honest. I think by giving reviews helps other customers to decide if it a product that fits their needs. Please consider me as a next candidate as a top reviewer. Thank you, hope to hear from you soon.

    4. I shop at Walmart, probably 4 times a week. My favorite store. Shop for a facility at least spending $400.00 a week in food alone for the facility. Shopping always for myself, clothes,electronics, continuously. Love My Walmart. Please consider me for your next candidate for a reviewer I would be excellent.

    5. I would LOVE to become a Walmart Spark Reviewer. I also have a Sam’s Club membership. Is merchandise purchased at Sam’s Club included under the Spark Reviewer program? I have purchased many items online through Walmart. I never knew about the program until today.

    6. I am very excited to potentially doing reviews for you! I love trying & testing new items and sharing my finds. Looking forward to coming on board.

    7. Time has always been a factor for reviewing products online. Although I often scanned reviews, leaving reviews never entered my mind until recent years. Truthful reviews are so relevant to shoppers like myself. Since I retired, I have more time to review products rather than just read them. Throughout my years of shopping, I’ve experienced products from A to Z and feel confident in knowing my reviews could be very relevant to customer’s decisions from all walks of life.

    8. Wow. Desperate much?! Every single comment on this article reads like the cover letter from an absolute Karen resumé.

      Please allow me… STOP SUBMITTING YOUR SAD PLEAS FOR FREE CRAP TO THIS POOR MAN’S ARTICLE. IT’S AN ARTICLE. NEWS…. IT’S NEEWWWWSSSSS. No where does it say “apply here” with a giant arrow pointing to the comments section accompanied by an emoji which can only be described as “Karen, cutting herself”….

      Good day

    9. Don’t bother asking, they changed it a lot. Now you actually have to SHOW the products from opening, to wearing, to using.

      You MUST. Submit 2 photos, you MUST make a video. You MUST show location.

      The last item I got was retailer for $13.58 I’m not about to do $500 worth of work for a POS sport bag.

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