Virtual Office: What It Is, Who Should Use It, Best Services in 2023

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    If you decide to move to a virtual workplace, it’s impossible to only use the same tools you do in your office. Like every new team, the remote team is bound to encounter certain difficulties.

    Virtual office software will ensure that your team is productive and create the perfect working environment for virtual offices.

    We’ve analyzed several of the popular virtual office firms. Here are the services they provide (and at what cost) to help you pick the best one for your needs.

    What is a Virtual Office?

    Virtual offices are an ideal service for medium and small-sized enterprises or startups that require an official office address without having to worry about the cost commitment of office space in private. In addition, by using a virtual office, you can get a professional address.

    Virtual offices offer a variety of tools, including telephone number answering services, real-time receptionists, mail forwarding hot desks for private use, and customer support.

    Online offices have become more popular due to their low cost of operation without detracting from the essential advantages of owning or leasing office space.

    Many home-based businesses use a virtual business address instead of a home address used in conjunction with clients, such as business cards, websites, flyers, etc.

    Who Should Use A Virtual Office?

    A variety of professionals and businesses could benefit from virtual offices. The most popular are:

    Solo entrepreneurs Most solo entrepreneurs use virtual offices to get an address in physical form for their business without the cost of renting the office.

    Small-scale companies Smaller businesses typically utilize virtual offices to cut overhead and obtain a professional address without revealing their residence address.

    Home-based companies Businesses that are based at home can use an online office to have an official business address and send their company mail at their residence (or anywhere else when traveling).

    Startups Virtual offices are an excellent option for startups who do not have the money to buy traditional office space.

    Global companies typically employ virtual offices in multiple locations across the globe to ensure local presence without the cost of leasing offices in each location.

    The best virtual office provider

    1. Opus Virtual Offices: Best For Beginners

    virtual office
    Opus Virtual Offices

    Opus Virtual Offices offers basic office services at an affordable price. It offers over 500 offices across North America, making it available to business owners from every state, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

    Opus’s services are easy, intuitive, and perfect for entrepreneurs starting their businesses and creating their first virtual office. Its basic service package comes with complete phone and mail services and a live receptionist during business hours.

    If you prefer reading the messages you receive, Opus will convert all your voice and fax messages into emails and then send them directly to your inbox.

    Opus VO also has a premium call-transfer feature. The live receptionist will try to forward any messages to up to 4 different numbers you supply. If no response is received to the call receptionist will forward the message to your voicemail. This is a wonderful feature for anyone operating a service-based business that frequently works on-site instead of in an office.

    2. Davinci: Best for most

    More than 5000 furnished, technologically enhanced meeting rooms across 1,500 locations across the globe, Live chat, live answer, and affordable pricing. Plans start at $49 per month.

    Davinci Virtual gives you more than you’ll ever pay for. With more than 1,500 locations across more than 50 countries, you’ll be able to create the image you desire for your business wherever you like around the globe.

    Don’t let Davinci Virtual be the catalyst for your company’s growth.

    Each Davinci Virtual location has the tools for presentation, live answering service, and conference rooms, so doing business is consistent regardless of location. The stylish offices will present claims on behalf of your customers, and new offers will reassure prospects.

    Being a customer provides clients with various options beyond just the professional business address.

    • Sending and receiving mail
    • High-speed internet
    • Lobby directory
    • Day office
    • Lobby greeter
    • Business Support Center
    • Catering
    • Agent registered and hanging license
    • Live chat on the web
    • Receptionists live and auto

    When you purchase Davinci Virtual, you have an ideal space to conduct interviews, host meetings with clients, or teach employees. All for the price you’d pay in a clearance rack at Macy’s.

    3. Alliance virtual offices

    virtual office

    Alliance Virtual Offices is an address that can be a virtual office solution that includes 40+ countries that you can choose your address (United United States, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands, Canada, as well as the UK).

    In its worldwide network, which includes more than 1200 worldwide locations, Alliance Virtual Offices provides acknowledged business addresses, mail forwarding office space meeting rooms, live receptionist services, business phone numbers, and a virtual telephone system.

    With a virtual office program, it is possible to receive mail from the receptionists who are on site, and it is kept safe to be picked up locally, which includes the monthly cost. Clients can also receive mail whenever they wish at no additional cost or provide various options for forwarding their mail.

    The virtual address offered by Alliance is utilized for purposes other than mail. For instance, one major benefit of having an address in an established commercial building instead of a PO box is the ability to apply for business licenses, credit agreements, company creation, and other reasons.

    Clients are also welcome to visit the center for work or to meet colleagues and clients. Centers are staffed with receptionists and meeting rooms on-site, and a day office can be booked with flexible hourly rates beginning at $10 an hour.

    Some of the key characteristics that are part of Alliance virtual office solutions include:

    Locations are available in the majority of major cities.

    • Mail forwarding
    • Flat rates
    • Friendly and helpful support
    • Local or toll-number
    • Live receptionist with dedicated service
    • Telephone answering service
    • Hot desks and private offices
    • Virtual office plans start at $49/month.

    4. Sococo: The Best for Remote Teams

    virtual office
    california virtual office

    Best Online Office Solution

    Virtual online office space for teams, real-time office administration collaborate remotely side-by-side! Plans begin from $13.49/mo/per seat.

    Sococo removes the loneliness of remote work by creating an internet-based workspace designed to feel like an office with people you know (as you can keep your coworkers in check naturally) regardless of the location where your team location is.

    It’s the Online office that allows you to work right alongside your colleagues. It is possible to see your team members gathering inside the conference rooms and even observe the screen sharing that is taking place. As a result, Sococo provides unique services when compared to other virtual office services provided by other companies operating in this field.

    Incorporate with Zoom Webex Integrate Zoom and Webex Google Hangouts to access video and chat functions. Also, you get 300 minutes of video and voice video through Sococo every month. The platform is able to remove the barriers that physical separation can cause.

    Through the ability to recruit the right person for your team regardless of the location, Sococo empowers you to increase diversity, encourage creativity, and decrease turnover.

    5. Incfile: best for opening an LLC quickly

    virtual office
    virtual office assistants

    Incfile is an agent registered with the government that can meet all your legal and tax needs prior to, during, and after the registration of an LLC. In addition, incfile customers receive unlimited email and phone assistance and access to the real-time tracking tool for orders while they wait for your documents.

    Your Incfile dashboard is a digital repository of every one of your LLC documents for the formation and keeps track of critical deadlines, compliance, and reminders, making sure that you do not miss any of the requirements. In addition, when you sign up by clicking the button following, you’ll get a 60-minute tax consultation for business with a tax expert for no cost.

    Incfile provides an online business address in the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

    6. Regus

    virtual office
    new york virtual office

    Regus is among the most reputable virtual office businesses available. With over 30 years of experience, Regus is now one of the top virtual office service suppliers.

    It offers services such as physical office space, coworking space, and Virtual office spaces, along with meeting rooms in more than 3000 locations around the world.

    Since its beginning, Regus has always focused on the quality of its service. This is the reason it has been praised by large companies such as Disney, Airbnb, Spotify, and many more.

    7. InCitySpace Virtual Office

    virtual office
    florida virtual office

    Seattle is the most populated city for business across the entire state of Washington, USA. Many foreign companies want to have a Seattle address to get an increase in brand recognition as well as tax benefits and achieve status.

    InCitySpace Virtual Office can meet your business address requirements in Seattle. ICS provides authentic street addresses. They are not just virtual addresses that the authorities can not confirm.

    Using a Seattle address or a USA address for business allows you to use corporate checking accounts.

    ICS holds the necessary licenses for these businesses to operate in the USA, which means that you must comply with all applicable federal and state laws.

    8. Servcorp

    virtual office
    virtual office addresses

    Servcorp has the distinction of being one of the more skilled and reliable virtual office firms.

    In addition to its cost-effectiveness and service quality, Servcorp mainly focuses on providing a broad range of options, which is why they are present in more than 20 countries with more than 150 office locations.

    With the experience of more than 46 years of experience in the industry, Servcorp has served more than 50,000 customers without any compromise in quality.

    9. Kumospace

    virtual office

    Kumospace can take office spaces online to the next step by providing the visual experience of an office within the virtual world. You can view who is working in a floor-like structure. There are chairs, tables, desk partitions, tables, and everything else that your workplace used to have. But they’re all online.

    Your colleagues are identified by their avatars on the interface’s visuals. Using the Movement feature, you can check whether someone isn’t at their desk.

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