What Is Video Marketing? How It Can Help Increase Your Business Sale in 2022

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    Marketing and advertising experts who pioneered the way to reach masses of people began on the radio and later on TV. The internet was introduced nearly 30 years ago. Today, digital marketers and advertisers have virtually unlimited channels to reach their target audience.

    Today, a marketing method using video is a vital marketing tool. To get and keep people’s attention, you must incorporate online video marketing into your strategies. While this may seem obvious for anyone online, It’s important to revisit the basics of the subject by asking, “What is video marketing?” and exploring other options like video marketing on the internet.

    What is video marketing ?

    Utilizing video in marketing is incorporating a video format into your marketing plan to promote a company, brand or service, product, or even a message. Video marketing helps educate your target audience effectively and increases engagement on digital and social channels.

    The benefits of video marketing

    1. Video is much easier to share.

    Social video receives 1200 % more shares than images and text content, According to Wordstream data. On platforms such as LinkedIn, video content is used 20 times more frequently than other media formats available in LinkedIn feeds. LinkedIn feed, as per Sales and Marketing Solutions. Why do videos have such a huge following? They’re fun and provide useful information via tricks, tips, and hacks.

    Utilize shoppable videos on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Vimeo to earn cash online.

    If you’re thinking of adding video to your marketing plan, be sure you talk to members of your team to review the budget and the expected ROI. To increase the value of your advertising budget, you should consider what types of videos will be the most effective for your company.

    2. Video marketing can boost conversion Rates

    A study from the past suggests that adding video content to your service or product page could increase sales by 144%.

    An excellent way to incorporate video content on your product or landing page for a service is to use an explanation video.’ It is an opportunity for customers to view the video and learn more about the product or service offered, usually captivating or fun.

    It’s helpful to keep an eye on the pulse of this. Content for video is constantly changing. Some of the most significant trends currently include promotional videos (a live demonstration of your service or product) and reviews on products.

    3. Video is an excellent option to add to your email marketing.

    We are all bombarded with emails, and getting people to read your emails is becoming a bigger challenge.

    The mere use of “video” in your subject line could increase the number of subscribers and reduce the rate of unsubscribes.

    The use of video in emails leads to an increase of 200-300% in click-through rates, an astonishing number.

    In most instances, it’s not difficult to see that it’s much easier to enjoy a video rather than read text, isn’t it? This is especially true if you’re trying to demonstrate how you can use your product or convey a message you can’t get across the same effect by writing.

    4. Search engines love videos.

    video marketing
    digital video marketing

    Search engines are seeking videos that are engaging for viewers. Nothing draws more long-lasting page views than the power of video.

    In addition, YouTube is the second largest search engine, second only to Google. Therefore, if you upload the video you want to share on YouTube along with your website, the chances of being seen prominently in searches are enhanced.

    Additionally, if you promote your video through social media, the chances of being discovered go through the sky!

    5. Move in Before Your Competition Does

    Today 92 % of digital marketers think videos are essential to their plans. This has risen by 78% since 2015 and will only grow as more and more professionals realize the plethora of benefits that video content can offer to campaigns.

    Nothing is more frustrating than making an outstanding video that follows the best practices and protocols, only to see it become overwhelmed by the sheer number of video content available.

    It’s crucial to get moving quickly and make yourself stand out from the crowd by creating an easily identifiable brand.

    Most Popular Types of Video marketing

    1. Commercials


    Commercials are short, captivating videos highlighting your business’s most appealing features through a lively scene, stunning pictures, or a brief overview of the most exciting features. They conclude with a simple call to take action. They’re the most popular kind of video — you’ve likely watched many on television streaming services and video platforms such as YouTube. Since their main goal is to draw new customers, advertisements tend to have a broad appeal and offer only the most relevant and important information that viewers might require.

    Commercials are typically brief, between 30 seconds and one minute, and distributed through paid advertisements in the form of television or online. They’re also perfect for your homepage or website as they describe your brand’s mission and summarize your brand’s goals in a concise and digestible form.

    2. Social Content Videos


    YouTube videos for Social Content are video clips of a short duration made specifically exclusively for use on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. These videos are usually enjoyable and engaging and intended for sharing. For example, they could include lifestyle photos or a collage of images related to your service or product, short sound clips from interviews or quotations, or stunning images showcasing your service.

    Keep your social content videos to less than 30 seconds. Making sure to highlight positive customer feedback in your social media videos improves your credibility and helps spread positive word-of-mouth.

    3. Explainer Videos

    Explainer films are video clips that educate your viewers more about your business, brand, product, or service. Like social content videos, nearly any video could be an explainer; the only requirement is that it emphasizes how your business solves a specific problem.

    Remember that your videos should be able to answer three questions: What’s your target audience’s issue? What can the product you offer a help solve it? Why should your customers decide to choose your company?

    4. Product Videos

    examples of video marketing

    A video about your product informs viewers about your most popular products or services and their best features. It showcases your product’s features in action and aids in increasing the confidence of the customer in your company or your brand.

    Your primary goal is likely to be to draw new customers that are at the beginning of research into your product. Therefore, it is important to display not just the attractiveness of your product but its value and utility.

    Videos for a product are typically around 30 seconds and are available for sharing on your website or social media platforms through email or paid advertisements. Make sure you use high-quality video production and excellent sound, whether dialogue, music, or voice-over, to show the quality of your product.

    5. Testimonials


    Videos with testimonials are among the most effective kinds of videos you can create; they showcase past or current happy customers sharing their experience with the product you offer.

    Customer testimonials typically range between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long, and they can be focused on one satisfied customer or many. They are extremely versatile which means you can post them nearly everywhere. It is important to ensure that the person you are filming is authentic and genuine. any fake or forced testimonial can be detrimental to your business Therefore, take the time to choose the right person.

    How to create a video marketing strategy

    If there isn’t a clear goal that is agreed upon with your group, you’ll be immersed in a frenzy of re-shooting and re-framing, and editing. This is a waste of time. Therefore, start the process by establishing a clear plan.

    1. Find your target audience

    The growing popularity of video content and content created by users is a reason to make sure you are targeting a certain audience with every video. If you don’t have strong buyer personas, begin creating them today. If you have a set of buyer personas, be sure you update your personas to reflect the most current video research.

    2. Meet with team members to agree on a strategy for the content.

    There’s typically a large number of participants when creating videos. What can you do to ensure that you’ve got them all aligned?

    Create an online questionnaire with Google Formulas and SurveyMonkey and then distribute it to the project participants. In this way, you’ll be able to ask the same questions to everyone and collect the answers in one place.

    In this phase, it’s crucial to settle on a list of objectives. Does your video marketing improve brand awareness? Are you able to sell more tickets for events? Introduce an exciting new product? Do you have a goal for the audience to do following the video?

    3. Create a budget and timeline for your video.

    Consider video as a less invasive, faster, more efficient, and more affordable version of the film you love. Although a video requires fewer resources to be successful, it’s still an expensive and time-consuming process. However, it is possible to save time and money by planning and managing projects.

    Set a clear timetable for each stage of the process. Also, plan for delays that may occur. Even a simple video production depends on several different individuals’ expertise. This is why you need to be sure that despite unexpected difficulties and modifications, you’ll still be able to finish your video in time.

    4. Select the right platform for distributing your video.

     right platform
    social media video marketing

    Before you begin making your video, consider the location you’ll broadcast the video. YouTube SEO is now as crucial as SEO for websites. Source Think about what users using the platform are looking for. It is also important to think about:

    • Average view time
    • Sound and size limitations
    • Communities
    • Budget
    • Promotion

    While video content is often used for marketing, a video can’t simply make a statement about itself. Some platforms offer built-in mechanisms to promote their content, while others require you to spend the time and effort required to draw more attention to your videos. This checklist of popular video sites will help you determine which platform is ideal for your video promotion.

    5. Design your messaging and choose the appropriate types of videos for your target audience.

    It’s crucial to convey the message through your videos. If you’re not sure how to begin, try some or more of these marketing video examples to help you develop your video-making strategy. If you’re unsure which type of message would be most appropriate for different stages of the buyer’s journey, you should align your video content with the flywheel.

    In the context of your finances, experience, and resources in mind, consider the creative hurdles that may occur. Do you require a graphic designer to design lower-third graphics? Do you plan to create an animated or live-action film?

    6. Choose the metrics you wish to monitor and also how you’ll measure the success.

    Before you start production, you must determine your goals for your video and identify the most efficient metrics to assess whether you’ve achieved those goals.

    It is possible to use the analytics available on the platform you prefer. However, this can make it difficult to determine how your strategy for video is working over time. It also makes it difficult to assess multichannel video strategies’ efficiency.

    Instead, pick a few important performance indicators that align with your video’s goals. The following list of indicators can be a good starting point if you are uncertain where to begin monitoring how your videos are being used to market.

    Video marketing strategies that you should implement  

    These suggestions will assist you in implementing the most effective videos for marketing your company or brand:

    Video quality matters

    Video quality
    create marketing video

    If your video is blurred or unclear, the video will not be viewed by the viewers. Therefore, it is important to create high-definition videos to ensure that everything in the video is clearly visible to the viewer.

    Make use of storytelling.

    There isn’t much time to sit through boring explanations; however, they are willing to listen when you speak about your company by telling an engaging story.

    Keep your videos short.

    The majority of your marketing videos are likely to be viewed by a viewer who wants to get everything in a hurry. It’s crucial to keep the videos short and ensure that your viewers can absorb the message in the shortest time.

    Use appealing thumbnails

    They draw attention even before the video begins to play. If you want people to view your video, upload high-quality thumbnails. If you do not upload thumbnails, you could be in danger in the event that your viewers don’t click on the video because it was not relevant initially.

    Add CTAs

    A CTA is vital for generating high-quality marketing videos. If you wish to increase the impact of your video, add CTAs. They encourage people to take action, for example, by clicking or joining.

    Analyze results & Update

    Keep track of the statistics and metrics will aid in determining the most effective videos and the reasons for that. It is essential to monitor relevant metrics, look at them, and then update your content accordingly. This can also come in handy when you create new videos or create new campaigns.

    Optimizing your video

    video marketing for small businesses

    Optimizing your video for search engines is vital to ensure it is found by the people you want to reach. In addition, adhering to SEO best practices is essential to ensuring your videos rank high in the SERPs.


    Video is the most talked about media type right now, and eCommerce businesses using videos as part of their marketing strategies are reporting higher effectiveness and greater outcomes. These are the best suggestions you can implement to increase sales for the bottom line of your eCommerce business.

    Keep an open mind and realize that there’s more to video marketing strategies than we could cover in a single article. We suggest reading additional content from our blog and becoming more in-depth on the subject prior to beginning.

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