Proven Valentine’s day Strategies to Skyrocket your eCommerce sales 2022

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    By 2021 Valentine’s Day sales are predicted to be at a high in the region of $ 22 billion. If you’re a retailer offering more traditional V-Day items, this could be among your busiest periods during the entire year. So, how can you ensure your Valentine’s Day sales are top high-end?

    Where Do People Shop?

    The answer to this question is not surprising that in 2021, 38% of Valentine’s Day shopping occurred online. Therefore, you can be sure that eCommerce is growing faster than ever.5

    Online – 38%

    Department store- 29%

    Discount store- 28%

    Specialty store- 17%

    Local/small business- 17%

    Source: NRF’s Annual 2021 Valentine’s Day Spending Survey, conducted by Prosper Insights & Analytics

    If there’s one thing we can be grateful for in the circumstances of the pandemic, it’s the fact that it drives eCommerce as never before. Everything is happening online at the click of your fingertips: food, clothing, and even pharmaceuticals. Due to the growth of eCommerce, traditional logistical processes have been overrun.

    The Types of Valentine’s Day Shoppers

    The Planner

    photo of a man and woman newly wedding holding a balloons
    The Planner

    This is the well-prepared shopper searching for gifts about one week prior. Be sure that the store is as well-prepared as the person you are shopping for by keeping the designs in order and prepared.

    The One-On-The-Go

    You’ll recognize their “smartphone pinky’ by holding the device around all the time. They don’t shop for gifts at the physical stores; instead, you scroll till they scroll out of the screen. And then they go on to buy. Thanks to these types of shoppers, the rise in mobile-based purchases during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day skyrockets. Also, make sure that the items and descriptions are appealing on your mobile screen.

    The Last-Minute Hunter

    The person or woman you see here certainly isn’t in the lead. However, their heart is at the right place. They’re still buying gifts for those they care about, even if they’re last-minute presents. February 14th is when businesses see the biggest increase in traffic and orders, So keep them on your mind as well. They are the ones who will always tell you, “Darling, your gift is still in the mail. That darn mail!”

    Valentines Day Marketing Ideas

    1. Create The Sense Of Urgency

    In the face of urgency, people are compelled to act swiftly, and scarcity creates anxiety, requiring us to act swiftly. If executed correctly, these strategies can aid eCommerce companies in increasing their conversion rates and boosting sales. Incredibly, urgency and scarcity are effective instruments. However, it’s best to be cautious when using them because customers may smell the stench of a pushy business from miles away.

    2. Out -Of-The-Box Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    gold and red gift boxes
    Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

    According to a Statista study, the most sought-after kinds that are available for Valentine’s Day gifts are:

    • Sweets
    • Cards for greetings
    • Flowers
    • Clothing
    • Jewelry
    • Fragrance
    • Gift cards

    If you don’t offer these items, that isn’t a reason not to expand your business and profit from Valentine’s Day holiday shopping. With the right message, products that aren’t traditionally related to Valentine’s Day could become part of your customers’ holiday gift plans.

    Consider matching phone cases for your smartphone, or Consider a personal lamp that shines the spotlight on someone’s affection. A pillow for romance. A romantic bottle of vino… This isn’t about the product. It’s how you sell it.

    3. Create Valentine’s Day Content Early to Boost SEO

    Gifts for Valentine’s Day ideas increase earlier in the year, possibly beginning in January. So start creating Valentine’s Day-themed content just after the New Year’s holiday to boost your SEO ranking.

    Many people begin searching for the perfect present without knowing what they’re looking for. Help those looking for help by creating a stunning online store with exclusive gifts that could be purchased for their loved family members.

    Add Valentine’s Day gift ideas for females, men, pets, and best friends. This is a great opportunity to showcase some of your top-selling items (and modify them to fit the Valentine’s Day vibe) or introduce something completely new. Promotion of your guide to gifts via social media can help your existing customers and draw in new customers.

    4. Social Media Accounts Matter

    Use your social media channels to discuss the upcoming holiday by sharing beautiful and enjoyable images, videos, and images. Valentine’s day is perfect for advertising your brand’s personality; make sure to keep it light and romantic and engage your followers.

    Create a Valentine’s Day gift guide for your Instagram or Facebook… Meta fans with gorgeous mockups of your products or even better photographs. Present products that you’d want to market and make them appealing to all of the Valentine’s Day shoppers out there.

    In Instagram stories, you can create polls that allow followers to vote on the product they prefer most. Now we can all include links to our stories and even link products; your followers will be able to instantly browse your store.

    5. Upselling and Cross-Selling

    Valentine’s Day shoppers are rather generous. 55 % of Americans celebrate this holiday; in addition, the average spending for 2021 was $164.76, which means that cross-selling and upselling can be great ways to increase your sales on Valentine’s Day.

    Create Product Sets

    There are probably products in your shop that could be used assets. For instance, a cushion that would go well together with a fleece blanket an individual wireless charger could work well with a customized phone case. Hoodies that match. A matching pair of cheeky underwear. The possibilities are limitless.

    6. Start First, Finish Last

    All customers should be targeted, including early birds and last-minute shoppers. Get started on Valentine’s Day campaign early, and continue to run it through the entire buying season. Utilize tools such as Google Trends and Barometer for Consumers Barometer to analyze the trends in search before the holiday, throughout, and after the celebration, and then modify keywords, ads, and promotions accordingly.

    5 Best ECommerce Strategies For Valentine’s Day 2022

    1. Recognize and Feature the Most Valuable Product

    If you feel that the products offered on your website are appropriate for gifts for Valentine’s Day, you should include them on your site. If someone visits the website and browse for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, they will be able to see the product highlighted on the site. This will increase the chances of the product being sold and making profits.

    Create a top-selling or best-selling list for your site, which will allow customers to determine what they can buy for their loved ones.

    2. Create Gift Combos

    white and gold plastic bottles
    Create Gift Combos

    Couples may want to put together several items to create gifts. However, when they go to websites and look up products, they’re overwhelmed and have a difficult time. It is possible to collect various items and make combo deals to draw attention to yourself. Valentine’s day can help couples present an exclusive Valentine combination gift to their loved ones.

    3. Special Valentine’s Day Offers

    The most effective e-commerce Valentine’s Day marketing strategy is to have a Valentine’s Day offer since it’s a day of celebration for lovers. When they buy and spend on a celebration, consumers expect special discounts. If they are looking for exclusive gifts, the items should be of a high standard and beauty and brand fashion and charm. It’s not inexpensive and will end up being costly.

    Keep a few discounts on the products you purchase or generate coupon codes to receive additional discounts. This will make it easier for customers to purchase their products, as well as make a positive impression of the site. Then, when they need to buy any item, they’ll go to your site and become frequent customers.

    4. Unique Themed Content for Valentine’s Day

    The first step is to design your site using a Valentine’s-themed theme to give off a feeling that is among the top strategies to use for e-commerce on Valentine’s Day that can grab customers’ attention. If you have a website with a Valentine’s Day theme got created 15 days prior to the celebration of Valentine’s Day, then if visitors visit your site with a pleasing theme, they’ll be reminded of the significance of Valentine’s Day.

    Include a “spin the wheel and win” promotion on the site. This will make it more exciting and interesting for the participants who turn the wheel. Make sure to keep different coupons and offers across the wheel. When the wheel is spun, you’ll see attractive offers that will lead them to buy an item from the site.

    5. Offer Fast, Affordable, and Free Shipping

    person carrying MealPro box
    Fast, Affordable, and Free Shipping

    When someone buys a product, they have issues with delivery. This could result in a delay in delivery due to costs for delivery. Customers cancel their orders due to the fact that they are running short of time. That results in the demise of the site and the seller. Improve delivery services and speedy delivery of the product. If you improve your product’s delivery, it will give an impression that is positive of the website and will create an effective marketing plan.


    There are numerous strategies for eCommerce to use for Valentine’s Day for eCommerce websites. In order to draw the attention of customers and encourage them to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for their spouse. The goal is to draw the interest of customers. Selling one-off sales on Valentine’s Day is not enough. Offer discounts on all occasions and create regular customers. You can shop at the online store.

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