USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Why eCommerce sellers should consider in 2022

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    The ability to streamline your shipping strategies is essential to your eCommerce company. To make it easier for customers to use shipping, the majority of sellers rely on USPS in large quantities. Why do they prefer USPS flat rate shipping in preference to other shipping companies? The main benefit of using USPS is their flat rate shipping. The USPS flat rate shipping, when compared to other WooCommerce shipping options, is affordable and cost-effective in all aspects. When you consider USPS shipping, the price is reduced to a lesser cost and is more practical to WooCommerce sellers. The shopper’s overall experience is improved.

    What is flat-rate shipping?

    USPS Priority Flat Rate is a service for shipping offered through the US Postal Service that offers three-day shipping at a single flat price. Flat rate services are attractive to many shippers because it eliminates the requirement to weigh your items to determine shipping costs. If your package weighs less than 70 pounds, the package can be shipped with USPS Priority Flat Rate.

    Why USPS flat rate shipping is the best option for e-commerce stores

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    Flat cost shipping is a popular shipping option for various reasons that are based on how shipping costs are normally determined.

    The first is that the greater your distance and/or the shipping zone you deliver your items to, the more costly the shipping cost is typically, and this is only the case if the package is.

    In addition, dimensional weight is a common pricing technique determined by multiplying width times length times the height of the package. Freight companies such as USPS, FedEx, and UPS determine shipping charges using the number higher than the actual weight of the package or the calculated dimension weight.

    Flat rate shipping can simplify things considerably and is a good option for some brands, particularly those small and have self-fulfilling orders.

    Note that flat rate shipping could be a method for determining the price of the shipping cost if you set the same shipping fee per purchase (rather than providing complimentary shipping or passing actual shipping cost on to the buyer). In this post, we discuss flat rate shipping offered by the USPS flat rate delivery service.

    What is flat rate shipping? How does it work? Three steps

    Flat rate shipping refers to the cost of shipping that is not tied to the product’s shape, weight,, or dimension, which is why it’s called “flat rate.” It’s determined by how much you can fit into the USPS-issued boxes. Online retailers ship their goods at a fixed cost using these methods.

    1. Get a USPS flat rate box

    Instead of packing things in your boxes, pick from a selection of containers that are flat-rate available at the nearest USPS office. They have a small, medium, and large flat rate containers: the bigger boxes, the more cost of shipping. The maximum weight that can be allowed is 70 pounds.

    2. Pack your items and address your box

    Place your items into your USPS Flat rate boxes and address the box.

    3. Ship your items

    Take your flat rate container to the USPS office and ship the box via Priority Mail.

    Why use USPS flat rate shipping for eCommerce?

    Flat rate shipping can result in enormous savings on small-sized business shipping because it comes with an easier, more regular cost. It’s not a good idea for every online business. However, it is utilized typically by small entrepreneurs who can pack their boxes themselves and go into the Post Office for shipping orders.

    1. Anything with a maximum weight of 70 pounds.

    There’s no reason to stress about weighing and the cost of shipping for every package. If your package weighs less than the 70 lbs. limit, you can ship it using flat rate shipping.

    2. Auto-insured up to $50.

    Instead of needing to purchase shipping coverage separately, the insurance is already covered to a certain extent. Each flat rate package is covered up to $50. If the contents are valued at 50 or less, your expenses will be compensated in case of loss. Also, they can be accompanied by the certificate of delivery to provide you with greater peace of mind!

    3. Drop off your parcel at any USPS retailer

    Once your package is set to be shipped, take it to any USPS office to be sent.

    4. USPS tracking available

    Another delivery option for e-commerce is a vital requirement is to enter the package’s number into the tracker of USPS and track the progress of the package all the way to the point of delivery.

    Benefits of USPS Flat rate Shipping

    USPS Flat Rate
    USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Why eCommerce sellers should consider in 2022 5

    There are many advantages to USPS Flat-rate shipping; let us examine these advantages:

    Free Envelopes and Boxes

    The flat-rate boxes and envelopes are provided for free, so any retailer can purchase them on the website and begin shipping their products. However, they must purchase cushion wraps or bubble wraps to protect the items transporting fragile products.

    No hidden costs

    The flat-rate boxes are offered at an agreed price, and they do not have hidden charges. Merchants can add the items that will fit in the box and then mail it. Most of the time, the cost of shipping can change at some point and can be surprising at times. With standard flat rate shipping, there aren’t any extra costs.

    Quick delivery and Priority Delivery

    For priority Mail delivery, delivery takes between two and three business days. All Priority Mail gets special treatment by USPS so that flat-rate envelopes and boxes are delivered on the date you want them to be.

    No additional fees

    USPS will not charge you for deliveries on Sundays or Saturdays. There are no delivery fees based on the location of your residence or additional fuel, etc.

    Free Pickup

    USPS provides free pickup of your packages from wherever you are. This is beneficial to many businesses that conduct business.

    Complete Security

    USPS flat-rate packages offer the most secure method for the delivery of packages. There are options for ensuring that signatures are collected when the package is delivered, and this makes the delivery procedure secure to deliver packages that are of high importance and high priority. There are no packages that can be discarded.


    If you need to send certain products that are fully insured, USPS can be helpful. The seller can opt to insure their packages in order to avoid damage due to transport or other mishaps.

    Efficient Tracking

    USPS Flat Rate
    USPS Flat Rate Boxes: Why eCommerce sellers should consider in 2022 6

    USPS provides complete tracking of packages while they are in transportation. Through its fully monitored system, the parcels are well packed and delivered to their destination with no trouble. USPS offers transparency when tracking packages through their websites. USPS shipping tracking can be done efficiently through integration with WooCommerce with plugins such as the ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping plugin, which comes with the Print Label.


    In a market that is competitive, in which the norm is to provide free shipping to all customers regardless of the size of purchase, making use of USPS flat rate shipping containers could assist eCommerce sellers and Amazon sellers to maintain margins. USPS flat-rate boxes generally will arrive quicker than that ground delivery, thereby increasing the customer’s experience.

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