Walmart Grocery: How to order groceries from Walmart 2022

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    Delivery services for groceries are an easy and easy option to get every item on your shopping list. Walmart+ is among the most requested services for customers, particularly those who frequent Walmart. Walmart surpasses the first E-commerce giant Amazon in shopping online for groceries.

    Alongside offering the largest selection of products on its app and website. The Company also offers delivery and pick up at the curb, depending on your home location.

    Does Walmart deliver groceries?

    Yes, Walmart Deliver Groceries. Walmart grocery delivery allows you to purchase groceries online and pay a small fee to deliver them right to your doorstep. The delivery cost varies based upon whether you sign up for the delivery service or pay per purchase.

    After you have placed your order and paid for it, the associate at the counter will choose your products and call a third-party partner who will pick up your groceries at the time you have chosen.

    How much does Walmart+ cost?

    walmart grocery
    Walmart Grocery: How to order groceries from Walmart 2022 5

    Walmart + costs $98 per year when paid annually &  $12.95 monthly if billed monthly. There’s a minimum order of $35 for online orders and an optional trip to the delivery driver.

    Although curbside pickup is available for non-members and members, Delivery costs between $8-10, dependent on the time and day you pick, even if you don’t own a Walmart + membership.

    Members and non-members alike can choose to put in orders for Express Delivery orders for $10 at certain times. Be aware that these orders do not need to be in the minimum order of $35.

    How do I order groceries from Walmart?

    Follow these steps for placing your first Walmart food order:

    1. Create a Walmart Account

    To find out whether Walmart groceries are available for delivery in your local area, sign up or sign up for an account on or in the Walmart app. It is possible to download Walmart’s Walmart app for free. Walmart application on iOS as well as Android.

    The steps are identical on all devices; however, the buttons could be at different locations. For example, on the site, you can click”Sign in” or click the “Sign in” button and fill in your details to sign up or login into the account you have created with your Walmart account.

    Once you have an account with a Walmart account, you can use your Walmart credentials to sign in to any device.

    2. Choose Delivery and Your Time Slot

    Once you’ve logged into your account, you’ll notice that Walmart is defaulting to grocery pickup, and you’ll need to switch the service to delivery to check whether delivery can be found in your region.

    Simply click “Change” in the “Pickup from” box located near the top. On the right-hand left side, a box will pop up: Choose “Delivery” then “Add a New Address.” Enter your delivery address and any additional instructions you may require a driver to follow when they deliver to the address.

    If delivery is possible at the address you’ve specified, you’ll be able to see “Delivery available” in green with a truck symbol under the address.

    If you plan to place an order immediately, it is best to make a reservation for today’s time slot. Go to “See times” near the top of the page.

    Be sure to are using “Delivery” selected at the top. Then, select the time and date for when you’d like your groceries to be delivered. The delivery cost is displayed beside each time frame. Sometimes, it’s “$0” because of a free trial offer.

    3. Go shopping

    walmart grocery
    my Walmart grocery

    You can now fill up your cart! You can browse the items in a category or browse the website to find the items you’re looking for.

    Because Walmart is a huge retailer and a major retailer, you can purchase other items than groceries delivered directly to your home. Browse through your “Pickup and Delivery” menu on the left side to look through the various options available.

    While shopping, when you shop, it is possible to “favorite” products by clicking the heart icon beside the item. Click on the “Add items from your favorites” button on your shopping cart to get the basics quickly taken care of.

    If you come across something you are looking for, click “Add to cart” and change the number of the product you’d like to purchase.

    Once you’ve put everything in your cart that you’d like to buy, click “Check out” at the end of the cart. I needed a minimum of $35 to avail of Walmart delivery; however, the minimum can vary based on your address.

    4. Place Your Order

    walmart grocery
    Walmart grocery pickup

    If the user clicks “Check out,” you’ll be directed to the web-based version of the candy aisle near the cash checkout counter. This is designed to lure you into making an impulse purchase.

    Check your delivery address above. If you did not schedule a delivery time or your time slot has expired, Walmart will prompt you to select a different time and date to deliver.

    If you choose a time, you’ll also be able to see the delivery cost for each time frame. Finally, if the time frame you selected is still valid and you can proceed, you’ll move over to this page to get the payment confirmation.

    Input your credit card details here if you do not already have them on the file. If you already have a card on the account, you can select the card and type in its security code. You can also add EBT details or promo codes that are listed on this page as well.

    Review your purchase. Make sure that the address of delivery and timeframe is correct.

    You can choose if you’d like the driver to drop off your groceries at your doorstep in the event that you aren’t at home to collect them. You can also offer special instructions for dropping off. If you input your mobile number and click the box that follows, you’ll receive texts regarding your order’s status.

    You’ll then select the delivery fee you prefer. You’ll be able to choose between the following options: Walmart grocery monthly or annual membership or pay-per delivery fee.

    Walmart Grocery Delivery App

    walmart grocery
    Walmart grocery app

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